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Quick Facts About Toes & Tips

Toes & Tips place has received a mix of positive and negative feedback from customers. In order to thoroughly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment, we will analyze these comments in detail.
Starting with the positive feedback, it is evident that the ladies running the place are incredibly friendly and nice. This is a strength for the business as it creates a welcoming and positive atmosphere for customers. Additionally, the professionalism and helpfulness of the staff, as described by one customer, is another strength. Providing good customer service is essential for any service-oriented business, and it seems that Toes & Tips place excels in this aspect.
Another strength mentioned in the comments is the skill of the owner in acrylic work. One customer expresses great admiration for their work and is excited to return for a fill. This implies that the salon has skilled technicians, which can be a strong selling point for customers looking for quality nail services.
However, the negative feedback reveals several weaknesses that Toes & Tips place should address. One recurring issue is the lack of attention to detail during nail procedures. Multiple customers complained about their nails not being properly finished, with bumps, dullness, and chipping occurring within days of the service. This indicates a need for improvement in the training and coaching of the technicians, especially in the dip/powder process.
In addition, there are complaints about the lack of professionalism and inconsistency in service. One customer experienced a mismatch between the online appointment and the actual availability, while another felt rushed during their service and did not receive the promised massage. These issues suggest a lack of organization and consistency in the salon's operations, which should be addressed to ensure a better customer experience.
Another weakness brought up by a customer is the closing time confusion. Despite the posted hours, the salon closed early without proper apology or clarification. This miscommunication wasted the customer's time and could potentially deter future customers from visiting if they encounter a similar situation. Improved communication and adherence to posted hours are necessary to avoid such incidents.
Price is also highlighted as a concern in some comments. One customer felt that the pedicure and manicure treatments did not meet their expectations for the amount they paid. It is essential for businesses to provide value for the price charged, and if customers perceive the service as lacking, it can be detrimental to the business.
Based on the feedback, it is crucial for Toes & Tips place to focus on the following areas for improvement: 1. Enhance training and coaching for technicians, particularly in the dip/powder process, to ensure a smoother and more durable finish. 2. Improve attention to detail during nail procedures to avoid issues such as bumps, dullness, and chipping. 3. Enhance communication and organizational skills to avoid appointment and closing time confusion. 4. Provide consistent and professional service, ensuring that promised treatments and massages are delivered. 5. Evaluate pricing to ensure that customers feel they are receiving value for their money.
Overall, while Toes & Tips place has strengths such as friendly staff and skillful technicians, there are areas that require improvement in order to provide consistently high-quality service to customers. By addressing these weaknesses and focusing on customer satisfaction, the salon can maximize its potential and attract more clients.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The ladies running this place are incredibly friendly and nice. I do think more training needs to be implemented though, on the dip/powder process. It took nearly 4 hours for my nails to be done and while overall they looked great, you could see bumps on the nail and instead of having a smooth gloss finish, they were dull and almost had a sticky look to them. Within 2 days. I had one nail chipped. By day 3, I had a second nail chipped. ????I’m not sanding down wood, just doing the dishes. I tried to call and see about what can be done but wasn’t able to reach anyone. I think this place has potential. If they’re able to do coaching/training where it is needed. I spent $60 on this..... ????
Passion was very professional and helpful! It was my first time getting gel nails and she really helped me figure out what I wanted. She did an amazing job!! It was also pleasantly quiet and relaxing.
Hours online were posted until 6:30. I walked in at 5:50 and saw no customers. I verified with the employee that they closed at 6:30. She said yes. When I asked if she had time for a basic pedicure she said no, they were closing. I clarified again their closing time was 6:30. She said yes, but they were closing early. No apology for wasting my time. If you want to go there, you better call ahead and make sure they aren't closing early.
I made an appointment online two weeks in advance and confirmed via email and they did not have my appointment when I arrived. The manicure was a simple file and polish, no soak really because they were rushing and then absolutely no massage and I was still charged the full $20. Pedicure was $30, slow and had to wait for the provider to take a lunch break while my feet soaked. Terrible and lacking foot massage. New ownership is not the same. Will not return and do not recommend.
I went in here to get my nails polished after getting acrylics in from a different salon (smh). The professionalism in T&T is top notch. The girls were very friendly and welcoming. Even when there was a nail polish bottle busted accidentally they wet very positive and apologetic. I saw the acrylic work of the owner and whew Chile! FIRE!!???? I cannot wait to need a fill so I can book and go see her. Leilani was the one that polished my nails today. She was the sweetest. And her lash work Def made me want to save up to get mine done!. If I could give more stars I would. This was a very good experience. Thank you ladies for being customer friendly. ????
My husband paid $40 for me to get a pedicure for my birthday, but it was money wasted. My feet are super rough all around the edge of my heels and sides of feet, the polish wiped right, off and the "massage" consisted of a light touch on the bridge of my foot while the girl seemed distracted by what was going on outside. He feels more bad about it than I do because he was trying to surprise me and do something sweet for me. So disappointed.
Came in for a gel French tip on my nails and toes. The girl that did my nails was very nice but didn't tell me that she had never done a French tip manicure pedicure before until afterwards. The white line on my nails are jagged and not smooth and there is cotton ball particles stuck in my nail gel. I would like to know how I can go about getting my $92 refund. I would have asked while I was there but I was running late for an important appointment.
AMAZING!!! Our nails turn out perfect every time. The staff is so nice and is very accommodating. I highly recommend them to everyone! After all, we drive almost an hour just to get our nails done.

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