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A 1 Fish Bar

+44 1636 702679
234 London Rd, Balderton, Newark NG24 3HD United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Food is very good, excellent value for money here. Staff are extremely friendly too.
Absolutely delicious quality food. We had a big phone order and everything was ready when we walked in and was still lovely and warm once we got home. Thank you
Had fish and chips last night . Fish was dry and hard .you could pick it up and hit the plate with it. Far too many chips. Would rather have less chips and good fish
Had food from here before was nice .
£7.70 now fish n chips.
The fish had just cone out of the frier. Sat in my car and tucked in as you do ... the fish looked lovely but the batter was Rock hard and taste less need a new battery recipe .. I through it out on to the grass I don't mean to moan but I could Not eat the fish.
Chips were fine .. wished I'd have ordered chips only . ????
Amazing, TASTY food, well prepared and seasoned. Will order again!
Very busy but sell worth the wait. Excellent fish and chips
Fish is cooked to perfection as well as the chips, curry sauce is excellent.
A good fish and chip shop.
Helpful and friendly

Quick Facts About A 1 Fish Bar

A 1 Fish Bar has received mostly positive comments, indicating several strengths of the place. Firstly, many customers praise the food, describing it as "very good" and "delicious." This suggests that the taste and quality of the food are strong points for A 1 Fish Bar. In addition, the mention of "excellent value for money" implies that the pricing is reasonable and offers good value.
The friendly and helpful staff at A 1 Fish Bar is also noted by several customers as a strength. The comment about the staff being "extremely friendly" indicates that the customer service provided by the staff is commendable. This is an important strength as customer satisfaction and positive experiences with staff can enhance the overall dining experience.
Another strength mentioned by a customer is the efficiency of the service for phone orders. The fact that everything was ready upon arrival and still warm once the customer got home suggests that the staff at A 1 Fish Bar are efficient in handling phone orders, ensuring that the food is prepared quickly and remains of high quality.
However, there are also a few weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One customer mentions the fish being dry and hard, stating that it could be picked up and used as a weapon to hit the plate. This indicates that there may be an inconsistency in the cooking or quality control of the fish at times. Another customer mentions the batter being rock hard and tasteless, suggesting that there might be a need for improvement in the batter recipe. These comments suggest that there may be occasional issues with the preparation of the fish and batter, leading to subpar quality.
Additionally, one customer states that there were too many chips and would have preferred less chips and better fish. This comment highlights a potential imbalance in the portion sizes or quality of the fish and chips served. It suggests that A 1 Fish Bar could focus on ensuring that the quantity and quality of the main item (fish) are satisfactory, rather than an overemphasis on side items like chips.
Despite these weaknesses, the positive comments about the taste and preparation of the food, as well as the helpful and friendly staff, outweigh the negative comments. It is important for A 1 Fish Bar to take note of the criticisms and work towards improving the consistency and quality of their fish, batter, and portion sizes. By addressing these weaknesses, they can further enhance their strengths and provide an even better dining experience for their customers.


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