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V S Nail & Spa

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1060 State Ave # B, Marysville, WA 98270 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

A+ experience, loved my pedicure! Everyone is very nice and works quickly, no wait time ever. They are very well staffed and this is a large, clean brightly lit salon. I recently went to another nail salon while out of town and it just didn't compare to VS. Worth the trip.
Took my friend and I here to get our nails done before we both left town and didn’t see each other again for a while. We both showed photos of what we wanted and we got nothing like the photos. I went to cosmetology school, so I know how nails should be cleaned up. My nails were sloppy, and my nail tech sliced 2 fingers and made my thumb bleed really bad. (I got blood on a towel) I even told her ow, and she still kept going. Also the prices are nothing like they say it’ll be, whatever the say it’ll cost, add another 20$.
If I could give 0 stars I would I went here today 11-12-22, I go for brown nails to match thanksgiving theme but to also natural to go with everything, and we’ll they can’t do designs for the life of them, anyway they have no brown so I’m like ok I’ll look through and pick a color I want, this lady is rushing me not even a minute to look and she ask me 5 times, are you ready, what color do you want, are you done, like obviously I’m not I’m still looking , and she kept rushing so I panic and pick pink I’m thinking ok that’s fine I usually do pink when I do my nails so she does it, it looks ok ish for 40$ It’s Not filed great I have acrylic chunks underneath and my nail isn’t glued all they way my nails are coming up underneath so anything like food gets stuck between my nail and the acrylic and well I get gel polish to protect them and last longer but no they didn’t last long, I’m not a smoker or anything and I don’t do anything much with my hands I take care of my kids and clean the house, today I’ve done nothing but take care of my kids and celebrate ones birthday and this is what they look like from doing nothing. Not even a day before they tarnish color
So i come in with an appointment and they swift me iff quickly. Awesome. Get my toes done. Decent price no cuts no hurting. She didn’t scrub the bottom of my feet and when i asked her to cut them she said they we’re already too short. I told her sure but i still want them cut. They hurt. That could’ve afforded some more effort but ok. So i ask if they have time for a full set given i had only requested a pedi. She agrees. Ok awesome. We walk over and I tell her I would like to see her designs and immediately she states the don’t do designs. I must of had a puzzled look. She says well i can do a flower or hearts. Ok. Fine. I got a hot pink color its fine. She flicks my hand and points at everything she expects me to know what she wants. Never spoke to me unless absolutely necessary. Then she gives me a big fat white heart right in the middle if my middle finger! Wth!? She says you like? No. I dont. She looked at me shocked! Lmao. What! So i told her to finish up and Nevermind the hearts. After seeing her attempt at a heart I preferred not. No thanks. Smh.
This is my 1st time here came here cuz it's my b-day my daughter treat me. The first thing I notice is that the place is clean also its really warm its 75° outside. But there's no AC I ask the lady is it warm here or is it just me, I was hot. She said yes we turned off the AC I ask why she said cuz were almost close. I wish they have a fan to turn on for the customers. Their there trying to save electricity when their still customers there. It's still an hour and there's 3 of us customers there. She started talk to another lady in their language. Then I was undecided which color on my mani and pedi so she keep asking me. I was talking to my daughter on text. Asking what's the in color now. And she's talking again in her language. I know that they're talking about me. That is so rude. I just look at the customer next to me. I almost ask her how does she feel about this people taking in front of you in their language. Then she looks at me what color? I told her which one. Then she looks at the lady next to her and talks their native tongue for a while. She doesn't have her name tag so I don't know her name. The other lady who did my mani is nice her name is Tina. I still gave a good tip to both of them. That's why I give them this review.
Did a great job on my pedicures. Im in from out of town visiting and my mom and I decided to check this place out. Toes look great and we LOVED the chairs you dry your nails in afterwards. Only thing they could do better at is a better massage. But super happy and we will be back when we're in the area.
The lady that did my nails, didn't seem like she really cared, she didn't even clean or push back my cuticles, on top of that she gave me what she wanted to do because the colors I wanted wouldn't go well together I guess. It looked like I needed a fill a day later. And then a couple days pass and they start lifting. Never gonna go back. It's too hit or miss there and for 55 dollars, I can't risk it.
Clean. But nails were bumpy, Polish not smooth and when I asked for it to be re-done the lady gave me a weird look and then had someone else do it. Had to pay before they were fixed. Even when they were fixed they still didn’t look good but didn’t want to cause a scene. Ended up
Buying stuff to fix it myself. Giving 2 stars because the was nice, and a clean place.

Quick Facts About V S Nail & Spa

V S Nail & Spa place has received both positive and negative comments from customers. In order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the place, we will analyze the comments mentioned above.
Starting with the strengths, one customer had an A+ experience and loved their pedicure. This indicates that the salon provides a high-quality service and is capable of delivering satisfactory results. Additionally, the commenter praises the staff for being nice and working quickly, with no wait time. This suggests that the salon is well-staffed and efficient in managing appointments.
Another strength of V S Nail & Spa is the cleanliness of the salon. Multiple comments mention that the place is clean, which is crucial for a professional nail salon. A clean and hygienic environment ensures the safety and well-being of customers.
The salon's spaciousness and bright lighting are also mentioned as positive aspects. This creates a welcoming atmosphere for customers and enhances their overall experience. Furthermore, the availability of a wide range of colors for nail polish is a strength, as one customer mentioned having numerous options to choose from.
Moving onto the weaknesses, several comments highlight issues with the quality of the service and the professionalism of the staff. For instance, one customer complained about their nails being sloppy and the nail technician making their thumb bleed. Another customer expressed dissatisfaction with the nail technician rushing them and not allowing enough time to choose a color. This suggests a lack of attention to detail and customer care.
Furthermore, there are complaints about the pricing. One customer mentioned that the prices ended up being higher than initially quoted, leading to an additional cost of $20. This inconsistency in pricing can be seen as a weakness as it may create confusion and disappointment among customers.
In terms of nail design capabilities, another customer mentioned that the salon is unable to do designs well, which limits the options available for customers seeking more intricate nail art. This can be seen as a weakness for those looking for unique and personalized nail designs.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of AC in the salon. One customer felt uncomfortable due to the heat and requested the AC to be turned on, but was informed that it had been turned off because they were close to closing. This lack of concern for customer comfort can be viewed as a weakness in terms of customer satisfaction.
There were also comments about the communication barrier between staff members and customers. One customer felt that the staff was discussing them in another language, which is considered rude and disrespectful. This language barrier can hinder effective communication and lead to misunderstandings or misinterpretations.
Finally, there were complaints about the overall quality of the manicures and pedicures. Customers mentioned bumpy nails, uneven polish, and the need to fix their nails themselves after leaving the salon. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and a failure to meet customer expectations.
In conclusion, V S Nail & Spa place has strengths in terms of providing a high-quality service, having a clean and spacious salon, and a well-staffed team. However, weaknesses are evident in terms of inconsistent pricing, lack of attention to detail, limited design capabilities, discomfort due to the lack of AC, communication barriers, and unsatisfactory nail finishes. These weaknesses can impact customer satisfaction and potentially deter customers from returning to the salon.

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