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4333, 6025 Old National Hwy # E, Atlanta, GA 30349 United States of America
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I’m a regular customer but lately the quality hasn’t been matching with these increased prices. I got a pedicure and fill in for about $120..i noticed i didn’t get the hot wax on my feet. This is what i come for. Idk if it was because of closing time and they were rushing but i did expect it. Then my fill ins usually last over 3 weeks without breaking but this time, i broke two effortlessly while food clothes not even a full two weeks in. it ain’t hurt or anything they just broke and these are my real nails. The acrylic wasn’t thick enough..a basic gel fillin use to be $28..$30 with a cut down..lately I’ve been charged $50 plus..no design, no cut down..which is ridiculous to me.
My experience this morning at VIP Nails was amazing, no complaints.. The young lady did an awesome job on my eyebrows and nails. Let's revisit this review in 2 weeks to see will the customer service still be on point. I was in and out in an hour.
This is my second time She charged me $35 for a pedicure which she said is basic It took her a total of 7 minutes to do a pedicure spa pedicure. Because she's busy she said she didn't have time to give me a massage on my feet but she said the VIP Deluxe is $5 more this morning but she didn't have time for that. I didn't get the basepot or a top coat on my toes. Waste of money.
I have come here at least twice I decided to come back because they had kid chairs an I have three daughter so that would have been perfect. I’m not to pleased with the prices they charged me 45 per child (ages 3 an 5) for mani an pedi. they didn’t tell me that the whirlpool didn’t work an that only once massage work. So for my two youngest they did t get the full solon experience. Now moving on to my older one (10) they wanted to charge me 50 for a pedi. that is outrageous. these are children not grown woman with extravagant nail, just a simple paint. They my baby feet i water took them out an painted them nothing worth 45 each.Lastly my babies hands an feet look Amateur at best. Then they said they don’t have a bathroom I will not recommend them ever lesson learn.
This place was recommended by a friend. Really enjoyed the ambiance however it was a bit crowded giving the pandemic. They did a decent job with social distancing but the later it got the more packed it became. There was also a lot of kids there. The service though was very good! I did the VIP pedicure with the hot stone and wax and it was very good! They took their time and was very diligent. The prices are pretty steep but for a treat it was good!
If you want perfection on your nails. VIP Nails is the place to be. Emily does amazing work, you won’t be disappointed. Everyone is nice and friendly. I will never go any place else. ❤️????
Love how my nails turned out by the guy sitting at seven I wanted to be creative and different and I’m satisfied. Price $80.00 but it’s worth it thank you VIP NAILS.
I have been going to this nail shop for quite a few years. I love my nail tech Terri. I will not let anyone else touch my feet and or nails. I ALL natural as well. Try it I bet you love it as much a I do

Quick Facts About VIP Nails

VIP Nails is a salon that has received both positive and negative feedback from customers. In this analysis, we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths of VIP Nails is the positive customer service experience. Several customers have expressed satisfaction with the service they received, highlighting the friendliness of the staff and the expertise of the nail technicians. One customer specifically mentioned that their nails turned out perfectly and that they would never go anywhere else. Another customer also praised their nail technician, Terri, and emphasized their trust in her for all their nail services. These positive reviews indicate that VIP Nails has a competent and talented staff that can deliver excellent results.
The ambiance of VIP Nails is also mentioned as a positive aspect. A customer appreciated the atmosphere and enjoyed the experience, despite the crowded salon during the pandemic. This implies that VIP Nails puts effort into creating a pleasant environment for their customers, making their visit more enjoyable.
On the other hand, the salon has several weaknesses that have been pointed out by dissatisfied customers. One of the main complaints is the decline in quality despite the increased prices. One customer mentioned that the quality of their pedicure and fill-in did not meet their expectations, as they did not receive the hot wax treatment they usually look forward to. Additionally, their fill-ins broke easily within two weeks, indicating that the acrylic was not thick enough. This inconsistency in quality can drive away loyal customers who expect consistently good service.
Another weakness that has been highlighted is the issue of pricing. Some customers complained about the steep prices for basic services. One customer mentioned that they were charged $50 for a basic gel fill-in without any design or cut-down, which they deemed excessive. Another customer was dissatisfied with the pricing for services for their children, particularly the charge of $45 per child for a manicure and pedicure. These complaints suggest that VIP Nails may not have competitive pricing compared to other establishments in the area.
In addition, the lack of communication and transparency has been noted as a weakness. One customer expressed disappointment that they were not informed about the broken whirlpool and malfunctioning massage chairs before bringing their children for a salon experience. This lack of information can lead to dissatisfaction and a negative image of VIP Nails among customers.
Overall, VIP Nails has several strengths, including positive customer service experiences and a pleasant ambiance. However, their weaknesses, such as inconsistent quality, high prices for basic services, and poor communication, need to be addressed to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Addressing these weaknesses can help VIP Nails enhance its reputation and ensure that customers receive the quality service that they expect and deserve.

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