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African Hair Braiding Feelings

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Quick Facts About African Hair Braiding Feelings

African Hair Braiding Feelings place has received mostly positive comments, indicating several strengths of the salon. The strengths include excellent customer service, skilled and friendly staff, a clean and well-maintained salon, and the ability to cater to different hair types and lengths. Additionally, the salon is commended for its professionalism, punctuality, and the ability to fix any issues that arise.
One strength highlighted by multiple customers is the exceptional customer service provided by Sara and her technicians. Customers appreciate the personalized attention and the fact that the staff remembers them even after long breaks between visits. This indicates a high level of care and professionalism towards customers, making them feel welcomed and valued.
The quality of the braiding is another strength mentioned by several customers. The salon is praised for delivering amazing and beautiful hairstyles that contribute to the customers' hair growth process. The ability to cater to different hair types and lengths is also appreciated, highlighting the versatility of the salon in creating various styles.
Customers also mention the cleanliness and maintenance of the salon as a strong point. A clean environment is essential for the comfort and satisfaction of customers, and African Hair Braiding Feelings place seems to have achieved this aspect well.
Another strength highlighted by a customer is the professionalism of the salon. The owner, Ms. Sarah, is commended for conducting herself professionally and hiring skilled braiders. Customers appreciate that appointments are honored and that there is minimal waiting time, indicating efficient time management and a commitment to professionalism.
However, there are also a few weaknesses that have been mentioned by customers. One customer expresses dissatisfaction with the longevity of their hairstyle, stating that their hair started slipping after a few days. Another customer was disappointed with the tightness of the braids, fearing that it may lead to alopecia.
Furthermore, one customer had a negative experience with the staff, stating that they were rude, hateful, and started speaking negatively about them in French without realizing that the customer could understand. This particular customer also felt that the braids were too tight and was unhappy with the overall customer service, leading them to decide to take their business elsewhere.
Based on these comments, it can be concluded that African Hair Braiding Feelings place has several strengths, including exceptional customer service, skilled staff, cleanliness, and professionalism. However, there are areas where improvements can be made, such as ensuring the longevity and comfort of hairstyles and improving communication and sensitivity towards customers. These weaknesses may impact the overall reputation and success of the salon, as customer satisfaction and positive experiences are crucial in the hair braiding industry.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Sara and her technicians have always done a great job on My Wife,My Daughter and Boys Heads when it comes to service
Amazing people, outstanding customer service. I’ve been coming here on and off for the past 3 years but they never forgot my face and always made sure I feel welcomed everytime I walk through their door.
I got my hair braided yesterday small single braids the shop was clean the ladies are very friendly I love my hair thank you ms.sarah
So I love the ppl lasts beginning there!! I went I get feeders and I didn’t like how the ends was finished so she corrected it right than and there but thur the day from where it was cut it pop out a little so I called “complaining” lol but she like hey come back no problem “basically like girl this a easy fix”. So I did and the whole next day because of work schedule and she was tripping she sat me down and let’s just say problem fixed PLUS I have a soft hair texture so some hair slipped out the bottom of the braid although I was think it I wasn’t going to ask and she rebraid and laid them edges gave some so extra product to ensure hold and I had a whole new hair style and wasn’t recharged. Now that’s customer service I will be back and with the little one ????????????????????
Amazing Quality Braiding. This shop has the best Hair stylist for all hair types and lengths. Perfect timing. Well maintained salon and constant hospitality.
These women definitely helped start my growing process much quicker.
I will be returning, much love.
I waited a week to give a honest review. My hair was beautiful when I first got it done, but my hair started to slip in the back after a few days. My hair in the top is okay because I left it up. I took two braids out already and I got my hair braid last Friday. It wasn't worth 240.00 . I got a better deal going to a black girl in the hood. ????????‍♀️
As of April 21st 2021 I went there to get some crochets and was thoroughly pleased by the price and by the quality of skill. This is my third time going to the shop and I will say I don't go to any other braiding shop other than this one. The business owner Ms. Sarah is honest and upfront. She conducts herself very professional and hires very professional women who are skilled at braiding hair in different styles. If you make an appointment at a set time they will be ready to go and do your hair at that time and that is one of the attributes of professionalism I really do appreciate from this shop. If you're looking for a new shop or trying to find a shop I highly recommend this place. ????
Only if I could give no stars after the way they made me feel. I got my hair braided yesterday 4/24/2021 and all of the women who work in that shop are rude, and hateful to say the least. The whole time I was getting my hair braided they were talking about me in French and laughing about what they were saying not knowing.
I could understand them because I know French. The only English I heard over the 8.5 close to 9 hours from 11:30am to 8:30 pm of getting my hair done was when they spoke to me. I deserve to be treated better as a client especially when I'm paying you $300 for service. Then my braids are so tight and painful just may cause me to get alopecia. Then they had the nerve to tell me to make sure I come back again ????. You only have to treat me like dirt once. I will take my business elsewhere. The customer service, people skills, and etiquette is none existent. I can't even see how there still in business treating people the way they do so disheartening good hair stylists are hard to find. This was another learning opportunity for me to be cautious on who I trust to touch my head.

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