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The Nail Place

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2601 95th St unit B, Evergreen Park, IL 60805 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The services at The Nail Place was terrible. The person name doing my nail was Row.
I asked for short nails and he cut them uneven. I ask politely can you please fix them and he was acted like he did not want to help me. Then he tells me that my short nail's were $57.00. But what really made me upset was that my daughter was there getting her nails done at the same time and they charged her $52.00 for long nail. I asked the owner why I am being charged more for short nails and his response was “because I asked for round nails” really?. I still paid for the terrible service because I did not come for any freebies Non-sense. Furthermore, I had to go elsewhere to get them finished and fixed.
I love their customer service skills they are awesome! My personal nail technician is Rum. He’s been doing my nails for years now and I am impressed and pleased each and every time he touches my hands. MiMi & Hannah are the BEST. Kimberly A.K.A. and Kim is my pedicurist and she does a great job as well. I highly recommend this place to anyone who wants good quality work that is an eyecatcher…
The heavy set receptionist was very nice and professional. The owner was being rude to her. The bald guy did an excellent job on my nails. And my pedicure was good. If the skinny girl works he’s very nice to her I don’t understand why he’s so nonchalant and rude to the newer receptionist when she’s so calm and mature.
Customer service is everything to me!!! I love how they personalize my experience and make me feel like a valued customer ! This shop is my pampering cheers! They call me by my name throughout the experience! I get quality work and they even tailor make my experience by knowing exactly who I like to do my service! I’ve been going to Nail
Place for years now and do not plan to change that unless the experience changes! Otherwise I will always be a customer.
Hannah slayed my eyebrows and I absolutely LOVE the coffin shaped ombre nails that Sam did for me! I'll definitely be back with my daughter and for regular nail and eyebrow maintenance!
My free hand design was great. However, my nails are thicker than I prefer. The set up is odd that you have to pay for each service separately and in cash if you have an appointment but not for walk-ins. I am still getting over the sticker shock after moving from Atlanta and they can get pricey. I'll check out other places to compare. I got a gel fill-in w/2 designs and a regular pedicure with no chip polish.
I love the way they do my nails so much that I waited 2 hours to be serviced. The receptionist let me know there was a wait and gave me the option to leave and come back without losing my place. Next time I will make sure I have an appointment.
Great professional service and I truly appreciate the front desk clerk Meleah such a sweet heart ♥️ to make you feel comfortable

Quick Facts About The Nail Place

The Nail Place has received both positive and negative feedback from customers, highlighting various strengths and weaknesses of the salon.
One of the strengths mentioned by multiple customers is the excellent customer service provided by certain staff members. These employees, such as Rum, MiMi, Hannah, and Kimberly, are praised for their professionalism, skill, and ability to make customers feel valued and comfortable. They personalize the experience by getting to know their clients and remembering their preferences, which is highly appreciated. This personalized customer service contributes to a positive and enjoyable experience for many customers.
Another strength of The Nail Place is their skilled technicians. Some customers complimented the quality of their nail work, such as free hand designs, ombre nails, and eyebrow shaping. These customers were impressed with the results and expressed their intention to return for regular maintenance. This indicates that the salon employs talented and experienced technicians who are capable of delivering desired results to customers.
Additionally, the receptionist named Meleah is praised for her professionalism and for putting customers at ease. Customers appreciate her friendly and accommodating demeanor, which contributes to the overall positive experience at the salon. Having a kind and efficient front desk employee can significantly enhance the customer experience.
Although The Nail Place has some strengths, several weaknesses were also mentioned in the comments. One major issue is the inconsistent quality of service. One customer had a negative experience with their nail technician, Row, who cut their nails unevenly and was unhelpful when asked to fix them. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and poor customer service skills on the part of this particular technician. Moreover, this customer felt overcharged and the owner's response was unsatisfactory, leading them to seek services elsewhere. This highlights a weakness in pricing transparency and the inability to resolve customer complaints effectively.
Another weakness pointed out by a customer was the odd setup of the salon's payment system. It was mentioned that customers must pay for each service separately, and appointments require payment in cash, while walk-ins do not. This inconsistency in payment methods can create confusion and inconvenience for customers. Furthermore, the pricing was mentioned as a weakness, with one customer expressing sticker shock after moving from Atlanta. The salon was considered pricey, leading the customer to consider exploring other options. This indicates that The Nail Place may not offer competitive pricing compared to other salons, potentially affecting their ability to attract and retain customers.
One customer also mentioned a long waiting time at the salon, waiting for two hours to be serviced. While the receptionist offered the option to leave and come back without losing their place, a two-hour wait indicates a lack of efficiency and possibly understaffing. Long wait times can be frustrating for customers and may discourage them from returning or recommending the salon to others.
In summary, The Nail Place has strengths such as excellent customer service from specific employees, skilled technicians, and a professional receptionist. However, they also have weaknesses in terms of inconsistent service quality, pricing transparency, odd payment system, long wait times, and potentially high prices. These weaknesses can detract from the overall customer experience and may impact the salon's reputation and customer retention. Addressing these weaknesses and improving service consistency and pricing transparency could greatly benefit The Nail Place and enhance its appeal to customers.

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