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Vitos Cafe

151 High St, Ruislip HA4 8JY United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 07:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Vitos Cafe

Vitos Cafe has garnered a strong reputation among its regular customers as a reliable and enjoyable dining spot. One of its biggest strengths is its ability to cater to a variety of tastes. One customer mentions that they usually prefer fancy cafes, while their partner prefers greasy spoons. Vitos Cafe manages to strike a balance between the two, offering a middle ground that satisfies both palates. This versatility in menu and atmosphere allows the cafe to attract a broader customer base.
Consistency is another strength highlighted by multiple customers. One reviewer recounts their first visit in 2015 for an Irish breakfast and praises the fact that upon returning in 2017, the quality and taste remained excellent. This sentiment is echoed by another customer who visited in both 2020 and 2021, confirming that the standards have not slipped over time. Consistency is crucial in the restaurant industry, and Vitos Cafe's ability to maintain their quality of food and service is a testament to their strength in this area.
The polite and courteous staff also contribute to the positive experience at Vitos Cafe. One reviewer specifically mentions the staff's demeanor, describing them as polite and courteous. This aspect of good service adds to the overall enjoyment of the dining experience and further solidifies the cafe's reputation as a place worthy of return visits.
Another strength that is consistently praised is the quality of the food. Multiple customers mention the excellent taste, proper cooking, and flavorful meals. One customer even performs a "sausage test" and concludes that Vitos Cafe uses first-class ingredients in their dishes. Attention to detail in the cooking process and high-quality ingredients are important factors that contribute to the overall strength of the cafe.
Affordability is another strength mentioned by customers. Vitos Cafe offers good value for money, with reasonably priced menu items. This affordability is an attractive aspect for customers who are looking to enjoy a satisfying meal without breaking the bank. The combination of good food and reasonable prices makes Vitos Cafe an appealing dining option.
Despite the overall positive feedback, there are a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer recounts a disappointing experience where they felt the food was of low quality and the staff was unwelcoming. They also mention the presence of an odd smell in the establishment. It is important to note that this is an isolated comment, and the majority of customers did not have similar experiences. However, it is worth considering that inconsistencies in service and quality may occur occasionally.
Another minor weakness mentioned is the delay in receiving toast during breakfast. While the breakfast itself was praised as satisfying and well-sized, the delayed arrival of toast disrupted the dining experience for one customer. This serves as a reminder that even minor hiccups in service can leave an impression on customers and impact their overall satisfaction.
In conclusion, Vitos Cafe has several strengths that contribute to its reputation as a reliable and enjoyable dining spot. These include its ability to cater to a variety of tastes, consistency in food and service, polite and courteous staff, quality and taste of the food, affordability, and the welcoming atmosphere. However, it is important for the cafe to address any occasional lapses in service and quality to ensure a consistently positive experience for all customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

We go there all the time as we live around the corner.
I usually like super fancy cafes and my partner likes a greasy spoon. Vitos is a perfect middle ground. The food is always cooked perfectly! Would definitely recommend the breakfasts!
A first class cafe. I first visited for an Irish breakfast in October 2015 after a local appointment. It was so good I decided to return today (October 2017), my first visit back to Ruislip since. The tea was served with bag in and milk on the side allowing time for it to brew properly. The breakfast was well cooked, hot, tasty and full of flavour. I too agree with the sausage test - they clearly use first class ingredients here. A cafe that knows what it is doing and takes pride in offering consistent good food and service.
July 2020 - another visit to this awesome cafe and the standards have not slipped.
September 2021 - another two visits in the past fortnight. Consistent and excellent. Hot and always well cooked. Good bacon and sausages. A well brewer tea. A first class cafe.
Nice place for traditional breakfast & lunches. Polite & courteous staff. Will go back soon. Went back a week later for lunch & was very impressed. Good food, extensive menu, very reasonably priced. Family run business..
Called in for breakfast. Brilliant choice on the menu, not often you get white pudding especially in the London area. Forgot to photo my breakfast but it was well sized for the price and came out quickly after ordering with table service. The only odd thing was, my toast didn't arrive for a good few minutes after my breakfast, I was almost half way through the meal when the toast arrived, however the breakfast was big enough I hadn't actually noticed. A big mug of coffee is included with all breakfasts.
Very good Irish breakfast and amazing fresh orange juice. A proper "greasy spoon" type cafe.
Went there yesterday with my husband. We left as hungry as we came in. All the breakfast items were cheap products, yet the price did not reflect this. The staff were not welcoming and were rushing us to order, after they confused us with one old and one new menu. We asked if we could sit outside and we got the go ahead but nobody came outside to clean the tables which were absolutely filthy. The only decent thing was the hot chocolate. We barely touched our plates, the place had a odd smell which made me feel sick and as we were leaving the staff were busy arguing amongst themselves. Disappointing to say the least. Zero stars!
Fresh, plentiful food and very good prices. Lovely service! Highly recommend.
Lovely cafe! Come here every week almost and order the same thing. The young girl knows my order by heart! Thank you!!

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  • Takeaway
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  • Great tea selection
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Coffee
  • Healthy options
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  • Good for kids
  • Casual
  • Cosy
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