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  • Identifies as women-owned
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Gender-neutral restroom
  • Wi-Fi
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
  • Appointments recommended
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Jenny is the BEST nail tech I've ever done business with. She is very friendly and makes it easy to feel comfortable. Her skills are impeccable and so impressive. She is the ONLY nail tech that has been able to successfully do any design i request or show her a picture of 100% of the time . My nails don't break or lift at all and even after 5 weeks i still had all 10 nails and none of them had any air bubbles at all. She truly is a master of her craft and her kind and inviting personality make it a very enjoyable time at the salon.
Their prices are good for the services they provide. I will forever be a loyal customer to this establishment.
I’ve been here a couple of times and I’m always really happy with the quality and the experience. Staff is very friendly and willing to give you what you need/want. Gave 4/5 stars because they could be a little more gentle when handling feet. My lady didn’t mean to, but she scraped my toe a little and it stung a tiny bit(not pictured) Nothing major and still very happy with my experience but just a suggestion ????
I go here all the time to get my nails and toes done and spending a good amount of money for there services, I’m very disappointed with my set this time. I haven’t even had them on a week and 2 have chipped polish where there was a bubble in the nail itself from poor quality work and one is completely split in half. Most the time my nails last up to 3 weeks when I go here. Very disappointing
This is my second time coming here and I won’t come back. I got a full set on Sunday morning and it’s now Tuesday and my fingers still hurt. The lady who did my nails cut down my real nails so short that two of them were bleeding. I could barely wash my hands the rest of the day. I also had a thick layer of powder that was stuck to my cuticles and I finally got rid of it today. My cuticles look so damaged and my real nails are in pain. What a waste of $60. Two stars because they had a large color selection.
Ken was extremely laid back and CONFIDENT! I showed him a picture of what I wanted and told him to put his own twist on it. I liked his WAY BETTER! AND he stayed late. I will definitely be coming back.
Jimmy is amazing! He didn’t rush he took his time and made my nails perfect. :) I let him choose Christmas nails and they are soooo cute!
I got done my manicure and pedicure today and My concern is my manicure with gel polished is to thick and it will cause buble and end up peeling. My pedicure I'm not satisfied the way she scrab. The only thing I've done this because of my my heel is cracking and its so dry. But again it ends me up doing it better at home.
This place is rude, dirty and very poor quality. The older guy who works right at the front was the one who did my nails. He finished doing someone else’s nails then it came to my turn and he never washed his hands nor did he ask me to wash mine. He rushed through my nails not even asking me to wash my hands after he filled all the old color off, just brushed it off then went ahead and applied the new color. This is how my nails look, he charged me $35 when their flyer says $30. You decide if you want to go and give your money there. Never again for me.

Quick Facts About US Nails

US Nails place has received a mix of positive and negative comments, which provide insights into its strengths and weaknesses. In order to analyze these comments thoroughly, we will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of US Nails place in the following sections.
1. Excellent nail technician skills: One of the comments highlights the exceptional skills of Jenny, a nail technician at US Nails place. The customer praises her ability to successfully execute any requested design or image, resulting in impeccable nails without breakage or lifting. This demonstrates the high level of expertise and attention to detail present in the salon.
2. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere: Multiple comments acknowledge the friendly and inviting personality of the staff at US Nails place. This creates a comfortable and enjoyable environment for customers, contributing to their overall satisfaction.
3. Good value for price: A customer appreciates the reasonable prices offered by US Nails place for the services provided. This indicates that the salon is competitive in terms of pricing and offers a fair deal to its customers.
4. Customization and customer satisfaction: Another comment highlights the staff's willingness to accommodate specific customer needs and desires. This shows that US Nails place prioritizes customization and strives to ensure that customers leave satisfied with their experiences.
5. Color selection: A positive comment mentions a large color selection available at the salon. This indicates that US Nails place offers a wide range of options for customers to choose from, allowing them to find the perfect shade for their preference.
1. Lack of gentleness in handling feet: One comment suggests that the staff at US Nails place could be more gentle when handling customers' feet. Although the customer expresses overall satisfaction, this feedback raises a potential area for improvement in terms of the salon's pedicure services.
2. Inconsistency in nail quality: A dissatisfied customer reports experiencing poor quality work on their nails. The customer claims that the polish chipped within a week and the nails developed bubbles, indicating potential issues with the longevity and application of the polish.
3. Painful experience and damaged nails: Another negative comment details a painful and unsatisfactory experience at US Nails place. The customer's nails were cut too short, causing bleeding, and the appearance of damaged cuticles. This highlights a significant weakness in terms of the salon's attention to customer comfort and nail health.
4. Thick gel application and unsatisfactory pedicure: A customer expresses dissatisfaction with the thickness of the gel application, raising concerns about the potential for bubbling and peeling. Additionally, the customer is not satisfied with the pedicure, particularly in the way the technician scraped their feet. This indicates potential inconsistencies in service quality and technique.
5. Rudeness, uncleanliness, and poor quality: A negative comment criticizes the salon as being rude, dirty, and providing poor-quality services. The customer reports a lack of hygiene practices, such as the technician not washing their hands, and receiving rushed and subpar nail treatments. The customer also expresses disappointment with the pricing discrepancy and overall negative experience, vowing never to return.
In conclusion, US Nails place has several strengths, including skilled nail technicians, a friendly atmosphere, fair pricing, customization options, and a wide color selection. However, they also have weaknesses, such as inconsistent nail quality, issues with gentleness in handling feet, painful experiences, and concerns regarding hygiene and service quality. It is essential for US Nails place to address these weaknesses to maintain and improve customer satisfaction.

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