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The Chef Imperial Woodstock

+44 1993 813591
22 High St, Woodstock OX20 1TF United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About The Chef Imperial Woodstock

The Chef Imperial Woodstock place has received a mixed range of comments, which provides insight into both its strengths and weaknesses.
One of the strengths mentioned by multiple customers is the friendly and welcoming staff. They have been described as super friendly, always welcoming, and providing quick and friendly service. This is a positive aspect as good customer service can greatly enhance the dining experience.
Another strength highlighted by customers is the taste and quality of the food. The comments mention that the food is always delicious and amazing. One customer even specifically mentioned that the vegetarian and tofu options are really good. Additionally, the all-you-can-eat option on Sundays was praised for offering freshly cooked food. This indicates that the restaurant puts effort into preparing flavorful and enjoyable dishes.
Affordability is also noted as a strength. One customer mentioned that the price to value ratio is good, which implies that the restaurant offers reasonable prices for the quality and quantity of food provided. This is important as it can attract customers looking for a good deal.
The restaurant's ambiance and atmosphere receive mixed opinions. One comment suggests that the dining room is cold, which can be considered a weakness as customers may prefer a comfortable and cozy environment. Additionally, another customer suggested that the restaurant needs a freshen up and more staff to improve the atmosphere. However, it is worth noting that other customers did not mention any issues with the atmosphere, so it may vary depending on personal preferences.
In terms of weaknesses, several comments criticize the quality of specific dishes. One customer described the frühlingsrollen (spring rolls) as tasteless and lacking filling and seasoning. They also mentioned that the fried noodles tasted like they were prepared in a smoker. Another customer mentioned that the Thai beef dish was lacking in flavor and that the rice had an unexpected addition of egg flakes. These comments suggest that some dishes may be lacking in taste and proper preparation.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of staffing. One customer felt that there should be more staff as one person was observed doing everything. This could lead to slow service and a less smooth dining experience. However, it is important to note that other customers did not mention any issues with the service, indicating that it may vary depending on the day or time of visit.
Finally, one comment expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of the ribs, describing them as tough and disgusting. This particular customer felt that their meal was a waste of money, suggesting a negative dining experience that may deter future visits.
In conclusion, The Chef Imperial Woodstock place has strengths including friendly staff, delicious food, and affordable prices. However, there are weaknesses in specific dishes, potential inconsistencies in service due to under-staffing, and mixed opinions on the restaurant's ambiance. It is important for potential customers to consider these comments and make an informed decision based on their own preferences and expectations.

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Das Gute vorweg: Der Kellner (Wirt?) gab sich zumindest den Anschein des Bemühtseins. Nun die harte Wahrheit: niemals zuvor haben wir so kümmerliche Frühlingsrollen gegessen, die eher an Fingerlinge erinnerten, bei denen man jede Füllung und Würze vergessen hatte. Wer sie dennoch bestellt, sollte von der dazu gereichten Süßsauersauce unbedingt aufheben, besser noch nachordern, denn die gebratenen Nudeln schmeckten trotz Nachbesserungsversuch der Küche wie in einem Smoker zubereitet. Der penetrant dumpfe Geschmack lässt sich nur durch ein Übermaß der eben genannten Süßsauersauce überdecken und macht so eine Kalorienaufnahme überhaupt erst möglich. Auch das Thai Thom yum Rind zeichnet sich durch weitgehende Geschmacksarmut aus, der dazu georderte untypische Parboiledreis wurde durch eine doch sehr überraschende Eiflockenzugabe verfeinert. Der eine Stern kann als Mitleidsbonus gewertet werden, ansonsten ist es einfach das schlechteste Asiarestaurant, das wir bisher genießen durften.
Essen warm, Gastraum kalt, Preis Leistung gut.
Хорошее место для быстрого перекуса. Приветливый персонал. Заказали утку по Пекински, креветки в кисло-сладком соусе, креветки с орехами кешью, вермишель с курицей. Быстро, вкусно. Ну и пиво, конечно…
Always super friendly guy who is always welcoming.
Really good vegetarian and plenty of tofu options. Food is always delicious and never had any issues.
This is the kids' absolute favourite for dining in to see the fish pond, and for take out.
Amazing food ! All you can eat on the sunday is great ! Freshly cooked and brought to the table once you order
Lost a star due to needing more staff , one man running around doing everything. Needs a bit more atmosphere / freshen up and more staff and i will give this 5 stars ! Ordered a take out of garlic chilli chicken another occasion and oh my amazing :)
Will definitely be bk !
What a lovely restaurant. Haven't been here in years but it was great and we we'll be back. Such delicious food and friendly quick service.
Food was amazing, really tasty, piping hot and plenty of it! Service was good, friendly staff and we weren't rushed at all.
Ribs yesterday meat and re-heat and to tuff and absolutely disgusting and never again spending my money here ever again and definitely the most waste of my money regarding what I spent on my meal tonight for me and my partner on Valentine’s Day take out so I thank you not !!! and definitely will not be spending any money there again. So please feel to do the same it wasn’t acceptable at all !!!!

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