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Quick Facts About Timberlake Herb Store

Timberlake Herb Store has a number of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One strength highlighted in the comments is the store's ability to accurately diagnose and provide natural remedies for various health conditions. One customer was surprised by the store's ability to identify their anxiety and depression, and they were grateful for the natural medicine provided. This demonstrates the store's knowledge and expertise in herbal remedies. Additionally, another customer mentioned that the owner was knowledgeable about their husband's high blood pressure and hoped to transition from prescription medications to self-care with the help of the store.
Another strength mentioned is the friendly and helpful staff. Multiple customers describe the people at the store as lovely and knowledgeable. One customer even mentioned traveling 40 minutes each way to visit the store because of their positive experiences. This indicates that the staff is able to provide excellent customer service and a welcoming atmosphere.
The store's range of products and services is also seen as a strength. Customers appreciate the variety of bulk herbs, herbal medicines, essential oils, and local honey available at the store. Additionally, the store offers a range of services beyond just selling products, such as consultations and healing advice. This diverse offering provides customers with different options to support their health and wellness goals.
One potential weakness highlighted in a comment is the owner's bluntness. While some customers appreciate the owner's straightforwardness, others feel that it comes across as rude. This could potentially create a negative experience for customers who prefer more tactful communication. Additionally, one comment mentions that the owner can be verbally abusive and occasionally physically aggressive towards employees. This type of behavior is concerning and can negatively impact the store's reputation and work environment.
Another weakness mentioned in a comment is the high prices of the products. One customer compared the prices to those found online and found them to be more expensive. This could deter price-conscious customers from making purchases at the store and potentially lead them to seek out alternative options.
There seems to be a divide in opinions regarding the owner's communication style. Some customers appreciate her honesty and straightforwardness, while others feel dismissed and unheard. This indicates a potential weakness in the store's ability to effectively communicate and cater to different customer needs.
In conclusion, Timberlake Herb Store has strengths in accurately diagnosing health conditions, providing natural remedies, offering a wide range of products and services, and having friendly and knowledgeable staff. However, potential weaknesses include the owner's bluntness and potential abusive behavior, high prices compared to online alternatives, and a communication style that may not suit the preferences of all customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

When I got to that place, she checked me and told me that I had anxiety and depression, among other things. I was really surprised because I was actually having those problems. How did she know? Wow so she gave me some natural medicine thank you.
Husband is very interested in purchasing his herbs here. The woman was very knowledgeable about his high blood pressure. Soon he hopes to stop taking prescriptions and begin a self care journey. Thank you to this place for being open.
Lovely place, lovely people! Great place to get bulk herbs, herbal medicines, essential oils, and local honey! So many great services offered. Also, for those who seem to think the owner is rude. She is simply blunt and is not afraid to tell you things you haven't been able to see yet. If you are able to put your pride aside, she can help you. I am still shocked at how much this place has impacted my life and health in a good way.
I am Africa American, I have been to this place for a few times over the years. It is always a great experience. The owner and staff very knowledgeable and helpful. I actually travel from Raleigh with is a good 40 minute drive each way. The store is well worth the drive. The owner is respectful and is honest in when communicating. If you can't handle hearing the TRUTH, then this is not the place for you.
I worked there until TODAY when I walked out due to the verbally abusive owner. She also wouldn’t hesitate to put her hands on the employees from time to time, in an effort to hurry them along. It’s sad that God gave THIS women the power to see and to heal. She has zero compassion and has no idea how to live and work from a place of Love. She claims to be a “teacher”. What she is is a dictator. The employees are amazing! Beautiful souls who I feel sorry for having to deal with Margie.
I love Margie she helps you with restoring your body to good health. I thank my Father in heaven for tis place. I've been taking herbs for over 20 years. This place is God anointed. She is not a rude person she simply cares about the health of people
I love it there. I recently got sick with a virus and my mom got some chlorophyll and probiotics, it eased my nausea and I was up and fine the next day. They really know how to heal people asap. I love Ms. Margie! She is an amazing lady and always helps people :)
Interesting place to say the least. Prices are high you can find cheaper on line. I did the appt with the older lady there she did not listen to my areas of help wanted she dismissed everything I ask and focused on the fast that you need to have bowel movement 2 to 3 times a day. Did not want to hear facts of western medicine results wanted to say I am diabetic with a1c of 4.5. I dont have a take on it other than my questions were never addresses she knew I was in medical field so she dismissed me fast did not want her knowledge challenged I dont have a real take on it but it was busy.

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