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"The Shahi Nan Kabab", Original Since 1969

+44 20 8574 0560
88 High St, Southall UB1 3DB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 02:00 AM - 11:30 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Only customer at lunch. Tried the house specialty and they were kind enough to let me try the excellent shawarma/döner. Really good chilli sauce. VERY inexpensive at <£6. Bathroom a bit dodgy but at least there is a dining area to enjoy your meal.

Ordered the mixed mutton kebab roll. Chilli sauce was excellent and so was the meat. All in all very flavourful. Ate at Shahi Naan Kebab immediately after and both the meat and sauce seem superior at this location. Staff were very friendly and helpful. Portion did seem small given the prices though.

I am extremely disappointed to write this. This is the one and only true shahi nan from the bridge which served amazing unbeatable kebabs for so many years of my life. No one could touch them but went twice recently on two different occasions and I'm just upset that my go to kebab place which I was happy to travel to from anywhere I was in London is no longer.

I'm not sure what has changed but it's no longer any good. I'm not sure if they changed the sauces or the quality of the meat has changed but it's no longer what it used to be. In regards to the seekh kebabs gristle comes to mind. I think I may have even noticed a difference in the colour of the meat used in the seekh kebabs. There is a chance I may be wrong on this one point but see for yourself.

To add insult to injury the price has also increased substantially.

Poor tasting food + big increase in prices = the end of what used to be something special.

As I've been loyal and loved this place for so many years I'm going to give it a 3rd and final try. If it's still bad then I will leave this review up. If it improves to what it used to be then I will delete my review of recent experience.

Hurts me to write this review but feel it's constructive feedback to aid improvement. Let's hope for a return of the institution that was The Original Shahi Nan Kebab which is now visibly lacking the care it deserves.

Been the same for years
Delish every time
Chillie source to die for ????????????????????

Been going to them since i was a child. Best food in the world, my family and I travel 120 miles (60 miles there and 60
miles back) pretty much every weekend as we love it! However, the big BUT - the kebabs are only getting smaller and pricier!! Also, they are too stingy with the sauces.

Imo The BEST chicken Donner and Kebabs in West London. Long Established, if you are in Southall you must try it! Delicious! Just a warning the chilli sauce is VERY hot so have some water close by if you cant handle the sauce ???? btw the 'original' shahi nan which used to be on the Bridge opposite Southall station is now oppposite Southall Police Station. The other branches are similar but I always go to the original one!

I went there today after hearing so much about it and reading the interesting history behind it. I brought a kebab roll and chicken doner. The kebab roll was disappointing as it was black and tasteless. The chicken doner however was amazing and the best I've ever tasted!

They need to make this place more family friendly as it's full of pervy men customers who keep staring at women.

This place would get a 5 star rating was it not for the arrogance of the staff who actually seem very disinterested in serving customers.

The food, from the Kebab and Chicken Donor is absolutely finger licking good, including the special sauce (chilli + garlic). They do not accept cards in the 21st century which is a let down and also don’t really have an effective queue system.

Manners do not cost anything and please/thank you goes a long way.


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