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49 Alafaya Woods Blvd, Oviedo, FL 32765 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Unique Nail

Unique Nail place has a number of strengths, but it also has some weaknesses that should be addressed.
One strength of Unique Nail place is the quality of the nails. Many customers comment on how lovely their nails look after getting them done at this salon. They appreciate the skill and technique of the nail technicians in creating beautiful designs. Additionally, some customers mention that the salon is clean and well-maintained, providing a pleasant environment for the nail services. The availability of massage chairs and complimentary water bottles also adds to the positive experience for customers.
Another strength of the salon is the friendly and accommodating staff. Customers appreciate the kindness and efficiency of the nail technicians. Many mention specific technicians by name, such as Danny or Peter, and express their satisfaction with their work. The staff is attentive to their needs and ensures that they are happy with the final result. This personalized service creates a positive and comfortable atmosphere for customers.
Unique Nail place also benefits from being a local establishment. Customers appreciate the convenience of having a salon nearby, making it easily accessible for regular visits. The fact that it is a family-owned business adds to the appeal, as customers feel a sense of supporting their community. The salon is also described as professional, indicating that it upholds high standards of service.
Despite these strengths, there are some weaknesses that have been identified by customers. One recurring issue is the durability of the nails. Several customers have experienced their nails falling off within a short period of time, sometimes less than two weeks after getting them done. This is a significant concern, as customers are paying a substantial amount of money for a service that does not last. The comparison to "press on nails" suggests that the quality of the nails may not be up to par. This is a weakness that Unique Nail place should address to ensure customer satisfaction.
Another weakness is the inconsistency in service. While some customers have had positive experiences with attentive and thorough nail technicians, others have been disappointed by rushed and incomplete treatments. One customer mentions not being able to enjoy a relaxing pedicure and feeling rushed through the appointment. This discrepancy in service suggests a lack of consistency and attention to detail that should be addressed to provide a better overall experience for customers.
In conclusion, Unique Nail place has several strengths, including the quality of the nails, the friendly and accommodating staff, and being a local business. However, there are also weaknesses that should be addressed, such as the durability of the nails and the inconsistency in service. By addressing these weaknesses, Unique Nail place has the potential to further enhance its reputation and attract more satisfied customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The nails were lovely. I really like them but a week and 3 days later one them fall off. Next day, I lost 2 more. Less than 2 weeks since I had them done, almost all fall off. “Just like press on nails”. This never happend to me before. I finally decided to write a review so they know this is unacceptable. Not happy after spending $73. First and last time at this place.
Place is local for me. Came in on a Wednesday morning for a basic mani and pedi for the first time. Acknowledged me pretty quick. Sat on the massage chair, everything appeared to be very clean. Pretty straight forward. They offer bottles of water. On my 2nd visit tried the deluxe and it's my favorite. The scrub and the massage feel nice after a long day of work. Good experience.
This was my first experience with this place and I am not disappointed!! Everyone was very nice and accommodating. Danny my nail tech was awesome and was very quick and efficient. I am definitely returning to get my nails done. Thank you Danny :)
I’m really disappointed with my experience here. I usually go to this place and have been pleased every time. I was able to get out of work early and after a really long day I wanted to treat myself and get my nails done. But after my experience today. I wanna cry. My nails are naturally short and I asked for tips. The tips that the lady cut were so short it doesn’t even look like she put any on. I’m beyond disappointed. Also. I was really looking forward to a relaxing pedicure but I didn’t even get to put my feet in water. They just straight up painted them. No exfoliating or any of the other features they do. I was wanting to pay for an expensive package they had but they just wanted to get out the door. I’m sorry I didn’t get home from work til 2:30 and was able to get to the spa by 3:30. They closed at 5 today. I’m really truly disappointed with my experience today and will be debating on coming back. I loved this place until today.
Best local nail salon. This place is family-owned, friendly, clean, and professional.
Danny is the best nail tech & very creative.
He always has great suggestions when
I'm undecided. These are my natural nails!
I always get compliments.
Thank You, Peter!
The place is nice, the workers are excellent at nails, they make sure your happy with your end result and that nothing's wrong. The prices are great too. Thank you so much!
Peter did a great job!

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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