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Star Nails

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17 Outwater Ln # 6, Garfield, NJ 07026 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

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First time here and The staff are very nice, extremely clean a very good atmosphere for a nail salon. prices are Decent. Pedicure was great did an extra 10 min foot massage and was very relaxing. Definitely will return.
Great service, I see so much improvement on my neutral growing nails, and they are very welcome and pleasant
Thank you!!
I have been going to Star Nails for years since they first opened. They are always the best!
I LOVE this nail salon!!!
Very clean place, friendly staff and AMAZING customer service!
Amy does my manicures and she's VERY creative! Amy is quite an artist! I LOVE AMY!!!
Love how long my gels hold when I get them done here. They would always break when I went to other salons but this one is reliable!
Nice, clean place. I wish they did not charge extra for removing gel polish that they put on me in the first place. I also wished it was more staffed as sometimes the wait is long or they will not see you if you do not have an appointment. Overall, the people are nice and they provide a good service
I wish I had taken a picture a week ago (my hands are super dry, sorry!). I came here last Friday to get my nails done the day before my wedding. I was so scatter brained before the wedding (trying to stay within state guidelines, make sure guests had been tested and quarantined for safety purposes) that I wound up rescheduling twice. They were so incredibly kind and accommodating.
I'm not one to have my nails done, but it was a very special occasion. They sat me down and asked what I was looking for, explained the different types of nails and what would be best for me, since I'm so rough with my hands. They looked at the pictures I had brought with me and we decided on this look for my nails. I got so ma y compliments, and several people wanted to know where I went so they could go too. I got tips glued on, then gel placed over it. She took her time and made sure all of them were the right shape and length (which I loved, because she was very meticulous about it) before continuing to the final paint job. It was $85, which I think is very reasonable considering what a great job she did.
Definitely a place I will be recommending to others. If I ever need my nails done again, you bet I'm coming back here!
I went there yesterday and this are my nails now. The staff is friendly and nice but the acrylic is horrible. I paid $95 dollars for this French full set and 45 for pedicure. The pedicure was fine but the nails are too chunky and ugly. I’ll never care back too pricy and horrible work.

Quick Facts About Star Nails

Star Nails Place has several strengths according to the comments provided. Firstly, many customers appreciate the cleanliness of the salon, mentioning that it is extremely clean and provides a good atmosphere. This is important for a nail salon as hygiene is a top priority in this industry. Additionally, the friendly and welcoming staff is mentioned multiple times, indicating that they provide good customer service. This is crucial for creating a positive experience for customers and encouraging repeat business.
Many customers also mention the skill and creativity of the nail technicians. One customer specifically compliments Amy for her creative manicures and artistic abilities. This highlights that the salon has skilled technicians who can cater to different preferences and requests. Furthermore, some customers praise the longevity of their gel nails when done at Star Nails Place. This indicates that the salon provides quality products and techniques that result in long-lasting manicures.
Another aspect that customers appreciate is the flexibility and accommodation of the salon. One customer shares an experience of rescheduling multiple times due to personal circumstances leading up to her wedding, and mentions how the staff at Star Nails Place were understanding and accommodating. This level of customer service and flexibility can create a positive impression and build customer loyalty.
Despite these strengths, there are a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments. Firstly, one customer mentions that they were charged an extra fee for removing gel polish that was initially applied by the salon. Additional charges for services that are typically included can be seen as a negative for some customers, as it may feel like an unnecessary expense.
Moreover, another customer mentions that they wish the salon had more staff as sometimes the wait can be long or they may not be seen without an appointment. This indicates that the salon may face challenges in managing customer flow and appointment scheduling, which can result in a negative experience for some customers who prefer spontaneity or hate waiting for long periods.
Lastly, there is one negative comment regarding the quality of the acrylic nails. The customer expresses dissatisfaction with the appearance of the nails, describing them as chunky and ugly. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of services provided by the nail technicians, which could impact overall customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, Star Nails Place has several strengths including a clean and pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff, skilled and creative nail technicians, long-lasting manicures, and flexibility in accommodating customer requests. However, there are also weaknesses such as extra charges for certain services, potential long waits or appointment restrictions, and inconsistencies in the quality of services. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to continue providing a positive experience for customers and maintain a good reputation.

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