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Hard to understand the staff, but that was sort of expected. They rushed us through because we came in about an hour before closing. Maybe earlier during the day would have deemed a better review but that's what we got.
Came back 3 years later... Have been having a hard time, feeling low, wanted a pick me up. This was so disappointing - my nails look terrible. I will just fix them myself when I get home. I should have left well enough alone given my first experience was lacking.
I do not recommend this place. I wasted my money. I got a pedicure. The polish is bumpy, my toe nails were cut crooked and some of my toes still have some polish from my last pedicure. I didn’t see it until I got home. Boo
Got a wax and she did a great job!
Walked in and was immediately seated for service. Nails and toes done efficiently. Very pleased when I walked out. Great job!
Terrible service the lady that did my toes didn’t even glue them right and kept sighing the whole time could’ve spent my time and money somewhere else the next day.
I was a regular customer until today. I took my daughter who is 12 and my niece who is 15. they have super short nails. The man who I think is the owner charged me $22.00 each for a manicure, so $44.00 total for 2 manicure with gel polish. I would never go there again.
Was there today and very pleased. Cut my toenails very short before I went and one was in the quick so I was worried it would hurt. The young girl there did EXCELLENT & didn’t make me quench once! She gets 5 stars.
Definitely not up to date on there equipment, plus if your nails aren't done drying they will still try to get you out of there without fixing it. Example. My nails were not drying and I reached for my debit card and 2 of my nails got a little messed up. I said dang 2 of nails were not dry can you fix them real quick. The lady responded and I kid you not, "no one can see it". I am paying you plus tipping you for a good job and that's what I expect. I'm usually not one to complain because I know it gets hectic and what not but seriously that response done it for me.

Quick Facts About Today Nails

Today Nails place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. In order to understand these better, let's analyze the comments individually and draw conclusions from them.
The first comment mentions that the staff was hard to understand, but this was expected due to the rushed service received close to closing time. This suggests that the staff may have difficulties with communication, particularly when under pressure. However, it is important to acknowledge that the timing of the visit may have influenced the experience, and going earlier during the day might have resulted in a better review.
The second comment explains that the individual visited the salon after three years, seeking a pick-me-up, but was disappointed with the outcome as their nails looked terrible. This indicates that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of services provided by Today Nails place. It also suggests that the individual may have had higher expectations based on a previous experience, which suggests a lack of consistency.
The third comment strongly recommends against visiting the salon, as the individual had a negative experience with their pedicure. The nails were cut crooked, the polish was bumpy, and remnants of old polish were left. This highlights significant weaknesses in the quality of the services provided. The individual also expresses disappointment in wasting their money.
On the other hand, the fourth comment provides a positive review, stating that the individual received great service during a waxing treatment. This shows that there are instances where the staff performs well and meets customer expectations. It is important to note that this comment only relates to one specific service, which indicates inconsistencies within the overall performance of the salon.
The fifth comment shares a positive experience where the individual was immediately seated and efficiently served for both nails and toes. This positive feedback is crucial, suggesting that the salon can provide excellent service when everything goes according to plan. However, it is worth considering whether this positive experience is an exception rather than the norm.
The sixth comment describes a very negative experience with the service. The customer felt that the staff member did not properly glue the nails and sighed throughout the process. This highlights issues with the quality of the service and the attitude of the staff member. The customer further comments that they could have spent their time and money elsewhere, indicating a lack of value for the service received.
The seventh comment shares a positive experience where the customer was pleased with the service provided by a young girl who performed a manicure. This suggests that there are staff members who do an excellent job, which is a strength of Today Nails place. However, it is important to acknowledge that this positive experience is based on a specific staff member and may not reflect the overall performance of the salon.
The final comment highlights a weakness in the salon's equipment and service. The commenter states that the salon is not up to date on their equipment and that the staff did not accommodate their request to fix freshly painted nails. The response from the staff member suggests a lack of concern for the customer's satisfaction, potentially indicating poor customer service skills.
In summary, Today Nails place has strengths in terms of providing good services in certain cases and having staff members capable of delivering excellent results. However, the salon also has several weaknesses, including inconsistencies in service quality, potential challenges with communication, issues with the overall service experience, and a lack of concern for customer satisfaction. Overall, these weaknesses may outweigh the strengths, making it a risky choice for potential customers.

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