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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

What you are looking at is a £7.99 chicken burger. It was supposed to come with sliced tomatoes and onion. Very disappointing, wouldn't of even payed half the price for it.
Ordered a huge Philly Cheese steak with extra egg and jalapeno's, and a Munch box, and a few beers for me and a few friends as a suprise for them, and was extremely happy with what I got. I do know Stuart, but Im not being biased, the meat was genuinely so tasty, huge portions, great wedges, and overall amazing. Food was fast, and nothing really felt soggy like it can when its sweating in a Hot Bag, Wraps are terrible for it, but cant complain at all, and 3 beers for 3 quid! Bargain!
ordered Salt N Pepper wrap with red pepper, chicken and onions along with a cajun wrap with all its trappings ordered was placed at 6pm. and did not arrive until 11pm it was both cold, wet greasy and just generally badly made 5 hours late! what a complete waste of money and time as others have said before hand on here the service is the worst they have ever seen. how this place is still taking customer orders is beyond belief i would say to anyone dont bother. even my dog who's known to eat everything turned its nose at this tripe
The past three times my friends and I have ordered from Wrapport the food has been both cold and late. And on many occasions missing. Usually any missing food would be resolved within the hour. But as of the last time we ordered, we were missing two meals and have never been refunded by either Barrow Eats or the Restaurant.
Wrapport turned off their phone line during the evening and have refused to pick up since (to both Barrow Eats and myself). Awful service.
Over all it was ok it came on time and when we called the restaurant as my fiance don't like mustard he was polite and so was the delivery driver.
The pizza I wouldn't call a pizza at all it's very miss leading but was nice it's two wraps filled but nothing like a pizza but it's nice tho
We had a big order so got to taste quite a bit of the menu and it's ok over all.
The hot dog again very miss leading it's in a wrap not a roll and should of been cooked with caramelized onions not raw onions.
The protein shakes are nice but not the next day as they curdled
The kiwi ???? I've blitz was nice compared to the berry one
Ordered my food almost 2 hours ago, all I got was a burrito. Was supposed to arrive an hour ago, STILL isn’t here. Restaurant closes in 50 mins and they are ignoring my calls when I ring.
Scammers. Extremely disappointed. Want my refund right now because this is unacceptable.
Myself and my wife ordered from wrapport this morning for a 1245pm delivery. The order didn't arrive til 1350hrs, and when we received it the order was wrong. I then contacted the restaurant at 1350hrs and they stated they would send the correct order out, it is now 1501hrs and still not received the correct order. I have contacted them 3 times and 3 times they have said it is out with the driver.
This is not the first time this had happened either!
Definitely do not order from here! They dont give to hoots about your custom. Spend your money somewhere it is appreciated.
Waited over 2 hours for 1 wrap, ordered at 8pm, had to ring at 10pm to ask about it, "owner" told me it hadn't even been made yet and did I still want it, I did until he started speaking to me like dirt, I told him to cancel the order, absolutely no way to run a business!!! Will not be ordering again!! Do not recommend unless you're only ordering because you know you'll be hungry by the time it gets delivered in 3 or 4 hours!!

Quick Facts About Wrapport

Wrapport Place is a restaurant that offers a variety of food options including chicken burgers, Philly cheese steaks, wraps, pizzas, hot dogs, protein shakes, and more. Based on the comments provided, there are both strengths and weaknesses that can be identified.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentions being extremely happy with their order of a Philly cheese steak, munch box, and beers. They highlight the tasty meat, huge portions, great wedges, and overall amazing experience. This positive review indicates that Wrapport Place has the capability to deliver delicious and satisfying meals.
Another customer mentions that their order arrived on time and when they called the restaurant to address a personal preference, they were met with polite responses both from the restaurant and the delivery driver. This shows that the staff at Wrapport Place can provide good customer service and handle special requests professionally.
The variety of options seems to be a positive aspect as well. One customer mentions that they had a big order and got to taste quite a bit of the menu, and overall they found it to be okay. This indicates that Wrapport Place offers a diverse selection of food that caters to different preferences.
Moving on to the weaknesses, a significant number of negative comments highlight issues with late deliveries and cold food. Customers mention that their orders were 5 hours late, and even when missing items were reported, they were not refunded. This suggests a lack of organization and reliability in the restaurant's delivery process, leading to customer dissatisfaction.
Another weakness mentioned by multiple customers is poor customer service. Some have experienced issues with the restaurant's phone line being turned off, making it difficult to address concerns or seek resolution. One customer specifically mentions being spoken to in a disrespectful manner by the "owner" when inquiring about their order. This indicates a lack of professionalism and customer care on the part of the restaurant management.
Furthermore, some comments highlight issues with the quality of the food itself. One customer mentions that the chicken burger they ordered was disappointing and not worth even half the price. Another customer describes the pizza as misleading, as it was actually two wraps filled and not resembling a traditional pizza. The hot dog was also not as expected, with raw onions instead of caramelized onions. These comments suggest inconsistencies in the taste, presentation, and accuracy of the food served at Wrapport Place.
In addition, there are mentions of issues with the protein shakes curdling and not being enjoyable the next day. This indicates a potential problem with the freshness and quality of the ingredients used in the restaurant's shakes.
Overall, Wrapport Place has strengths in terms of delivering tasty and satisfying meals, accommodating special requests, and offering a diverse menu. However, weaknesses can be identified in the areas of late deliveries, cold food, poor customer service, inconsistencies in food quality and presentation, and issues with curdled protein shakes. These weaknesses should be addressed to improve the restaurant's overall reputation and customer satisfaction.


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