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The White Hart Tongham

+44 20 3874 0499
76 The St, Tongham, Farnham GU10 1DH United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 02:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Service options
  • Outdoor seating
  • Delivery
  • Dine-in
Health and safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Bar games
  • Fast service
  • Live music
  • Quiz night
  • Sport
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Alcohol
  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Casual
  • Cosy
  • Groups
  • Accepts reservations

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Well kept beer and homemade Thai food alongside pub classics.
But the whole place needs a refit as it is looking very tired inside. This means it's normally quite quiet. Find for an after work drink. Not for an evening date.
Such a lovely pub. We recieved a really warm welcome, drinks were reasonably priced, the staff/owners were really friendly and the food was delicious ????
Inside could do with a refurb but the food was amazing and the staff were lovely. Highly recommend the duck pancakes. Can't wait to come back and try more dishes.
My husband and I visited this pub as we were staying at a nearby hotel. The taxi driver told us not to bother but that didn't deter us.
The pub was completely empty and we felt a little worried however we were given the warmest welcome from the landlord and his lovely wife.
We ordered duck pancakes and we could tell they were being cooked from fresh as we had a small wait. The food was amazing probably the best duck pancakes we have had. The mains gammon for me and pie for my husband were beautifully cooked and the pudding was lovely. I didn't share ????
We spoke to the landlord who said they had only taken over a year ago and were trying to change the pubs reputation. Yes it was very quite but the welcome and food made it worth a visit.
Was keen to try out the local pub when my partner and I went to visit the area and were staying in a nearby hotel. We appreciated that the pub was quiet and recently owed. The food was good, however my partner and I did not feel welcomed. Myself I said hello to people sitting in the bar and was meet by silence, you could literally hear a pin drop. I didn't let that deter my partner and I as we sat and eat. We didn't however stay a minute longer once we finished our food as we felt that we weren't welcome. Will definitely not be returning. Real shame as we do like to support local businesses over mainstream businesses.
Popped into the White Hart on a lovely Sundays afternoon. The pub was quiet however the land lord was very friendly and polite. I ordered some food to be eaten outside in the beer garden. I was not disapointed, the Salt and Pepper Squid was amazing, as was the Prawn Ravioli. I would definatley recommend this place you wont be disapointed at all.
Not sure of how I feel… i am visiting the area and I read all the reviews before going.
What I liked: The food was good and actually really impressed. The menu is basic but they are all very very fresh! The food was served piping hot and the burger was worth it.
Why three stars: the site was rather quiet on Sunday afternoon and the wait for the food was a bit long (over 20 mins - but quality compensated for that). I am though, not sure if I would return as I feel ignored and when my partner greeted everyone, we got silence..
A great local pub, with a 'proper' bar and separate dining area.
Really nice food, all cooked from scratch. Decent choice of meals, beers and soft drinks.

Quick Facts About The White Hart Tongham

1. Well kept beer: The comments mention that the beer at The White Hart Tongham is well maintained. This is a strength as it indicates that customers can expect a good selection of well-preserved beers, which can enhance their overall dining experience.
2. Homemade Thai food alongside pub classics: The pub offers both homemade Thai dishes and traditional pub classics. This is a strength as it allows customers to have a diverse range of options and cater to different tastes. It suggests that the pub is adaptable and can cater to a wide variety of customers.
3. Warm welcome and friendly staff/owners: Multiple comments mention the warm welcome received from the staff/owners of the pub. This is a strength as it creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere for customers. Friendly and attentive staff can enhance the overall dining experience and make customers feel valued.
4. Delicious food: Customers consistently praise the food at The White Hart. This is a significant strength as good quality food can greatly impact customer satisfaction and encourage repeat visits. Positive comments specifically highlight the deliciousness of the duck pancakes, further signaling the pub's culinary prowess.
1. Needs a refurbishment: The comments indicate that the interior of The White Hart is in need of refurbishment and appears tired. This is a weakness as it may deter potential customers who value the aesthetics of a venue. The tired interior may also contribute to the pub being quiet, as mentioned in one of the comments.
2. Quieter atmosphere: Several comments mentioned that the pub tends to be quiet, with one comment even suggesting it is not suitable for an evening date. While some customers may appreciate the quieter atmosphere, it can also be seen as a weakness as it may not cater to those seeking a livelier atmosphere or looking for a bustling social experience.
3. Mixed experiences with the staff's friendliness: While most comments mention a warm welcome and friendly staff, there are a few comments that describe feeling unwelcome or ignored. This inconsistency in the customer service experience is a weakness as it may indicate that the staff's friendliness or attentiveness is not consistently provided to all customers.
4. Longer wait times: One comment mentions that the wait time for food was over 20 minutes. While the quality of the food compensated for the wait, this can still be seen as a weakness as longer wait times can be frustrating for customers, especially if they are hungry or have time constraints.
In conclusion, The White Hart Tongham has several strengths, including well-kept beer, a diverse menu of homemade Thai food and pub classics, and a warm welcome from friendly staff. However, there are also weaknesses, such as the need for a refurbishment, a quieter atmosphere that may not appeal to everyone, mixed experiences with staff friendliness, and longer wait times for food. By addressing these weaknesses, such as refurbishing the interior and ensuring consistent and welcoming customer service, The White Hart Tongham can further enhance its strengths and attract a broader range of customers.

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