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The Little Chippy

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543 Atherton Rd, Hindley Green, Wigan WN2 4QF United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About The Little Chippy

The Little Chippy in Hindley Green has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment, let's break down the comments.
Starting with the strengths, several customers have praised the quality and taste of the food. One customer stated that the fish and chips were cooked just right and had a good price. Another customer mentioned that the fish, chips, and sausage were all brilliant, and they left the establishment full and satisfied. The fact that the food is consistently praised by customers is a clear strength of the restaurant.
Additionally, it is worth noting that the chippy seems to be a popular spot on Friday evenings, with a customer mentioning that it was absolutely packed and had a queue out the door onto the street. This indicates that the restaurant has a loyal customer base and is able to attract a large number of customers on busy nights.
Another strength of The Little Chippy is its use of sustainable packaging. One customer mentioned that the fish and chips were served in a sustainable cardboard box, which aligns with the growing trend towards more eco-friendly practices. This shows that the establishment is conscious of its environmental impact and is making efforts to be more sustainable.
On the other hand, there are a few weaknesses that can be derived from the comments. One customer mentioned that the establishment is quite small, and when busy, customers are pretty much shoulder to shoulder with each other. This not only might be uncomfortable for some customers but also raises concerns about social distancing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The limited space is mentioned in another comment as well, stating that if the establishment was any bigger, it wouldn't be living up to its name of the little chippy. Therefore, the small size of the restaurant could be seen as a weakness.
Parking is another weakness mentioned in the comments. While there are no double yellow lines on the main road, the available parking is limited and risky, as there is a chance for cars to be damaged. The alternative parking option mentioned is behind the Victoria Pub, but it is noted that the potholes make it a challenge, particularly for cars with low bumpers. This can deter potential customers from visiting the chippy if they are concerned about parking or potential damage to their vehicles.
Furthermore, a negative comment expressed disappointment with the quality of the fish and chips. The customer stated that the fish was thin and not meaty, and the chips were not fresh tasting. Another customer commented that the chips needed more cooking time and that the curry sauce was not enjoyable. These negative comments about the food quality and taste are weaknesses that could drive potential customers away.
In conclusion, The Little Chippy in Hindley Green has strengths in terms of the quality and taste of the food, as well as its popularity among customers. The use of sustainable packaging is also a positive aspect. However, weaknesses lie in the limited space, parking challenges, and negative experiences with the food. These weaknesses may need to be addressed in order to provide a better overall experience for customers.

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'The little Chippy' Hindley Green:
Its chippy tea for tea tonight
I'm in Hindley Green, my timing is right
The little chippy, its doors are open, I'm going in the ladies are well spoken
Would you like a fish dear sir?
Oh yes please I must concur
Fish and chips please and wrap it paper, throw on some vinegar and let it soak in till later.
I'll tear open the paper so I just see a hole, ill dip in my fingers and eat them on my way home.
Its chippy tea for tea tonight, I think I've cracked it, the old owners in town and its tasting fantastic.
Had my dinner here today, fish and chips, and it was lovely, cooked just right and good price. I’ll definitely be coming back whenever I’m passing. Best chippy near me
Absolutely packed, queuing out the door on to the street on a Friday evening.
The reason why? Absolutely brilliant fish, chips and sausage! 3 fish 2 large chips 1 battered sausage, 2 peas 2 curry fed 3 of us to bursting. We probably went a little over the top but good quality food and considering how busy it was on a Friday we got out of there with the food in a decent time.
The only downside side is that you are pretty much shoulder to shoulder with other guests whilst you are waiting and if you are covidphobe then it's not for you, if it was any bigger though it probably wouldn't be living up to its name of the little chippy.
Parking, there's no double yellows on the main road so if you wanna be brave/cheeky and risk a wing mirror then you can have a go at parking there or if theres no room there is a car park behind the Victoria pub thats a few doors down, be warned, there are potholes that look like a Luna landscape so if you have a low bumper then be prepared to leave it behind.
I drive past 'The little chippy' occasionally on my way home and always want to stop, yesterday i did just that. I wasn't disappointed, i can't believe I've left it this long, a traditional independent chippy with fresh fish and chips served in a sustainable cardboard box. I'm going to make this my go-to from now on. Its a 20 minute drive from Hindley Green to Salford. This journey is well worth it . I wish i could share a photo... Yum yum
Just got 2 cod really thin tale end and dark colour on back and not meaty not white and not nice taste £4 is not good value for poor quality supposedly cod, large chips were more like the small from some Chippies but £2.50 and were not fresh tasting. Gone down hill, used to be good sized cod nice chips and plenty. Won't be going back
Shame portions of chips have shrunk. Chips could do with another couple of minutes cooking and a few more per portion.
Excellent meal! Delicious fish and chips and peas???? Prices have gone up but that’s everywhere these days. Best in area by some distance
Food was pretty standard chips wasn't completely cooked threw and curry sauce wasnt that nice

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