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Talk To The Tail Pet Salon

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Quick Facts About Talk To The Tail Pet Salon

Talk To The Tail Pet Salon has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses of the establishment. This analysis will provide a comprehensive overview of these comments to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the salon.
Starting with the strengths, the salon has been praised for its kindness and care towards the dogs. Customers have mentioned that their pets enjoy visiting the salon and have developed a bond with specific groomers. This indicates that the salon has a friendly and welcoming environment, creating a positive experience for the pets and their owners.
Furthermore, the staff at the salon have been commended for their helpfulness and willingness to accommodate specific requests. Customers mention that their requests are taken into consideration and that the salon ensures they are fulfilled. This demonstrates good customer service and a dedication to meeting the needs and preferences of pet owners.
Customers have also appreciated the grooming services provided at Talk To The Tail Pet Salon. They mention that their pets receive beautiful and professional grooms, with specific mentions of how well their dog's coat is clipped. This indicates that the salon has skilled groomers who are able to deliver satisfactory results.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the salon's provision of advice and guidance. One comment states that the salon showed them how to groom their cat and sold them the proper comb for the job. This indicates that the salon goes beyond grooming services and provides educational support to pet owners, ensuring they can maintain their pets' grooming needs at home.
Moving on to the weaknesses, several negative comments highlight areas where Talk To The Tail Pet Salon falls short. One customer mentions that the salon refused to cut their long-haired dachshund's hair, despite having done so in the past. This indicates a lack of consistency in the salon's policies and an unwillingness to accommodate certain breeds or coat types.
Another weakness mentioned by customers is the pricing and additional charges applied by the salon. One customer states that they were charged per minute for being "late" to pick up their pet, even though they were not actually late. Additionally, another customer mentions being charged extra for matting that was discovered after picking up their dog. These experiences suggest that the pricing system of the salon may be unclear or unfair, leaving customers feeling dissatisfied.
One significant negative comment highlights a major flaw in the salon's services. A customer claims that their dog suffered a leg injury while at the salon and required an expensive surgery to repair it. This indicates a serious problem with the safety and care provided at the salon, raising concerns about the well-being of the animals entrusted to them.
In conclusion, Talk To The Tail Pet Salon has notable strengths such as its friendly staff, accommodating grooming services, and provision of advice to pet owners. However, there are clear weaknesses regarding consistency in grooming policies, pricing transparency, and most importantly, animal safety. It is crucial for the salon to address these weaknesses and make improvements to enhance customer satisfaction and ensure the well-being of the pets in their care.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I take my golden doodle there about every 6 weeks. The are kind to the dogs. My pup has a favorite groomer and the make sure Olivia is the one who does her groom. Fanny loves her. If I have any requests they make sure it happens.
They were so helpful with my cat. Showed me what to do to and sold me the proper comb to do the job. Because of this made her an appointment to get pampered .Cant wait to see the results!! ????
I highly recommend Talk to the Tail Pet Salon. The staff is always friendly and goes above and beyond to not only provide a beautiful groom but to make it a pleasant expierence for my Dog. He's scared, shy & nervous of EVERYTHING but after a few visits and getting all the attention & love, he WANTS to go inside now and I can't open the door fast enough! He gets excited cause he knows those girls are gonna spoil him rotten! Groomer, receptionist or owner They all treat you, but more importantly, your pet, like royalty! I'll never go anywhere else!
I took my dog here for the first time last week due to our normal groomer being booked out until August. Unfortunately I was highly unimpressed. They refused to cut her hair due to her breed (miniature long haired dachshund) even though we have ALWAYS cut her hair since we got her fixed and her coat changed. They also have multiple “situational” up charges. The main one that seemed absurd to me was one hour after they call you they charge you $1 per min that you’re “late” picking up your pet. Upon picking up my dog I was told they cut two of her quicks (which isn’t a huge deal, but two seemed extreme). Lastly they didn’t bring my dog out until after I paid, which I thought was very strange and awkward. The price I paid was far too high for the little work done to my dog.
I wish I could give this place more than 5 stars. They were amazing with my scared dog.
Very caring and nice job. Our little guy gets very good treatment and they do a great job clipping his coat. They are very professional here but also loving!
Do not go to this groomer! My dog was perfectly fine when dropped off. Upon pick up my dog had an Injured leg. Heidi is my dog. After a visit to the Vet we found out that her knee was out of its socket. Now I’m going to have to pay for a 2k surgery to have my dogs knee repaired because this groomer pulled the knee out of socket. My poor dog is in pain. If you love your pet never go to this horrific place.
Groomer refused to cut our dog's hair as short as her regular groomer. They also told us it'd be $5 pe! matted hair section, AFTER we picked our dog up. Oh and they charge $1 per minute that you're late - we were not late but talk about nickel-and-diming to death! When we picked up our dog we could barely tell her hair was cut and we were charged an extra $15 for three supposed matts of hair they found. Will not be returning.

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