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Simply Clean Cuts Barbershop

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804b S Rogers St, Clarksville, AR 72830 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Simply Clean Cuts Barbershop

Simply Clean Cuts Barbershop is a popular place for people of all ages to get their hair cut and styled. One of the strengths of the barbershop, as mentioned in the comments, is the ability to cater to a wide range of customers, including children. The barber, Dillon, is highly recommended for his skills in handling young children and making the haircut experience enjoyable for them. This is a significant strength as it can be challenging to find a barber who can successfully cut the hair of a child without causing a fuss.
Another strength of Simply Clean Cuts Barbershop is their customer service. Multiple comments mention the friendly atmosphere and how the staff make customers feel welcome and comfortable. This is crucial in building customer loyalty and ensuring that customers are satisfied with their experience. A positive, welcoming environment can make a significant difference in a customer's perception of a business.
Furthermore, the barbershop seems to have consistent quality in their haircuts. Several comments express satisfaction with the results of their haircut and how they have never been disappointed with the work done at the barbershop. This speaks to the skill and expertise of the barbers at Simply Clean Cuts Barbershop and is a strong selling point for potential customers.
In terms of weaknesses, there is one comment from a dissatisfied customer who had a negative experience. They felt that the barber did not listen to their desired style, almost injured them with the clippers, and did not complete the cut properly. This feedback highlights a potential weakness in the customer service aspect, as the barber did not meet their expectations and left them with an unsatisfactory haircut. Additionally, the customer mentioned that they had to fix the haircut themselves, which is not an ideal outcome for a customer.
Another weakness mentioned in the comments is the lack of change during the tipping process. One customer had to tip $18 because the barber did not have change. While this may seem like a minor issue, it can be an inconvenience for customers who want to leave a specific amount as a tip. Having adequate change on hand is a small but important detail in providing quality customer service.
Overall, Simply Clean Cuts Barbershop has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. Their ability to handle children, friendly atmosphere, and consistent quality work are all strengths that attract and retain customers. However, there are some weaknesses that should be addressed, such as ensuring that barbers listen to customers' desired styles and providing adequate change for tipping. By addressing these areas and maintaining their strengths, Simply Clean Cuts Barbershop can continue to thrive and provide customers with a great haircut experience.

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Best place for any cuts n styles you want! I take my son there n he loves it and is actually the only place he never throws a fit about cutting his hair, he’s 3! Dillon is amazing with him and highly recommend going here for all ages❤️
First time customer, we will most definitely be back.
Everyone was so friendly, the atmosphere was nice.
They made us feel welcome like we've been there a million times.
Thank you for giving my son a great haircut experience.
Guess I caught dude on a bad day didn't listen to the style I wanted, almost clipped my ear with his clippers bc he didn't feel the need to you know bend your ear to go around it seemed like he didn't even wanna come it in the first place then didn't even finish the cut completely I had to trim the right side this morning bc he missed spots will not be going back straight trash. Ps I still tipped 18 dollars bc he didn't have change either.
Been there twice. Love, love, love how they do my hair. I’ve never been disappointed in the work they do. Dylan (I think that’s how you spell her name) is absolutely amazing!
Awesome place to get a haircut! Been going every few weeks for almost a year now and I've always had a great experience and haircut. Very nice and great staff.
Carlos is one of the few people I let near me my head and throat with a straight razor. Nothing like getting a clean shaved head when done right, this place does it right.
Great place never disappoint will keep going back
Good guys , good hair cuts. Clean

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