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Trapper's Cafe

+1 928-536-7758
9 Main St, Taylor, AZ 85939 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Awesome place to eat. The food is old fashion and very delicious. Me and my grandfather very much enjoyed the special. Ham with two eggs, hashbrown, and toast of your choice. Made fresh and from scratch. Better then Dennys for breakfast.
Biscuits and gravy were cold. Gravy for both the biscuits and country fried steak had lumps of flour/corn starch in them. Country fried steak is made in house and is tasty, as is the gravy (minus the balls).
Quiet place, waitress was ON POINT. Running everywhere and taking care of the whole place. She needs a raise and fat tips.
Cured chop was amazing. Smokey and perfectly cooked.
Wonderful breakfast! Got the half order of chicken fried steak and it was more than enough. Tasty gravy to compliment the meal. Picked up two pies to go. German chocolate and an apple. Very good pie.
Wife and I stopped in for breakfast. We both enjoyed our food. It was just as we ordered and tasty. Saw a bunch of pies that looked really good. I’ll have to check those out on another occasion.
This is your typical small town diner. The server, service and atmosphere was great. I ordered Biscuits and Gravy. One of my biscuit bottoms was so hard I could not cut thru it with a knife. Thenother biscuit was perfect. The gravy was good, buy had too much sausage for my liking. I know right, how does gravy have too much sausage. Well, it was. Overall, I'd give it another shot the next time I was in town.
Other than the pies, I can make everything they serve better and cheaper at home. Don't know why this place is still in business. Never want to go here, just get dragged in sometimes. Taco Bell or McDonald's is better, not a compliment to any of them.
Trappers have the best customer service I have ever been to. They have the lost best pies I’ve tasted. And the food is fantastic. The scenery is calm and peaceful.

Quick Facts About Trapper's Cafe

Trapper's Cafe is a small town diner that receives both positive and negative feedback from customers. To thoroughly evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, we will analyze each aspect mentioned in the comments.
One of the most prominent strengths of Trapper's Cafe is the quality and taste of their food. Multiple customers praised the old-fashioned and delicious breakfast options, such as the special of ham with two eggs, hash browns, and toast. The cured chop was also mentioned as amazing, with a smoky and perfectly cooked flavor. These positive comments demonstrate that Trapper's Cafe excels in providing satisfying and tasty meals.
Another strength is the exceptional customer service and attentive waitstaff. Several customers expressed their admiration for the hard-working waitress who was running everywhere and taking care of the entire restaurant. This efficient and dedicated service enhances the dining experience and earns the waitstaff recognition. The recognition for the excellent customer service indicates that Trapper's Cafe goes above and beyond to cater to their patrons' needs.
Trapper's Cafe is also known for its calm and peaceful atmosphere. This aspect was mentioned briefly but underscores the importance of a relaxing ambiance that complements the dining experience. Many customers value a tranquil environment while enjoying their meals, and Trapper's Cafe appears to provide this ambiance.
On the other hand, Trapper's Cafe has a few weaknesses that need to be addressed. One recurring complaint is the quality of certain dishes. One customer mentioned that the biscuits and gravy were cold, and the gravy contained lumps of flour or cornstarch. Another customer found that the biscuits were inconsistent, with one being overly hard. These quality issues with specific dishes indicate a lack of consistency in food preparation, which can be disappointing for customers.
Additionally, a customer expressed that the gravy had too much sausage for their liking. While this may be subjective, it suggests that the seasoning and balance of ingredients in some dishes may not be suitable for all tastes. Striving for more balanced flavors could help improve the overall dining experience.
The most significant weakness mentioned in the comments is the comparison of Trapper's Cafe to fast food chains like Taco Bell or McDonald's. One customer stated that they could make everything served at Trapper's Cafe better and cheaper at home. This comment raises concerns about the pricing and value for money offered by Trapper's Cafe. To address this weakness, Trapper's Cafe should ensure that the quality, taste, and uniqueness of their dishes justify their prices and differentiate themselves from fast food options.
In conclusion, Trapper's Cafe has several strengths that contribute to its appeal. The quality and taste of the food, along with exceptional customer service, create a pleasant dining experience. The calm and peaceful atmosphere also set Trapper's Cafe apart. However, there are some weaknesses that need to be addressed. Inconsistent food quality and seasoning, as well as a perception of higher prices compared to fast food chains, are areas that could be improved upon. By addressing these weaknesses, Trapper's Cafe can continue to attract customers and thrive in the competitive restaurant industry.

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