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Sassy Nails & Spa

+1 219-734-6690
6638 W U.S. Hwy 6, Portage, IN 46368 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

There was no wait this Tuesday (11:50 -12:15am), yet many quickly filed in shortly afterwards. The tech said her name was Kelly and she was passively friendly. The atmosphere was cool and the prices were about the same as others in the area. Not sure what was going on in that bowl in the restroom (stagnant film on the top), but overall it was clean. Too bad there were pesky gnats flying around and I wish the pedicure process was a little bit longer. Got the $40 peppermint pedicure and it took about 25 minutes. There were no steps missed and overall, I was satisfied.
Got charged 40$ for a no chip manicure and the next day the nail polish chipped. Also they're closed before the scheduled time on their hours of operation for when they're supposed to be closed I could have stayed home and came tomorrow to get this fixed. Ridiculous, it was 718pm when I pulled up to see that they were closed.
Hands down the best pedicure I’ve had in the area!
I didn’t make an appointment but was called back right away, no wait at all.
My tech was very friendly, meticulously, and I received at least a 20 minute foot/leg massage, about a 45 minute to an hour pedicure in total.
I went with the $50 option and added no chip and gems, the total ended up at $80; on par with other salons I’ve been to.
I rarely leave reviews but SassySpa Nails deserves
I arrived at 11am on a Thursday as a walk in. I guess that is the busy hour, because there were like four people in front of us. I stood there for a few minutes but no one acknowledged me until a guy brusquely told us to sit down. I was there for a kids manicure for my daughter. I signed in on their paper but that didn't matter because no one ever looked at it.
It was thirty minutes before anyone even asked me what we wanted to get done. Thirty minutes! I understand that as a walk in there would be a wait, but basic customer service dictates that you at least greet/acknowledge someone when they walk in the door. Other people came in and walked out because no one said anything to them.
The manicure was cute and the tech was nice to my daughter. But I would not return due to lack of customer service.
I can not say enough good things about Sassys! They are the best in Indiana!!! Johnnie and staff is always ready and willing to accommodate. I went last week and waited for my preferred nail tech, Johnnie was concerned that I would have a long wait. I insisted that my waiting was not an issue. Johnnie still made it a point to move some things around so that I didn’t have a long wait. I am a regular and the one time that a nail messed up a day after services, they made it right immediately.
Asked and showed a specific and simple design (medium length French tip) but instead she decided to do whatever she wanted and gave me short oval shaped nails no French tips and the nails were very uneven and poorly done and cost me $65! Never coming back way too over priced and not even worth the money.
I asked the tech to use the cone drill bit around my cuticles because they have cut me a few times using the other one. She didn’t use it and guess what, I was CUT on my cuticles and bleeding. She said they don’t have the cone bit after she cut me. It’s like they are trying to save on product by making the nails so thin. I feel as if they would break if I hit it against something. To top it off, I always get the shortest length I could. I went to pay, and the owner charged me $62!! (the $2 is for using my debit card!) For short nails with NO DESIGNS! I said I use to pay $45 with a $10 tip. He swears it never happened. I went back and looked at my bank statement to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and no, I’m not.. he’s crazy and he’s getting over on his customers that he cares nothing about. I won’t be back.
This is the second time I have visited Sassy’s and I’m in love! My tech today was so sweet and bubbly and gave me exactly what I wanted. She ended up waxing my brows too and did amazing. I highly recommend this salon.

Quick Facts About Sassy Nails & Spa

1. No wait time: One customer mentioned that there was no wait time at Sassy Nails & Spa, indicating that they have efficient service and can accommodate customers promptly.
2. Friendly technician: Multiple comments highlighted the friendliness of the technicians at Sassy Nails & Spa. This suggests that the staff possesses good customer service skills and creates a welcoming atmosphere for customers.
3. Cool atmosphere: One customer mentioned that the atmosphere at Sassy Nails & Spa was cool. This could imply that the salon has a modern and trendy vibe, which may attract younger customers.
4. Cleanliness: Despite one comment mentioning a bowl with stagnant film in the restroom, a different comment stated that overall the salon was clean. This indicates that Sassy Nails & Spa pays attention to cleanliness and hygiene standards.
5. Satisfaction with service: Several customers expressed satisfaction with the services they received at Sassy Nails & Spa. This suggests that the salon delivers quality and fulfilling nail treatments.
6. Best pedicure in the area: One customer stated that Sassy Nails & Spa provided the best pedicure in the area. This positive feedback indicates that the salon excels in this particular service and may have skilled technicians.
7. Accommodating staff: A regular customer mentioned that the staff at Sassy Nails & Spa is always ready and willing to accommodate their needs. This showcases the salon's commitment to customer satisfaction and personalized service.
1. Nail polish chip: One customer complained that their no-chip manicure chipped the next day. This suggests a potential issue with the quality or durability of the nail polish used at Sassy Nails & Spa.
2. Early closures: One customer mentioned that the salon closed earlier than their scheduled hours of operation. This indicates a lack of adherence to the stated opening and closing times, which can frustrate and inconvenience customers.
3. Lack of customer service: A customer complained about the lack of customer service at Sassy Nails & Spa. They mentioned that they were not acknowledged upon arrival, had to wait for thirty minutes without being attended to, and witnessed other customers leaving due to the lack of attention from staff. This highlights a significant weakness in their customer service skills and overall experience.
4. Price discrepancy: One customer mentioned that they were charged more than expected for their manicure. This indicates a potential issue with pricing transparency and accuracy at Sassy Nails & Spa.
5. Poor nail work: One customer expressed dissatisfaction with the nail work they received at Sassy Nails & Spa. They mentioned that their requested design was not followed, the nails were unevenly done, and the overall quality was poor. This suggests a lack of attention to detail and inconsistent workmanship.
6. Cuticle injury: Another customer stated that they were cut on their cuticles during their appointment. This indicates a potential lack of proper technique and attention to safety measures by the technicians at Sassy Nails & Spa.
7. Overcharging: A customer mentioned that they were overcharged for their service, and the owner denied their claim. This raises concerns about pricing transparency and honesty in the business practices of Sassy Nails & Spa.
In conclusion, Sassy Nails & Spa has strengths in prompt service, friendly staff, a cool atmosphere, cleanliness, and overall customer satisfaction. However, they have weaknesses in nail polish durability, adherence to operating hours, customer service, pricing accuracy, nail quality, attention to safety, and pricing transparency. These weaknesses indicate areas for improvement and potential concerns for customers seeking a consistent and positive experience at Sassy Nails & Spa.

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