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Super Canton

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115 W Mill St, Hartford, AL 36344 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Super Canton

Super Canton Place is a restaurant that has received mixed reviews based on various customer experiences. In order to analyze its strengths and weaknesses, we will look at different aspects of the restaurant, including the quality of the food, service, atmosphere, and consistency.
Starting with the strengths, some customers appreciate the fried dumplings and cream cheese wontons. These dishes were mentioned positively in the comments as being good despite some minor flaws. Additionally, a few reviewers mentioned that the staff at Super Canton Place is friendly and accommodating, which enhances the overall dining experience. This suggests that the restaurant has decent customer service and strives to make customers feel welcome.
Atmosphere is another area where Super Canton Place received some positive feedback. One customer mentioned that despite the restaurant's older and dated interior, it still provides a pleasant atmosphere to enjoy a meal. This indicates that the ambiance is comfortable and suitable for dining.
However, there are also several weaknesses that customers pointed out. One of the main issues raised by customers is the quality and taste of the food. Multiple reviewers mentioned that the rice is bland and flavorless, and the General Tso chicken was closer to sweet and sour than the intended flavor. The noodles were also criticized for being flat and similar to store-bought Lipton noodles, rather than authentic chow mein. Overcooking and oversaucing of the chicken were also mentioned as problems. These comments indicate that Super Canton Place struggles with consistency in terms of flavor and quality of their dishes.
Another significant weakness of the restaurant is the occurrence of mistakes in orders. One customer reported that they called in a pick-up order for three items, but when they went to collect it, only two items were ready. Moreover, they were met with an attitude from the staff when they asked about the missing item. This suggests that Super Canton Place may have issues with organization and communication, leading to errors in fulfilling orders and providing satisfactory customer service.
Lastly, while Super Canton Place has some loyal customers who have had positive experiences, there were a few reviewers who had negative experiences with the food. One customer mentioned that the fried rice had no flavor and lacked essential ingredients like peas and onions. The egg rolls were described as greasy and overcooked, and the sweet and sour chicken left a negative impression. These negative experiences indicate that the restaurant's quality has declined over time, with customers feeling disappointed by the taste and presentation of the dishes.
In conclusion, Super Canton Place has both strengths and weaknesses. While some customers appreciate certain dishes, friendly staff, and the comfortable atmosphere, there are also notable issues with the quality of food, consistency, and mistakes in orders. These weaknesses, including bland rice, overcooked chicken, and organizational problems, need to be addressed in order for Super Canton Place to improve and regain the trust of dissatisfied customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The rice is bland and flavorless. The General Tso chicken had sauce dumped on it and was closer to sweet and sour. It tasted significantly better when it was microwaved than fresh. The egg roll was horrible.
On the bright side the fried dumplings while partially burned were good and so were the cream cheese wantons.
The noodles were flat and reminded me of those Lipton noodles you buy from Walmart. Not chow mein. The chicken was overcooked and oversauced. The cheese wontons reminded me of some microwave ones I’ve bought before. Overall it wasn’t bad, it was just mediocre. Not worth the money.
Normally have a good experience here. The ball was dropped big time though this visit. I called in a pick up order of 3 items. Showed up to get and only had 2 of the items I ordered. And was blatantly told with an attitude by the child at the front that I did not order my 3rd item. Needless to say I had to wait for my 3rd item to be made. Which was fine, I understand mistakes happen. I will probably be taking a break from giving them any of my money for awhile after that experience though. I don't appreciate basically being called a liar by a child with an attitude.
This was extremely quality, fresh and super yummy! The inside is older and dated but still great atmosphere to have your meal
Great little small town restaurant. Super nice people!
I used to enjoy this place. But the food has taken a deep dive. The fried rice had no flavor & I saw 1 green pea & 2 pieces of onion in it. The egg rolls were greasy & overcooked. The sweet & sour chicken left me feeling like I'd swallowed a football. No doubt I'll have heartburn. The owners were always nice to me so I hate to leave a bad review. BUT this is the 2nd bad meal I've had since 2019 (take-out both times). I'd hoped the last time I ate there they were just having an off day. I won't be back for "strike 3". Sad.
This place has the best pork lo mein my bf has had in a while. The staff was very friendly, and we placed our prefer over the phone and drove over to get it. You walk up to the door and they bring it to you, and they do accept cards. I really liked my spicy garlic shrimp and scallops, and the egg rolls were good.
We finally decided to stop in here and will not again!!
The Egg Roll tasted horrible as if they haven't changed their frying oil. My husband General Taso Chicken was horrible (review the photo)
My Spicy Garlic Bay Scallops n Shrimp weren't spicy and cooked in some over salty sauce.

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