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Quick Facts About USHR BEAUTY

USHR BEAUTY has several strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths of USHR BEAUTY is its outstanding selection of hair and beauty products. Customers appreciate the wide variety of options available and are willing to travel to this particular store to find what they need. The store is also well-stocked and well-organized, making it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Additionally, customers note that the store is clean and the staff is friendly, creating a pleasant shopping experience.
Another strength of USHR BEAUTY is the reasonable prices of their products. Customers find the prices to be affordable compared to other locations in the area. This attracts customers and makes them more inclined to make purchases at this store. Additionally, customers appreciate that there is rarely a line when they visit, ensuring a quick and efficient shopping experience.
The shop being new, clean, and well-organized is yet another strength. Customers appreciate the cleanliness and organization of the store, as it creates a welcoming and professional atmosphere. The staff members are also commended for their focus and willingness to assist customers. Customers feel valued and appreciated when the staff takes the time to help them and even provide samples when available.
However, there are some weaknesses that need to be addressed. One recurring issue is the lack of personal space and the feeling of being followed by an older woman in the store. This makes customers uncomfortable and can negatively impact their shopping experience. Additionally, the limited parking and restrictive access to the store due to construction pose an inconvenience for customers.
Another weakness mentioned by customers is the limited hair color options available. Many customers expressed a desire for more variety beyond just black hair. This could lead to a loss of potential customers who are looking for different hair colors.
Furthermore, some customers mentioned concerns about the quality of the wigs and hats sold at the store. There were reports of lint-like substances and bugs found on the products. This raises questions about the store's quality control measures and could deter customers from making purchases.
Lastly, a common complaint is regarding the customer service at USHR BEAUTY. Multiple customers expressed feelings of being watched and followed by employees, which makes them uncomfortable. Additionally, some customers felt that the employees lacked knowledge about the products, making it difficult for customers to get the assistance they need. Improving the customer service experience should be a priority for USHR BEAUTY to enhance customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, USHR BEAUTY has strengths in its outstanding selection of hair and beauty products, reasonable prices, cleanliness, and friendly staff. However, it needs to address weaknesses such as the lack of personal space, limited hair color options, quality issues with wigs and hats, and improving the customer service experience. By addressing these weaknesses, USHR BEAUTY can further improve its reputation and attract more customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The selection of hair and products is OUTSTANDING! I travel to come to this particular store. It's time to restock the wigs though. ???? There is 1 woman that has no concept of personal space. It seems that EVERY single time I shop here she follows me throughout the store! I look up and she is coming down my aisle and pretending to do something! ????‍???? She even bumped into me and didn't even bat an eye. She is an older woman so I try to let it go but....NO ONE likes to be followed and watched while spending their $!
I go here to get my Shea butter best price for 32oz 8 & 10 I use it to make soaps and other skincare (skin food) products naturally. The Cleanest store, well stocked, well organized. Rarely a line when I visit. The prices on their products are reasonable compared to other locations in the area. Parking lot is a bit tight and there is constructions and one way in or out and I hope they correct this in the coming future.
Nice place to go. The price is okay. The staff is friendly and let you shop without bugging you. This place has a lot of selection for hair, jewelry, makeup, and many more. They even carry a mask for a reasonable price. So much hair selection and hair products. My only downfall is hard to get in.
This store is big and someone is always watching and following you. I didn't notice it until my 12 yrs old granddaughter kept asking me why this lady kept watching us and kept looking at her dead in her face. I told her to stay close to me cause they might be trying to snatch her. Also every US Hair store always have just one hair color which is black in certain style. Who where's black hair anymore. Also when I see a wig that I like there is always something in the hair that looks like lint but when you see more then one all over and in the hair you have to wonder what is it. They will tell you that they don't know or don't see it. They kept putting their hands with rubber gloves over what I see. You have to watch wigs and hats because I did see a bug clean to the inside of a hat
Everything you could possibly want for hair and beauty products. Very friendly.
Clean, nice staff, and always has the supplies I need. I also appreciate how organized the shop is ????❤️
Keeping this short and sweet,
The selection is awesome BUT the customer service should be in the stores dumpster bin out back. It's unnerving to feel like you're being followed because you stand in one spot too long or have two items in your hand at a time! How do they expect you to compare products without picking them up? The selection is so awesome that they will keep majority of it until they close because you can't really walk around an explore the inventory with an employee on your back. Heck, let's walk and talk, that is if you even know about half of the products on the shelf.
#We need more born in America, African American black owned businesses.
I like this store because its NEW, Clean well organized and the check person has remained very focused in assisting me with my check and throws in samples for me when they are available, very patient warm and kind. Always easy for me to get in and out and I like that most. The prices are great for the items I need not just for hair but for the creation of other things so saving me money and being conveniently located is a plus plus I prefer to go there than any other store at this time.

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