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2218 E State St, Burnham, IL 60633 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

F**kin love this place. Nice portions, can’t complain with a stuffed pate of food.
11/26 Small Chicken Nacho
Taco Tuesdays beef taco special is soooo good and reasonable!???????? Corn/ Elotes is very tasty as well try with crushed flamin' hots???????????????? Had sample of pizza it was great coming soon stay tuned......
Love their food!! tried the hot Cheeto burger for the first time and it was really good! Already had their steak tacos very good and loaded with meat. Definitely will be going back for more. Thank you ! Also great customer service.!
Ordered takeout on my way to work on overnight shift. Order was given to me in a wet greasy white paper bag. By the time I made it to work order fell on ground out of bag I called and was told manager would call me later. Wasn’t able to enjoy food wasted almost 15 dollars on tacos for me and my staff. Can’t tell you how food tastes that experience did it.Parking Lot full of drunk people and had to park in opposite lot walk through snow. Never again !!!!!
I got the beef lingua which was very seasoned and I'll go back there anytime and a customer service was very nice she went all out of her way to make sure that I pronounced it the right way and that I was making sure that I was asking for beef tongue which was very delicious and season with the right amount of cilantro and onions and whatever I asked on it I'll go there anytime and I'll recommend to try it out even if it's from flamin Hot tacos oh whatever it is very delicious they have a variety of the menu you can pick and choose what you want
This Place is So Fire the Customer Service Is Really Good I Definitely Love the Steak Tacos & Their Fries were on Point & ooooweeee Horchata Is GREAT????????????
If I could give 0 stars I honestly would. Meat has no seasoning/flavor …young lady is super rude every time I go in. Ever since new management took over this place has gone downhill.
All i can say is wow! Presentation 5/5, Flavor 5/5, Shrimp ???? 5/5. Love the new menu! Good job guys!

Quick Facts About TACO TACO

TACO TACO place has received both positive and negative feedback from customers. Based on the comments provided, we will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the restaurant.
One of the strengths mentioned by multiple customers is the portion size. One customer mentioned that they "can't complain with a stuffed plate of food," indicating that TACO TACO provides generous portions. This is likely to be a positive factor for customers who are looking for a hearty meal or value for their money.
The affordability of TACO TACO's food is highlighted in the comment about their Taco Tuesdays beef taco special being "really good and reasonable!" This suggests that the restaurant offers deals or promotions, making it accessible to a wider range of customers.
Another strength mentioned is the variety on the menu. One customer remarked that they had tried the hot Cheeto burger and the steak tacos, both of which they found to be delicious. This indicates that TACO TACO offers a diverse range of options to cater to different preferences and dietary requirements.
Customer service was also praised by several individuals. One customer noted that they received great customer service and another mentioned that the staff went out of their way to ensure they pronounced a dish correctly. Positive customer service experiences contribute to an overall positive dining experience and can be a strong selling point for a restaurant.
On the other hand, there are some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer complained about their takeout order being given to them in a wet greasy white paper bag, which caused the order to fall on the ground. This indicates a potential issue with the quality of packaging, which could impact the overall customer experience and satisfaction.
Another customer expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of seasoning and flavor in the meat, suggesting that the taste of the food might be inconsistent. This negative feedback raises concerns about the quality control of the food preparation process.
There was also a comment about the new management negatively impacting the restaurant. Although the exact details of how the management change affected the customer's experience were not specified, negative changes in service or quality could be a potential weakness for TACO TACO.
Lastly, one comment mentioned a crowded and potentially unsafe parking lot, which could be a deterrent for customers looking for a convenient and safe dining experience.
Despite these weaknesses, TACO TACO also received positive feedback on its food presentation, flavor, and the quality of specific items such as shrimp and fries. These positive aspects can help offset some of the weaknesses mentioned.
In conclusion, TACO TACO place has strengths in terms of portion size, affordability, menu variety, and customer service. However, there are weaknesses in packaging, seasoning and flavor consistency, potential negative impacts from new management, and concerns about parking lot safety. As with any restaurant, it is important for TACO TACO to address and improve upon these weaknesses while continuing to capitalize on their strengths to provide a positive dining experience for their customers.

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