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Stepping Up Beauty Supply

+1 318-322-0807
507 Martin Luther King Junior Drive, Monroe, LA 71203 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 11:30 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This store is not like it used to be now it's younger people working in there and they are extremely rude and I will not be returning back to this location
And it's sad because we black people are putting a lot of money into that store we keep that store running we keep their bills paid (their business and their home)but foreigners have the worst attitude against us which is crazy. Learn to appreciate your customers. Learn to speak to your customers. Learn to say thank you to your customers. Learn to smile at the people who are providing for u and your family.
I wish black people would come together and stop supporting these foreigners because they have no respect for us. Without US, they wouldn't stay in business
Iloved it.going back soon. Matter of fact, Monday or Tuesday.
You actually have to look around to buy and even if you already know what you want me if i need help I'll ask . They feel like their customers are thieves, so if you do get help once helped they follow you around which cuts their money down , hair and accessories go hand and hand with women so when a person buy hair their most likely going to purchase hair products, plus accessories but not while being followed, they watch single people instead of groups. This violates a person that dosent steal. The store loses money because once followed an honest person won't spend.
They have everything u need and more
Discount is great
Cool place to shop. They don't treat you like you're stealing ????????????
More expensive then the hair store on the southside!! I went here last week and bought something I didnt know was at the other store for 6 dollars cheaper!!
Local Nearby Beauty Hair etc... Good place to stop

Quick Facts About Stepping Up Beauty Supply

Stepping Up Beauty Supply place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided.
One strength of the store is its wide variety of products. Commenters mentioned that the store has everything you need and more, including hair products, accessories, and other beauty items. This suggests that the store has a comprehensive selection, making it a convenient one-stop shop for customers looking for beauty supplies.
Another strength mentioned is the discount offered by the store. Customers appreciate the affordability of the products, indicating that Stepping Up Beauty Supply place offers competitive prices compared to other beauty supply stores in the area. This can attract price-conscious customers and contribute to customer loyalty.
The comment about not being treated like a thief highlights a positive aspect of the store's customer service. Being able to shop without feeling scrutinized or followed can create a more pleasant shopping experience and build trust between customers and the store.
However, there are also weaknesses that need to be addressed. One major weakness is the rude behavior of the staff members. According to one comment, the store now has younger employees who are described as extremely rude. This negative attitude towards customers can harm the store's reputation and discourage repeat visits.
The comment about foreigners having a bad attitude towards black customers suggests a potential issue with cultural sensitivity and customer appreciation. This sentiment raises concerns about the store's ability to effectively cater to a diverse customer base and provide excellent customer service to every individual.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of assistance provided by the staff when it comes to finding products. Commenters expressed frustration about having to search for products themselves and feeling ignored by the staff. This lack of attentive customer service can deter customers from making additional purchases or lead them to seek out alternative stores that offer better assistance.
The price discrepancy mentioned in one comment also highlights a weakness of the store. If customers can find the same products for a significantly lower price in a different store, it raises questions about the store's pricing strategy and competitiveness. This could result in customers choosing to shop elsewhere to save money.
In conclusion, Stepping Up Beauty Supply place has the potential to be a successful store due to its wide selection of products and competitive pricing. However, the store needs to address the issues of rude staff members, lack of customer assistance, and potential cultural sensitivity concerns to better serve its customers and retain their loyalty.


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