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Wes Edwards Traditional Fish & Chips

+44 1352 753201
17 Elm Dr, Mold CH7 1SF United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Fantastic traditional little chippy in mold. It may be in the middle of a housing estate but it's well worth it. Proper fish and chips at very reasonable price & very tasty
Tried here for the 1st time today( I live in Wrexham) the fish was so fresh and the batter so crispy ???? absolutely delicious!!
Good quality food, good price, good customer service.
Best fish and chips ever and at an affordable price????????
Good fish and chips, all cooked to order, was a 5 star rating about 25 years ago, mediocre now really
Fish is good but chips were under cooked.
Best fish and chips for miles !! Every meal we have from here is second to non. Always friendly, clean and great value.
Best tasting Batter, fish is always a lovely white colour and chips are always perfect.
Would not consider going elsewhere

Quick Facts About Wes Edwards Traditional Fish & Chips

Strengths: 1. Quality: The comments consistently mention the fantastic and fresh taste of the fish, crispy batter, and good quality overall. This indicates that the restaurant takes pride in using high-quality ingredients in their dishes. 2. Price: Many customers mention that the prices are reasonable and affordable. This is a strength as it attracts customers who are looking for value for their money. 3. Customer service: The comments remark on the good customer service provided by the staff. This is important in creating a positive dining experience and encouraging repeat customers. 4. Consistency: Customers mention that the food is consistently good and that every meal they have from the restaurant is of high quality. This indicates that the restaurant has a commitment to maintaining high standards in their food preparation.
Weaknesses: 1. Location: One comment mentions that the restaurant is located in the middle of a housing estate. This may make it less accessible for customers who do not live in the area or who are not familiar with the neighborhood. Improving visibility through marketing or offering delivery services could mitigate this weakness. 2. Inconsistent ratings: One comment mentions that the restaurant had a 5-star rating several years ago but is now considered mediocre. This indicates a possible decline in quality over time, which may need to be addressed to maintain customer satisfaction. 3. Undercooked chips: One comment notes that the chips were undercooked. This is a weakness as it indicates a lack of attention to detail in the food preparation process. Ensuring consistency in cooking the chips to perfection is crucial for a fish and chips establishment.
To address the weaknesses and capitalize on the strengths, Wes Edwards Traditional Fish & Chips can consider the following actions:
1. Improve location visibility: The restaurant can invest in marketing efforts to increase awareness and attract customers from outside the housing estate. This can include advertising in local newspapers, online platforms, and potentially offering delivery services or partnering with food delivery apps to reach a wider customer base. 2. Consistency in quality: To address the decline in ratings, the restaurant can focus on maintaining consistent quality by regularly auditing their food preparation processes. This can involve ensuring thorough training for staff in cooking techniques and implementing quality control measures. Consistency in taste and quality is crucial to keeping customers satisfied and retaining their loyalty. 3. Address undercooked chips: The issue of undercooked chips should be promptly addressed. The restaurant can implement stricter quality control measures to ensure all food items, including the chips, are cooked to perfection. Regularly sampling food items before they are served can help identify any inconsistencies and rectify them promptly. 4. Highlight strengths: The restaurant should leverage positive customer reviews that mention the freshness of the fish, quality batter, and affordable prices. These strengths can be prominently displayed in marketing materials, such as social media posts, website content, and signage. This will help attract customers who prioritize taste and value when choosing a fish and chips place. 5. Seek customer feedback: Encouraging customers to provide feedback through comment cards or online platforms can help the restaurant identify areas for improvement and address any concerns promptly. Actively responding to customer feedback and taking necessary actions demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.
By addressing these weaknesses and building on their strengths, Wes Edwards Traditional Fish & Chips can enhance its reputation, attract new customers, and retain existing ones.


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