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Shoppes of Lakeland

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4019 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland, FL 33809 United States of America
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Viele Geschäfte. Sehr preiswert
I must say they do have the best teriyaki chicken that I've ever had and I get lo mein or chow mein instead of rice. It is so darn good
I had to wait a very long time because they ran out they said 10 minutes I waited a 1/2 hour anyway The broccoli's warm I like it a little crunchy but not raw I guess I'll try it again sometime
It's okay but I think they actually need lights in here because it's so much traffic. It was so crowded and people were not yielding to others and some people were not stopping at the signs. Turning between best buy and taco bell side road is treacherous be safe this holiday season
There's a lot of different shops together in this plaza. It's a great place to shop and dine.
Everything I could need in pretty much one place. Target for general needs, Dollar Tree for lesser incidentals, GameStop for my nerdy pursuits, and a new breakfast cafe called Keke's that is absolutely worth a visit.
I have mentioned to management that portions are not right 5 out of 10 I get the correct portions last time there my Orange chicken with my chicken teriyaki my orange chicken when I got home had 4 pieces ridiculous
The beyond chicken dish was yummy, we will be back to have more and to try the tofu dish.

Quick Facts About Shoppes of Lakeland

The Shoppes of Lakeland Place has several strengths and weaknesses according to the comments provided.
One of the strengths mentioned is the wide variety of shops available in the plaza. This is seen as a positive aspect as it allows customers to find everything they need in one place. The presence of popular stores like Target and GameStop also adds to the appeal of the shopping center.
Affordability is another strength highlighted in one of the comments. The availability of low-priced items in the Dollar Tree and the affordable dining options are seen as favorable aspects of the Shoppes of Lakeland Place.
Positive dining experiences were also mentioned in the comments. The praise for the teriyaki chicken, lo mein, chow mein, and beyond chicken dishes indicates that there are some standout food options within the plaza. The positive dining experiences add to the overall appeal of the shopping center.
However, there are also weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One notable weakness is the long waiting time experienced by one customer. Having to wait longer than expected can lead to frustration and a negative shopping experience. Additionally, the comment about the broccoli being too warm may indicate inconsistent food quality or preparation.
Another weakness highlighted is the lack of lighting in the shopping center. This can be a safety concern, especially during busy periods with heavy traffic. Concerns about traffic congestion and improper driver behavior also contribute to the perception of an unsafe environment.
There are also mentions of incorrect food portions in one comment. Inconsistent portion sizes can be frustrating for customers, leading to dissatisfaction and the possibility of not returning to the establishment.
Overall, the Shoppes of Lakeland Place has strengths such as a wide variety of shops, affordability, and positive dining experiences. However, weaknesses include long wait times, inconsistent food quality, lack of lighting, traffic congestion, and incorrect portion sizes. These weaknesses may negatively impact the overall shopping experience for customers and should be addressed by management to improve customer satisfaction.

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