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Kaikki työntekijät ovat todella mukavia ja tervehtivät aina hymyillen. Tekevät erittäin tarkkaa jälkeä ja olen aina ollut tyytyväinen tulokseen.
Ystävällinen palvelu ja kiva, kun voi tulla ilman ajanvarausta. Leikkautan kolmen poikani hiukset aina täällä.
I came in with two boys, 8 and 5, neither of which ever want to get their hair cut. The staff was super patient, especially when the 5-year old screamed and acted out. Despite the screams, the gents at Venecia managed to give both my sons very excellent haircuts and were also very great with my demanding kids. I highly recomment their services for parents with small kids.
Erittäin ystävällinen palvelu ja olonsa tuntee varmasti tervetulleeksi. Moitteeton hiustenleikkuu.
Tosi hyvä mesta ja huippu mukavat ja taitavat työntekijät ????
Olen käynyt täällä säännöllisesti jo aika kauan, ja aina yhtä hyvä lopputulos. Henkilökunta on todella mukava, ja he ovat ehdottomasti Turun parhaat parturit!
Todella hyvää palvelua ja aina ystävällistä.
On hyvä kammpaParturi ja hyvä palvelu kanta mennä

Quick Facts About Venecia-Parturi

Venecia-Parturi place has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, all the employees are described as very nice and always greet customers with a smile. This indicates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, which can make customers feel comfortable and valued. Additionally, the staff is praised for their precise work, with customers always being satisfied with the results. This suggests that the haircuts provided by Venecia-Parturi place are of high quality and meet the expectations of the customers.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the friendly service. Customers mention feeling welcomed and appreciated, which indicates that the staff goes above and beyond to make customers feel comfortable and valued. This can contribute to a positive overall experience for customers, as they feel taken care of and respected.
The fact that Venecia-Parturi place accepts walk-ins without requiring an appointment is also seen as a positive aspect. This is particularly beneficial for busy parents, as it allows them to bring their children in for haircuts without having to plan ahead. This flexibility can be attractive to customers who value convenience and flexibility in their service providers.
Furthermore, there is a specific comment from a parent who had a positive experience with their children. The staff is described as super patient and great with demanding kids, even when the children were behaving loudly and disruptively. This shows that the employees at Venecia-Parturi place are skilled in managing difficult situations and can handle the challenges that come with working with children. This can be a major advantage for families with young children who may struggle to find hair salons that can cater to their needs.
In terms of weaknesses, based solely on the given comments, it is challenging to identify any major drawbacks. However, one potential weakness could be the lack of appointment availability. While accepting walk-ins can be convenient, it may also lead to longer wait times or potential overcrowding if the salon gets busy. This could potentially be a problem for customers who prefer to have their appointments scheduled in advance or who need to manage their time efficiently.
Another potential weakness is the lack of diversity in the comments. While all the comments are positive, they are quite similar in terms of the overall satisfaction with the service. It would be beneficial to have a wider range of feedback covering different aspects of the salon, such as pricing or the variety of services offered. This would provide a more comprehensive understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Venecia-Parturi place.
In conclusion, Venecia-Parturi place appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided. These include the friendly and welcoming staff, the precise and satisfying haircuts, the accommodating walk-in policy, and the ability to handle challenging situations with children. While potential weaknesses include the lack of appointment availability and the limited diversity in feedback, it is important to note that these are based solely on the comments provided and may not necessarily reflect the overall experiences of all customers.

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