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Quick Facts About VP NAILS EAGAN

VP NAILS EAGAN, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. I will discuss these below.
One of the strengths of VP NAILS EAGAN, as mentioned by a satisfied customer, is the excellent service provided by a nail technician named Sue. This customer has been a loyal customer for over 10 years and appreciates Sue for consistently doing nails to their liking. This suggests that Sue is skilled and understands the preferences of this particular customer. Additionally, another customer mentions that they have been seeing a nail technician named Michelle for a few months and appreciate her patience and willingness to cater to their specific needs, such as color changes and intricate designs. This indicates that the salon hires experienced and patient nail technicians.
However, several negative comments point out various weaknesses of the salon. One common complaint is the poor quality of the manicure service. Customers have mentioned that their nails were bumpy, messy, and had bumps on them after getting a manicure. Additionally, one customer stated that they could have done a better job themselves, which implies that the quality of service provided is disappointing and not worth the price. Another complaint is the lack of attention to detail. Several customers have mentioned that their cuticles were not properly trimmed or that dip polish was left around their nails. This indicates a lack of thoroughness and attention to detail from the nail technicians.
Furthermore, there are concerns regarding the professionalism and hygiene of the salon. One customer mentioned that the nail technician rushed through the service and was working as if in a rush, even though there were no other customers present. Additionally, another customer observed an employee sitting in the middle of the salon folding clothes and walking around barefoot. These observations suggest a lack of professionalism and attention to cleanliness and hygiene standards, which can be off-putting for customers.
Another concern is the pain and discomfort experienced by some customers during their visit. One customer mentioned that the nail technician ripped off their hangnail, causing throbbing pain, and only offered a dismissive comment in response. Another customer mentioned that their nails were scraped and cut during the service, causing discomfort. These anecdotes indicate that the salon may not prioritize customer comfort and may need to improve in terms of technique and pain management.
On a positive note, some customers have had positive experiences at VP NAILS EAGAN. One customer mentioned that they and their partner had a great experience with the deluxe spa pedicures and plan to return. This suggests that the salon may excel in certain services or have specific technicians who deliver satisfactory experiences.
In conclusion, VP NAILS EAGAN has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. While some customers appreciate specific nail technicians and have positive experiences, there are numerous complaints about the quality of service, attention to detail, professionalism, hygiene, and discomfort caused during the visit. These areas of improvement should be addressed by the salon in order to enhance their overall reputation and customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I came in only to get my dip gel polish off, mind you I had long nails that were my real nails; I told her they were mine, she didn’t ask what length I wanted them and went straight to clipping them all super short, there was no other customers in there and she was working as if she was in a rush, as I’m looking around I noticed the only other employee there was sitting in the middle of the salon folding her clothes and when she got up was walking around barefoot. The lady doing my nails did not file or touch up my nails so what she did I could’ve done myself, after she had ripped my hang nail off my thumb, she put something on it which stung and all she had to say was “all better now”. I left with not only a throbbing thumb, the paint that was on my fingers all over my hand, and $15 out of my pocket for service someone couldn’t pay me to go to again.
Went in for a dip manicure and the end product was awful! My nails were bumpy and messy. I’m guessing this will last a few days before chipping off. Lady doing my nails was very nice but the manicure was no good. Won’t be back.
I got a upgraded pedicure, and a new color of dip nails. For the price I spent I feel I got sub par quality on both services. I’m not sure what she took the dremmel around my nail beds for, but on just about every finger I have cuts from where the skin was scraped off. I had dip left around my nails that I pointed out but when she started using a nail file to scrape it off my skin I decided not to point anything else out due to it hurting.
My toes pretty much look like I did them, and for having the service include a cuticle trim she left 90% of what needed to come off.
Overall do not recommend, I’m not from around here so if that’s average pricing go somewhere else where your fingers won’t be butchered and your money is better spent.
Nails were done very poorly. Got a Gell manicure. I could've done them myself and better for $35. Very disappointed. Do not recommend.
I went to take off my tips and do gel nail polish last Thursday, it’s not even a week, they gel polish came off. The lady didn’t even take off my tips good, all of my nails had bumps on them. They are the worst so far.
My partner and I went both for their deluxe spa pedicures. We had a great experience and will definitely be back!
I absolutely love getting my nails done here. I've been a customer for over 10years. Sue does my nails just how I like them. Perfectly!!! ????
I have been seeing Michelle for a few months and she caters to my exact needs, I do a lot of color changes and rainbow designs and she's very patient with my pickiness.

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