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Sunrise Plaza

Sunrise Plaza, 6901 E Lake Mead Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89156 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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the parking lot can get sketchy with creepy crawly people, so just ignore them. The parking seems like it was setup by a blind person and you need to get creative when parking. Besides that, the businesses in the plaza are great!
At Hollywood and Lake Mead... It's your last shopping center before the lake. Making this a very busy shopping center. Albertsons and CVS drugs are the main anchors, Port of Subs, Metro PCS, Super Cute, Carlitos Smokes, Post Net, Fitness Factory, Natural Nails, Ruby Eyebrow threading, Pizza But Delivery & Pickup, Wells Fargo, Viva El Taco, & Thrifty Icecream Scoops, round out the shops!
Friendly people, Sunrise Mountain in the back drop make this a must stop before the lake. Great group of shops!
Albertsons has great chicken wings. Staff is always friendly. Some patrons appear to be rude at times but overall things are fine.
Bad neighborhood but affordable if you don't have children n you want to be up here saving a few coins n you can borrow sugar from neighbor and gotta lobe the candy lady's so yea it's plenty of weirdos here n there but they act like they invisible so I don't pay them attention lol
Nice shopping center w/ Albertsons, pizza hut, a sub shop, Chinese food, & CVS. One of the last stops to grab supplies & snacks when headed to Lakehead. Clean area, with gas stations & 7/11 on each corner. Complete convenience shopping for Sunrise Mountain residents!
I just was in the area and partook only in the Albertson's store. Store was clean and stocked and very busy. Took awhile to get my booze from the lock up shelves but excellent prices made that not a hindrance. Real mice people in the guests as well as employees.
One of my favorite places to shop. Close to home great view of the Vegas strip!
I love it there was somebody at the cash register that was helpful even though I never been in your store asked employees what aisle can I find rice and what all can I find cream of wheat they were very knowledgeable about the Items l was looking for, So Thank you don have running all over the store To find rice or Cream of wheat. It was clean and meat Department was very nice

Quick Facts About Sunrise Plaza

Sunrise Plaza is a shopping center located at Hollywood and Lake Mead in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is known for being the last shopping center before the lake, which makes it a very busy and convenient stop for residents and tourists alike. The main anchors of the plaza are Albertsons and CVS drugs, and it also houses a variety of other businesses such as a sub shop, Chinese food, pizza hut, a fitness factory, and more.
One of the strengths of Sunrise Plaza is the variety of businesses it offers. From grocery shopping at Albertsons to grabbing a quick bite at the different food establishments, the plaza caters to a wide range of needs. Customers appreciate the convenience of having all these options in one place, especially when heading to the lake. The presence of gas stations and a 7/11 on each corner further adds to the convenience factor.
Another strength of Sunrise Plaza is the friendly atmosphere and helpful staff. Many customers comment on the friendly and knowledgeable employees, particularly at Albertsons. The staff at the cash register and in the meat department are praised for their helpfulness and willingness to assist customers in finding specific items. This positive customer service contributes to a pleasant shopping experience.
The location of Sunrise Plaza is also considered a strength. Situated near Sunrise Mountain, the backdrop of the plaza adds to its aesthetic appeal. Customers appreciate the view of the Vegas strip from the shopping center, making it an enjoyable and visually pleasing place to shop.
However, Sunrise Plaza does have some weaknesses. One common complaint is the parking lot, which can be described as sketchy and poorly designed. Some customers mention encountering "creepy crawly people" in the parking lot, which make them feel uncomfortable. The parking layout is also criticized, with some customers stating that it seems like it was "setup by a blind person" and that creativity is needed when parking. Improvements in the parking lot and its security would enhance the overall experience of visiting Sunrise Plaza.
Additionally, there are comments about the neighborhood being perceived as bad, with mentions of "weirdos" and rude patrons. While this may not be directly related to the shopping center itself, it affects the overall impression of the area and may discourage some customers, especially those with children, from visiting.
Despite these weaknesses, many customers still appreciate Sunrise Plaza for its affordability and convenience, especially for those who live in the Sunrise Mountain area. The positive aspects of the plaza, such as the variety of shops, friendly staff, and the view of the Vegas strip, outweigh the drawbacks for many customers.
In conclusion, Sunrise Plaza offers a wide range of businesses and convenience for customers heading to Lake Mead. While the parking lot and neighborhood may have some weaknesses, the positive aspects such as the friendly staff, variety of shops, and convenient location make Sunrise Plaza a popular choice for residents and tourists alike.

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