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Tips to Toes Nail Salon

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4034 Jandy Blvd, Nazareth, PA 18064 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Tips to Toes Nail Salon

Tips to Toes Nail Salon has received mostly positive comments from customers, highlighting several strengths that the salon possesses. These strengths include the skill and professionalism of the nail technicians, the cleanliness of the salon, the fast service, and the friendly and welcoming staff. Additionally, customers appreciate the ability to walk in without an appointment and the availability of various services such as gel manicures, pedicures, and eyebrow waxing.
One common theme in the positive comments is the quality of the nail technicians. Customers have praised specific technicians, such as Chloe and Jimmy, for their excellent work, attention to detail, and ability to fulfill customer requests. These positive experiences contribute to customer satisfaction and create a loyal customer base. The salon can leverage the skills and expertise of these technicians to attract and retain customers.
The cleanliness of the salon is another strength that is repeatedly mentioned. Customers appreciate the hygienic environment and the efforts made to maintain cleanliness. This is an important factor in ensuring customer satisfaction and promoting a positive image of the salon. The salon management should continue to prioritize cleanliness and implement strict sanitation practices to ensure customer safety and satisfaction.
Fast service is another strength mentioned by customers. Many customers were pleased with the prompt attention they received upon arrival and the speed at which their services were completed. Fast service is essential in a busy salon environment as it allows for more customers to be served, resulting in increased revenue. The salon should continue to prioritize efficiency and train its staff to provide fast and high-quality service.
The friendly and welcoming staff is also mentioned as a strength of Tips to Toes Nail Salon. Customers appreciate the warm and accommodating attitudes of the staff members. This positive customer service experience contributes to customer satisfaction and encourages customer loyalty. The salon should continue to prioritize customer service training and ensure that all staff members are trained to be friendly, welcoming, and attentive to customer needs.
In terms of weaknesses, there are a few negative comments that the salon should take into consideration. One customer mentioned difficulty in getting an appointment, as their messages were not returned. Prompt and effective communication is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction and should be prioritized by the salon management. The salon should establish clear protocols for handling appointment requests and ensure that all messages are returned in a timely manner.
Another customer mentioned that their gel manicure chipped after only one day. This raises concerns about the durability and quality of the salon's services. The salon should evaluate their techniques and products to ensure that they are providing long-lasting and high-quality services to their customers.
One customer had a negative experience with a missed appointment. They had made an appointment in advance but arrived to find that there was no record of it. This indicates a breakdown in communication and organization within the salon. The salon should improve their appointment booking system to ensure that all appointments are properly recorded and that customers' time is respected.
In conclusion, Tips to Toes Nail Salon has several strengths, including skilled and professional technicians, a clean environment, fast service, and friendly staff. These strengths contribute to positive customer experiences and can help attract and retain customers. However, there are also a few weaknesses that the salon should address, such as communication issues regarding appointments and concerns about the durability of their services. By addressing these weaknesses and further leveraging their strengths, Tips to Toes Nail Salon can continue to provide exceptional service and maintain a satisfied customer base.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Went in for a walk-in gel manicure today. Haven’t been to this salon in years, was so pleasantly surprised! I had Chloe and she was FANTASTIC, super sweet, did exactly what I wanted and listened to my wishes. Definitely would go back to her again! Walked in and was told to look through the colors and then was brought to a station almost immediately! They were great.
I went yesterday for my birthday today! They did an amazing job! I went to a different nail place previously and burnt me and were rough. This nail place was amazing!! Gentle and didn’t burn me. I forget who did it, but best experience so far! Definitely going back!
Clean, fast and staff very nice. Fee not bad for designs and gems full set took only 1 hr.
My granddaughter wants to get her manicure up dated, but I have called two days left a message fron an appointment. No one has gotten back to me. Wondering if they are still in buisness. Good business practice to call people back when they leave a message.
Awful don’t waste your money !!! Gel manicure and pedicure. Manicure lasted 1 day already chipping !
Called 2 weeks prior and made an appointment for 9 am. I repeated the date and time and the women on the phone said yes. I arrive 10 min early the salon was not opened. No big deal. They finally opened the salon at 9:06 am. When I went up to the counter and gave my name and phone number they did not have a record of my appointment. They told that they were sorry. But, they could not get me in until 9:45 to 10AM. I told them that was not acceptable and left. I could understand if I was a walk in. But, I made an appointment. I will not be going back.
Today is my second time coming here. My co-worker introduced me to this place a couple months ago, and I instantly fell in love. I've never had my nails done professionally beforehand, so this was an incredible first experience. Lin is very patient with me and makes my ideas a reality. I doubt I'd wanna go to any other salon to get my nails done, despite living in Allentown.
I went here for the first time after my normal nail salon closed. Omg have I been missing out! Jimmy did my nails and the shape has NEVER looked better! They look so natural! He was great to talk to and cares about his work. I also had my eyebrows waxed and even the lady that did them was amazing. She did a great forehead massage with lotion after. It just really felt like they put in that extra mile instead of just the status quo. The pricing is about the same as any other salon. I'll def go back!!!
Friendly staff, like that I can walk in. Always does a great job. Also found out the business has been sold and us under new ownership for the past 6-7 months which explains why I never see the previous owner in the salon. The Hot Stone massage is back also!!!!! Previous owner stopped offering this and only offered it with Spa Pedicure, not just regular pedicures. Prices increased a very small amount, nothing drastic. I love the remodeling of the salon. Only thing I wished they would consider is ever client should have a new bowl liner for sanitation purposes. I don't see those liners being removed and replaced.

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