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Union Square Barber Shop

+1 918-671-2085
4945 S Union Ave, Tulsa, OK 74107 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

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My grandson refused to get his hair cut but the people were nice.
I go to this man all the time. Check him out. He's a good barber.
Lowered my ears a good inch with no problems
Very sloppy haircut and beard trim I had to fix it myself. Apparently he takes no pride in his work.
I don't know who is going here but it's not me.
Call to make an appointment. My second hair cut their. Means alot, i dont usually go back to the same babrber. She done me righteous.
This barbershop has the traditional look and feel of a 1950's shop. The owner is nice and knowledgeable and got the best shave I've had in a bit. Come here to meet all head care needs.
Friendly people.... I will go back

Quick Facts About Union Square Barber Shop

Union Square Barber Shop has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. To evaluate the overall quality and customer satisfaction of the place, let's analyze each comment in detail.
Starting with the positive comments, it is mentioned that the people at Union Square Barber Shop are nice and friendly. This is a strength as it indicates good customer service and a welcoming atmosphere. The fact that one customer goes to the same barber all the time also shows loyalty and satisfaction with the service provided, suggesting that the barbers are skilled and dependable.
Another positive aspect mentioned in the comments is a good shave. This demonstrates that the barbers have expertise in their craft and can provide a superior experience compared to other barbershops. It also indicates that the shop has the necessary equipment and knowledge to offer a high-quality shave, which is a key service many customers look for.
Additionally, one commenter speaks highly of their second haircut at Union Square Barber Shop and emphasizes the importance of returning to the same barber. This could indicate that the barbers consistently deliver satisfactory results, making customers want to come back. It implies a level of trust and reliability in the service provided.
Moving on to the negative comments, there are a few criticisms. One customer mentions that their haircut and beard trim were very sloppy and that they had to fix it themselves. This is a weakness and raises concerns about the quality and attention to detail of the barbers at Union Square Barber Shop. A sloppy haircut and beard trim can significantly impact the overall satisfaction of a customer and might deter them from returning.
Moreover, another commenter states that they don't go to Union Square Barber Shop and questions who actually does. This comment suggests a lack of popularity or reputation for the shop. It could indicate that the barbershop doesn't have a strong customer base or fails to attract potential clients.
Although not explicitly mentioned in the comments, it is worth noting that Union Square Barber Shop has a traditional look and feel of a 1950's shop. This can be seen as a strength for customers who appreciate the nostalgic ambiance and classic barbering experience. However, on the flip side, it may deter potential customers who prefer modern or trendy barbershops.
In conclusion, Union Square Barber Shop has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. The positive aspects include the kind and friendly staff, a skilled barber who provides a good shave, and the ability to build loyalty with customers. However, the negative comments mention a sloppy haircut and beard trim, as well as a lack of popularity or reputation. These weaknesses suggest that the shop should focus on improving the quality of their services and marketing efforts to attract and retain more customers.

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