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The Ocean Fish Bar

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4A Lutterworth Rd, Aylestone, Leicester LE2 8PE United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About The Ocean Fish Bar

The Ocean Fish Bar has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the place, we will analyze each comment to understand the specific areas where they excel or fall short.
One customer complained about their steak & kidney pie and chips, stating that the pie was barely warm and the chips were mushy. This indicates a weakness in the quality of their food. The fact that the pie had to be microwaved suggests that it was not freshly made, leading to a disappointing dining experience. Additionally, the high price mentioned by another customer suggests that the value for money is not satisfactory, as customers expect better quality for the amount they paid.
Another negative aspect highlighted is the presence of bones in the fish. This can be seen as a serious flaw in their food preparation and quality control, as it poses a health hazard to customers. Such incidents might discourage customers from returning and contribute to a negative reputation for the place.
Furthermore, several comments mention long wait times and slow service. This is another significant weakness as it indicates a lack of efficiency and possibly understaffing. Customers expect reasonable wait times, and this poor service can lead to frustration and a negative impression of the place.
On the positive side, one customer mentioned that they loved the food and found it tasty and of good standard. This indicates a strength in the quality of their dishes and suggests that they are capable of delivering enjoyable food to their customers.
Another customer mentioned that the fish and chips were great value for money and that they received friendly customer service. This indicates strengths in both pricing and customer service. Many customers appreciate good value for their money, and friendly staff can enhance the overall dining experience.
One customer also praised the quality of their chips and pies, stating that they were excellent. This indicates a strength in their ability to prepare these specific items well.
Another positive comment mentions that they are one of the best kebab shops in Leicester, with friendly staff, high-quality meat, and a clean shop. This highlights their strength in the kebab section of their menu, as well as their cleanliness and friendly atmosphere.
In conclusion, The Ocean Fish Bar has strengths in the taste and quality of certain dishes, as well as their kebabs. They are also praised for providing friendly customer service and having a clean establishment. However, they have weaknesses in terms of food quality control, slow service, and high prices. It is essential for the establishment to address these weaknesses to improve customer satisfaction and attract repeat customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I bought a steak & kidney pie and chips. The lady asked the gent if the pies were ready to serve, I don't know what he said but she took out a pie and put it in the microwave. When I got home (less than 5minutes away ) the pie was barely warm and the chips were more like mashed potatoes as they were all broken up and mushy. Not happy at all ???????? waste of money and not cheap.
Absolutely rip off
So expensive
£8 for mini haddock????
£8 for kebab meat ????
What would usually cast me between £12-15.00 at my usual chippy has just cost me 23.50!!!
I got home and the fish had huge bones inside
Terrible experience
Will not be returning that’s for sure!!!
I must say that i really love these food because it's really tasty and very good standard. Because this is a first time I try it but I really enjoyed it
Lovely fish and chips great value for money. Very friendly member of staff at the counter served me and the other was talking to another customer so obviously got great customer service skills as well as cooking. As for those that waited ages I can only say maybe they were very busy with online orders or maybe they made a mistake with yours and started again. I personally would rather wait 30 minutes for great fish and chips but hey if you don’t want to wait I supposed you could always have uncooked cold fish and chips
The best quality chips ever! Pies excellent too!! However.. Fat Tony's kebabs beats these guys .. sorry ????...
Great service, unbelievably nice people and the food and portions were more than we could of hoped for, well done
One of the best kebab shop in Leicester, lovely friendly owner and staff, beautiful meat, lovely fresh salad, nice clean shop ????
Service is horrendously slow and it has been for some time. There is not enough staff. Waited 31 minutes in the shop for fish and chips last week, thought we'd give it another go last night and straight away the words "sorry for the wait" were being said. We waited 20 minutes and gave up. Got some food from down the road. Passing the shop on return we heard "sorry for the wait" still having to be said to customers. Won't be going back.

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