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Sara's Hair Depot

+1 610-384-4353
207 E Lincoln Hwy, Coatesville, PA 19320 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Sara's Hair Depot

Sara's Hair Depot is a popular beauty store that offers a wide range of hair products, jewelry, and makeup. The comments provided by customers highlight several strengths and weaknesses of the store.
One of the main strengths of Sara's Hair Depot is its helpful and polite customer service. Customers appreciate the staff's willingness to assist and answer questions, making their shopping experience more enjoyable. Additionally, the store is praised for its large inventory of beauty products, including lashes, press-on nails, drawstring ponytails, and hair colors. Many customers specifically mention that they can find everything they need for their beauty needs at Sara's Hair Depot. This demonstrates that the store has a diverse range of products, catering to various customer preferences.
Another strength mentioned is the extensive selection of jewelry available at Sara's Hair Depot. Customers appreciate the range of gold-plated jewelry offered at reasonable prices. The quality of the jewelry is praised as well, with customers mentioning that it has not tarnished despite frequent use. This indicates that Sara's Hair Depot offers reliable and affordable jewelry options.
Customers also highlight the cleanliness and organization of the store. The large retail operation is neatly organized, making it easy for customers to find the products they are looking for. This attention to cleanliness and orderliness creates a positive shopping environment and enhances the overall customer experience.
While there are several strengths, there are also a few weaknesses mentioned by customers. One customer expresses frustration at the lack of marked prices on certain items. This lack of transparency can lead to confusion or potential overcharging. Another comment suggests that the store may sometimes sell old or incomplete hair packs to make customers buy more. This could potentially be viewed as manipulative or unethical business practices, and it may erode trust among customers.
Furthermore, one customer mentions that the store's atmosphere and overall vibe have changed negatively over time. This comment suggests a potential decline in the overall quality of the shopping experience at Sara's Hair Depot. While this is based on one individual's opinion, it indicates that there may be some inconsistencies in the store's performance.
In conclusion, Sara's Hair Depot has several strengths, including helpful customer service, a wide range of beauty products, and a variety of affordable jewelry options. The store is commended for its cleanliness and organization, creating a pleasant shopping environment. However, weaknesses such as the lack of marked prices and potential concerns regarding the quality of certain products have been mentioned. It is important for the store to address these weaknesses in order to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Very helpful with helping to find what you need and very polite customer service
I love Sara's, they have everything I need for my beauty needs. They have a huge inventory of lashes and all the accessories that go along with them. They have the largest inventory of press on nails that I have seen in this area. They have a lot of drawstring ponytails and the prices are excellent. This is the only place that I can find the hair color that I use. The staff is very helpful, if I have questions or suggestions they are happy to answer them or find someone that can answer them. They also have a large inventory of gold plated jewelry very nice prices I've used it often and it hasn't turned. They just have everything you can think of for your beauty needs, PERIODT
Extremely nice people and a great selection on jewelry, makeup, and hair products.
Good selection of hair and durags
A large retail operation, neatly organized and clean and packed to the rafters with a huge variety of merchandise. I went there to purchase hair for my wife's braids. I knew nothing of these matters so the owner, a lovely Korean woman who took the time to answer my questions and sell me the proper products.
Employees really know they stuff. Able to help u fulfill any style ur looking for prices are about average. A very large selection of all types of hair products. May have to put quarters in meter depending on time of day you go. You can get a ticket for not doing so.
So excited they are finally open again. Prices are great tons of supply and right around the corner, I can always spend more than expected when. I go in there!
Prices are not marked I feel like they uncharged on old hair and take hair put packs to sell half pack of hair to make you buy more. STAY AWAY I BEEN SHOPPING THERE FROM WHEN RUSTY'S WAS ALIVE AND THE WHOLE VIBE HAS CHANGED.

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