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Themis Fish and Chips

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505 Battersea Park Rd, London SW11 3BW United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Themis Fish and Chips

Themis Fish and Chips has several strengths that make it a popular choice among customers. Firstly, many customers praise the chicken kebab, often describing it as the best in the area. The meat is said to be juicy and flavorful, which contributes to a satisfying dining experience. Additionally, customers appreciate the generous portion sizes and reasonable prices. This combination of ample food at an affordable price point is likely to attract repeat customers.
Another strength of Themis Fish and Chips is its friendly and quick service. Customers mention that the staff is always friendly, creating a welcoming atmosphere in the establishment. Additionally, the service is described as quick, indicating that customers do not have to wait long for their food.
The fish and chips are often highlighted as a standout feature of the restaurant. Customers comment on the freshness of the fish, with some noting that it is crispy on the outside and delicious. The chips are also mentioned as being consistently tasty, freshly fried, and hot. This attention to fresh ingredients adds value to the dining experience, as customers feel they are receiving high-quality food.
In terms of weaknesses, one customer mentions being charged separately for the fish and chips. This customer states that the pricing is not right and felt laughed at by the staff when expressing their concerns. This incident may indicate a lack of transparency in pricing or in customer service. While the portion size and taste were praised, the negative interaction left a negative impression on the customer.
Another potential weakness is the lack of ambiance or entertainment mentioned by a customer who watched a humorous YouTube video in the restaurant. While this may not be a significant concern for some, it suggests that the atmosphere of the establishment may not be particularly engaging or enjoyable. This could potentially impact the overall dining experience for certain customers.
In conclusion, Themis Fish and Chips has multiple strengths that contribute to its positive reputation among customers. The chicken kebab is particularly praised, as it is described as juicy and flavorful. The generous portion sizes and reasonable prices are additional strengths that attract customers. The friendly and quick service further enhances the dining experience. Freshness is a standout feature, with fresh fish and chips being consistently delivered. However, there are potential weaknesses to consider, such as separate pricing and a lack of ambiance. Addressing these weaknesses could help improve the overall customer experience at Themis Fish and Chips. Overall, the positive reviews outweigh the negatives, making Themis Fish and Chips a recommended choice for those seeking quality fish and chips and friendly service in Battersea.

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Best chicken kebab in the area! I am a regular here and always get the chiken kebab. Meat is juicy and flavourful, portions are large and prices very reasonable. Staff is always friendly and service is quick.
Best fish and chips in this area of Battersea sw11, maybe broader. R and M are super cordial and generous without ever getting too comfortable with regulars. I get my heavy protein fix right here.
Edit: fish are always fresh. Potatoes are also fresh. As in just out of the cooker fresh.
This is my first time here, the staff are friendly and the food is delicious
The place to visit for really fresh food. Chips are always tasty, freshly fried and hot. I have never been disappointed. The fish is fresh, crispy on the outside and Mmmmmm just....delicious!! Well worth a visit. Try it, you won't be disappointed.
Haven't eaten in this establishment yet but have just watched a really funny video on YouTube. Am interested to know if guy behind the counter is an actor or if he works there.
YouTube video called:- " cockney chippy " and was posted by ba55bar. Have fun watching it.
Best fish n chips in town!
They are charging you 7.70 for the fish and separate pricing for the chips 2.30 small and 3.30 large chips... Not going back ever again. I told the guy this is not right and he is laughing in my face... I must admit the portion was big and tasty...
Nice fish and chips . Kebabs as well. Worth a visit for good food

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