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2444 S Volusia Ave, Orange City, FL 32763 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About The Shop

The Shop has several strengths based on the comments provided. One strength is the emphasis on customer service. The owner, Jaime, has instilled a culture of unparalleled customer service among all of his barbers. Customers appreciate the friendly and welcoming atmosphere when they walk into the shop. The barbers greet every customer and ensure that each client is completely satisfied before leaving. This attention to customer satisfaction creates a positive experience for customers and encourages them to return.
Another strength of The Shop is the skill and talent of the barbers. Customers have praised the barbers for their ability to provide high-quality haircuts and shaves. They appreciate the attention to detail and thoroughness of the barbers, such as taking extra time to clean up the neck and ears. Customers also appreciate that the barbers can handle different types of haircuts, from traditional cuts to more creative styles like a silhouette of Spiderman. This versatility shows the proficiency and talent of the barbers.
The cleanliness of the establishment is another strength of The Shop. Customers have noticed and praised the clean work areas and well-groomed technicians. The barbers take the time to keep their workstations clean and maintain a professional environment. This attention to cleanliness creates a positive impression on customers and contributes to the overall professionalism of the shop.
The atmosphere of The Shop is also highlighted as a strength. Customers appreciate the relaxed and family-friendly atmosphere of the shop. Unlike other shops where music is blaring and the air is filled with the smell of cigarettes, The Shop maintains a more professional and pleasant atmosphere. The owner, Jaime, plays great music and has a nice waiting area, contributing to a comfortable and enjoyable experience for customers.
Location and convenience are additional strengths of The Shop. It is located in a great location with ample parking. This makes it easy for customers to access the shop and provides convenience for those in the area. Customers also appreciate that The Shop is friendly to families, as they bring their boys to get haircuts as well. The fact that they cater to both adults and children shows their versatility and ability to serve a wide range of clients.
While The Shop has received mostly positive comments, there are a few weaknesses mentioned. One customer mentioned that making an appointment is not a guarantee to start at a precise time. Sometimes the barber may take a couple of minutes early and sometimes they finish up with a previous client. This lack of punctuality could be a weakness for those who value timeliness and precision in their appointments.
Another weakness mentioned is the dissatisfaction with the haircut received. One customer mentioned that the barber took two hours to do a normal haircut and the final result was unsatisfactory. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of haircuts provided by different barbers at The Shop. In order to maintain and improve customer satisfaction, it may be important for The Shop to address and rectify any issues related to haircut quality and timeliness.
In conclusion, The Shop has several strengths including a focus on customer service, talented barbers, cleanliness, a pleasant atmosphere, and a convenient location. These strengths contribute to the overall positive experience that customers have at The Shop. However, there are a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments, such as inconsistencies in appointment punctuality and variation in haircut quality. Addressing these weaknesses can further enhance the reputation and success of The Shop.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I can't believe it has been almost five years that the Shop has been open! I followed Jaime from his previous location when he started his own business, The Shop. My Dad had his own parts store years ago and there are so many valuable lessons to be learned when you are responsible for a business; dealing with workers, customers, and the community around you. I am so proud of how awesome The Shop has turned out to be. I know that Jaime does his best to instill unparalleled customer service in all his barbers. I also know that making an appointment is not a guarantee to start at a precise time; sometimes he can take me a couple minutes early and sometimes he's finishing up with a previous client. Patience, people! This is an art, not science. Not to mention, I get a great haircut from him! Keep up the terrific work, my Brother!
So my barber recently retired and I couldn’t get to another barber I used because of scheduling so I decided to hit up a random shop. Now everyone knows when you go to a new shop you are taking a risk cause some dudes legit don’t know how to do a fade. HOWEVER I was blown away by the service from Jaime and his crew. Charlie ended up giving me my cut and he was awesome and funny. I’d like to say the thing I truly enjoyed about this shop was the atmosphere. This is a place that’s family friendly, relaxed atmosphere, and professional. I’ve been around different shops where music is blaring, you can smell cigarettes from barbers, and unclean work area. Jaime and his crew however are clean, high quality Barbers who understand how the game works. While I’m not always in this area I may consider driving here more often than not to get my cut as they did such a good job and I truly enjoyed being there. If you are looking for a new place to get a hair cut THE SHOP should be top of you’re list.
THE SHOP is my go to for regular Haircuts and shave. I also bring my boys there. The owner is extremely friendly and welcoming when you walk in the door. He plays great music and has a nice waiting area. The Barbers behind him are incredibly talented. RJ takes care of my boys. One gets a cut, with RJ taking extra time and skill to cut a silhouette of Spiderman that looks amazing. The other little one has long hair and RJ pulls out the scissors and goes to work. I mention this because not many Barbers can do both. For me, my Man Tejada in the back is the most thorough Barber I've ever been to. He takes the extra time to clean up my neck and ears. And doesn't miss anything. This establishment is clean and they in my opinion are the best around.
Irvin is amazing inside and out. He let my nephew cut his hair obviously pretending but he definitely went above and beyond. Been going to him for years.
My grandsons just had their 1st experience with a new barbershop in Orange City called #TheShop✂ I have to say, I am pleased with the whole experience. They greet EVERY customer as they enter The Shop and make sure each client and/or parent is completely satisfied before leaving. The conversation is good and Randy makes it a point in getting to know each of his clients. From four-year-old little boys who are known to be terrified of haircuts, to grown adults who are not really sure of what they want, they are taken care of with compassion, comedy, and precision. Some, like my family, were first-timers, while some were return customers from previous shop experiences. The shop was clean, the technicians were well groomed and all of the barbers were efficient in their profession, and catered to their client. The Shop is in a great location and has ample parking. If you are ever in the area and hang around #TheShopSouthVolusiaAveOrangeCityFlorida long enough you're bound to get a cut, and you won't be disappointed!
#Randy & #JuanVelez (aka Jonny)great job!!
They don’t know how to cut hair he took 2 hours just to do a normal hair cut low faid 40 dolars for Nathing bad barber shop look at my hair like that not even right
Kevin was my barber and he is the best!!! Not only does he do an amazing job but the professionalism he has and his work ethic make him number one in my book. The atmosphere at the barbershop is relaxed and decor makes you feel welcome. Oh and my man’s stayed late to do my haircut too. Props to him for that. Keep up the great work. Kevin is definitely my barber from now on.
Great shop, ask for Jackie. He’s the man! Best cut I’ve ever received.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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