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The Village Chippy

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104 Haughton Green Rd, Denton, Manchester M34 7GQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About The Village Chippy

The Village Chippy has received overwhelmingly positive comments from customers, highlighting various strengths of the establishment. These strengths can be summarized as follows:
1. Delicious Food: Many customers have praised the food at The Village Chippy, specifically mentioning the chicken curry, fish and chips, and curry sauce as being particularly delicious. The comment "yummy highly recommended" indicates that the food is of high quality and enjoyable to eat.
2. Friendly and Brilliant Owner/Staff: The owner of the chippy is described as brilliant, down to earth, and friendly. These comments suggest that the staff are welcoming and create a positive atmosphere for customers. Additionally, the comment "great chat with the owner" implies that they engage in friendly conversation, further enhancing the customer experience.
3. Good Value for Money: Customers have consistently mentioned that The Village Chippy offers good value for money. This is reflected in comments such as "absolutely value for money" and "good choice good prices." The fact that people are willing to return to the chippy suggests that they feel they are getting their money's worth.
4. Quick Service: The chippy is commended for providing quick service to customers. As one customer states, there is no need to worry about waiting, implying that the staff work efficiently to ensure quick and timely orders.
5. Clean and Well-Maintained: The cleanliness of The Village Chippy is frequently mentioned in the comments. Customers appreciate that the shop is spotlessly clean, which enhances their overall experience and suggests high standards of hygiene.
6. Unique Menu Items: The chippy offers a wide range of items on its menu, including rag pudding. This distinguishes it from other fish and chip shops in the area, making it a "hidden gem" that provides customers with unique food options.
7. Acceptance of Chip and Pin: The Village Chippy has taken steps to modernize its payment options by accepting chip and pin for orders over £5. This is a convenience for customers and shows that the establishment is adapting to changing payment methods.
While the comments are overwhelmingly positive, it is important to consider potential weaknesses or areas for improvement for The Village Chippy. Based on the comments provided, there are a few potential weaknesses worth noting:
1. Limited Parking: Although the chippy has parking available outside, it is mentioned that it is only a single yellow line. This could pose a challenge for customers who are unable to find parking nearby, potentially affecting accessibility to the chippy.
2. Lack of Specificity Regarding Food Items: While customers generally commend the food at The Village Chippy, the comments do not provide detailed information about the variety or quality of specific menu items, apart from the mentioned chicken curry, fish and chips, and curry sauce. More diverse feedback about the menu would provide a better understanding of the overall quality and range of the food offered.
3. Customer Volume: One comment mentions the "enforced 1 customer at a time rule," which suggests that the chippy may have limited space and can only accommodate one customer at a time. This could potentially cause longer waiting times during busy periods.
In conclusion, The Village Chippy has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These strengths include delicious food, friendly staff, good value for money, quick service, cleanliness, unique menu options, and acceptance of chip and pin. However, it is important to address potential weaknesses such as limited parking, lack of specificity regarding food items, and potential constraints on customer volume. By addressing these areas for improvement, The Village Chippy can further enhance its customer experience and solidify its position as a top fish and chip shop in the Denton area.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Chicken curry half rice half chips lovely ???? Ordered with the lady and went back she had it all ready for me yummy highly recommended ????
Fantastic place and really nice food. The owner is brilliant and friendly. Well worth a visit. I go, whenever I'm down that way.
This is probably one of the best fish and chip shops in Denton if not Tameside! Absolutely value for money with service by lovely and friendly staff. There is parking outside although it's a single yellow line, but service is quick so no need to worry about waiting. Full chip shop menu including rag pudding. Most products cooked Infront of you. One of those ' hidden gem' of a plaice!!
** Now accepting chip and pin for orders over £5 **
Nice to go inside a proper English chippy .
Tastes like chops and the smell of chips will a tract you.
Very down to earth staff. And great for a dinner. RECOMMEND A MEAL FROM HERE ....YUMMMMIEEEE
Fresh fish and chips cooked to order and a great chat with the owner..
Just order fish chips n curry sauce. Very nice indeed. Slice of lemon and tartare sauce as well. Nice touch
Love this place. Staff very friendly. Good choice good prices ok. Clean and enforced 1customer at a time rule
The best fish n chippy in the area by far.. nice and friendly staff and a spotlessly clean shop will definitely be making this chippy a regular..keep up the great work lady's x

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