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Vegas Nails & Spa

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1221 N Madison Ave, Greenwood, IN 46142 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM


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They don’t include cleaning of the cuticle
with acrylics which I think is crazy because that’s a part of my nail bed. Also, the nail tech left hair on my acrylic which is now stuck on there☹️ Also the acrylic it is a bit bubbly which I don’t like. Other than that the service is fast and they’re friendly.
Loved the service and quickness of the staff! I had the powder color which was a lot faster than the previous gel sets I've done before. I need a fill so I'll be back soon!
I went in at opening because I had an appointment at 11am. I told them my time crunch and they worked on my pedicure and nails at the same time, both gel. They got me out in 50 minutes, that's pretty impressive. The salon is run down, seats are torn but good service. Prices are average.
! I came in last weekend not happy with service, nails started to chip a few days after, came back in today lucky ly redid them, fixed them all to look amazing!!! didn't charge me. I will definitely be back
Great place to have nails done! My first time experience was overall excellent! Thanks for the excellent work!
I felt like a princess. Awesome pedicure and fill at the same time. The man who did the pedicure has the most gentle touch.
When I walked in it wasn't too clean and there was only 1 other person in there so I did not have to wait. I asked for a pedicure and they were not too friendly ???? I was given the menu and I chose the pedicure that costs 43 dollars when I went to pay somehow it ended up being 57 dollars I did not question it because I was already uncomfortable...... and my nails are subpar you can still see the nails in some spots because not enough polish was applied..... I will not be going back .....
Shop was VERY dirty and unorganized. Needed my acrylic nails soaked off but she didn’t take the time to do a proper soak and just tried to clip and rip them off which hurt a LOT and made me jump numerous times. She seemed upset that I was making a scene but it hurt so bad because she didn’t take the time to soak them off properly. Never going back.

Quick Facts About Vegas Nails & Spa

Vegas Nails & Spa has both strengths and weaknesses based on the customer comments provided. In order to assess these strengths and weaknesses, let's analyze each aspect mentioned in the comments.
1. Fast Service: Multiple customers mentioned that the staff at Vegas Nails & Spa provide quick service, allowing them to complete their treatments in a relatively short amount of time. This is seen as a positive aspect as it saves customers' time and allows them to promptly get on with their day.
2. Friendly Staff: Many customers commented on the friendly nature of the staff at Vegas Nails & Spa. A friendly atmosphere is important for customers as it can enhance their overall experience and make them feel more comfortable during their visit.
3. Excellent Work: One customer specifically mentioned that they were pleased with the quality of the work done on their nails. This suggests that the technicians at Vegas Nails & Spa have the skills necessary to provide satisfactory results.
4. Accommodating Schedule: A customer mentioned that they had a time constraint but the staff at Vegas Nails & Spa managed to complete their pedicure and nail service simultaneously in under 50 minutes. This shows that the salon is willing to accommodate customers' needs and work efficiently to meet their expectations.
1. Lack of Cuticle Cleaning: One customer was disappointed that Vegas Nails & Spa does not clean the cuticles with acrylics when applying them. This suggests a sub-par level of attention to detail, as cleaning the cuticles is an important step in nail care. This could potentially lead to an unsatisfactory final result for customers.
2. Bubbly Acrylics: Another customer mentioned that they were not satisfied with the quality of the acrylics used on their nails, as it appeared bubbly. This indicates a lack of precision and skill when it comes to applying acrylics, which could affect the overall appearance and longevity of the nails.
3. Cleanliness: Multiple customers commented on the cleanliness of Vegas Nails & Spa. One customer stated that the shop was "VERY dirty and unorganized," while another mentioned that it was "not too clean" when they walked in. A clean and organized environment is crucial for a salon, as it instills confidence in customers and promotes a sense of hygiene.
4. Pricing Issues: One customer mentioned that they experienced pricing discrepancies during their visit, where the cost of their pedicure ended up being higher than expected. This suggests that there might be a lack of transparency or communication regarding pricing, which can lead to negative customer experiences.
5. Lack of Skill in Acrylic Removal: One customer complained about the lack of proper acrylic removal techniques used by the technician. Instead of soaking off the acrylics, the technician attempted to clip and rip them off, causing significant pain and discomfort. This indicates a lack of knowledge and care for customers' well-being, as proper soak-off techniques are essential to prevent damage to the natural nails.
In conclusion, Vegas Nails & Spa has strengths such as fast service, friendly staff, excellent work, and accommodating schedules. However, they also have weaknesses in the areas of lack of cuticle cleaning, bubbly application of acrylics, cleanliness issues, pricing discrepancies, and lack of skill in acrylic removal techniques. These weaknesses could result in a less satisfactory experience for customers and potentially impact the overall reputation of the salon.

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