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t & t barbershop 2

+1 954-635-2629
1314 SE 17th St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About t & t barbershop 2

T & T Barbershop 2 has received mostly positive reviews, highlighting their skilled barbers, friendly staff, fair pricing, and quick service. These strengths contribute to the establishment's positive reputation and loyal customer base. However, there are also a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments, including language barriers, lack of proper hair-washing facilities, inconsistent service quality, and unclear pricing.
One of the major strengths emphasized in the comments is the skill and expertise of the barbers. Customers consistently mention that the barbers, such as Gabriel and Ronald, are highly skilled and talented. They are praised for their attention to detail, clean shaves, crisp line work, and overall mastery of their craft. This expertise contributes to the reputation of T & T Barbershop 2 as a top-notch establishment.
Another strength mentioned is the friendliness and professionalism of the staff. Customers appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and positive interactions with the employees. The quick and efficient service is also commended, indicating that T & T Barbershop 2 values their customers' time.
Fair and reasonable pricing is highlighted as a positive aspect of T & T Barbershop 2. Customers mention that they offer competitive prices compared to other establishments. This affordability, coupled with the quality of service, contributes to the positive reputation of the barbershop.
The location and appearance of the barbershop are mentioned as a weakness. One customer states that they only visited T & T Barbershop 2 because they were a local resident. This suggests that the barbershop might not have a strong appeal for visitors or tourists. Additionally, the mention of the "little strip mall barbershop appearance" might imply that the physical appearance of the establishment is not as impressive as some customers would prefer.
Language barriers are mentioned as a weakness in one of the comments. The customer states that they had difficulty communicating with their barber in Spanish. This suggests that the barbershop may not be equipped to accommodate customers who do not speak English fluently. This could potentially limit their customer base and hinder effective communication between the barbers and customers.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of proper hair-washing facilities. One customer expressed their disappointment when they had to sit in a wooden chair for a hair wash. This suggests that T & T Barbershop 2 may not have invested in comfortable and professional hair-washing chairs, potentially compromising the overall customer experience.
Inconsistency in service quality is also mentioned, with one customer stating that their haircut did not meet their expectations. They were disappointed with the fade and felt that their haircut was not worth the price they paid. This suggests that there may be some variability in the skills and techniques of the barbers at T & T Barbershop 2, which could lead to inconsistent experiences for customers.
Unclear pricing is mentioned as a weakness in one comment. The customer was surprised when they were charged $10 for a hair wash because it was not listed as a service on the board with the rest of the services. This suggests that the barbershop could benefit from improving transparency and communication regarding their pricing structure to avoid confusion and potential customer dissatisfaction.
To sum up, T & T Barbershop 2 is praised for its skilled barbers, friendly staff, fair pricing, and quick service. These strengths contribute to its positive reputation. However, there are also some weaknesses mentioned, such as language barriers, lack of proper hair-washing facilities, inconsistent service quality, and unclear pricing. Addressing these weaknesses could support the continued success and growth of T & T Barbershop 2.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I'm on vacation, which is unfortunate because I'd only come here, if I was a local.
Don't let the little strip mall barbershop appearance or the extremely fair/reasonable pricing fool you, this is a 5 star establishment.
All the staff was friendly and I had the pleasure of having Gabriel shave my head and cut my beard.
Gabriel isn't just a barber, he's a master of the clippers and razer, a true artist. He clean shaved my head without a trace of stubble anywhere. He achieved perfect symmetry when shaping my beard, not a hair out out of place. His line work is crisp, clean, and razer sharp.
I walked into T & T Barbershop 2 rough and ragged. After Gabriel was done with me, I walked out looking and feeling sharp and sexy.
Anything less than a perfect five star rating would be ridiculous.
Thank you T & T Barbershop 2 and Thank you Gabriel.
Been coming here for over 6 years. I get a fresh haircut every week and they are by far the best in the game! Highly recommended
Every time I go to FLL and I have to cut my hair I go to the T T barbershop because they are excellent and now that I'm moving to FL I don't mind driving 25 minutes. Today I was attended by Ronald and apart from being a nice person he is a very good barber. Thank you
Quick service! Professional. Colombian coffee shots!
I’m from Boston came here for vacation and desperately need it a haircut, I looked up online to get a nice fade, this place looked doable,
Got my haircut with one of the barbers, we talked back and forth wasn’t sure if he understood me, (in Spanish) overall my haircut was a 4/5
But what really bothers me was when I ask if he could please wash my hair, since I saw a few guys that got color, i saw them getting their hair wash in the back.
He ask one of the girls if she can wash my hair, she was very nice and apologetic for the wooden chair that i had to sit, ok no worries, It felt like your neck was going to break, when I was about to pay on of the barbers did my checkout while he was with the owner, the owner told him to charge me $10 for the wash….
I told him I wouldn’t mind paying the $10 dollars if he properly had a reclining washing chair in the back, instead of the wooden unpleasantness chair, and on top of that he doesn’t have it listed as a service on the BOARD with the rest of the Services… I just felt like the (OWNER) was nickel and dimming, would I go back if I lived here? Maybe, but I wouldn’t get my hair washed again.
I’m from Houston came to get a haircut hoping to look fresh I asked for a low fade but it looked like a mid fade never again coming here I totally made a mistake so disappointed them haircuts ain’t worth 80$,
Me atendió Gabriel excelente barbero . La mejor atención en este establecimiento …. Buen ambiente latino
After 28 years with long hair, i got an undercut haircut from jorge. Thank you jorge for the haircut, you did a great job! The hairsaloon is very clean and friendly good working people! I recommend it! Thanks

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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