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Santa Clara Sports Barber Shop

+1 510-780-9735
24891 Santa Clara St, Hayward, CA 94544 United States of America
Open Today: 08:30 AM - 06:00 PM


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Best place to get your hair cut done , they got long wait, but it worth the wait, I am from chicago we get some hard to get Fads this place got me.. don’t wast ur time with other barber shop , those people hygienic and clean ???????????????????? most important the best Barber in Hayward !!!
I've been coming here for about 2 years but I'm sad and disappointed to say that it will be my last. I have been through too many ups and downs with this place. I liked the owner but a lot of the younger part of the team is only okay. On my last time there the guy with the beard, hat an unusually long chin, was I think purposely snagging my with the clippers making it a very painful experience to begin with. I'm sure he could feel it on the clippers but decided to continue anyway. Through out the haircut he would constantly stop and stare at the T.V for like 10 seconds including the parts where he was holding my head and neck in very uncomfortable positions. So the waiting was like 30 mins and the cut almost an hour. And to top things off the line up was actually the worst I had in my two years of going there. All these things plus his attitude really made it feel like he was doing a terrible job on purpose, which made me feel terrible and betrayed considering they charge $35 and I always tip them $5. I think its because previous times I would ask them to fix small things and he was holding some sort of resentment. So it's hit or miss with this place and I'm now going to another shop. I would not recommend it.
I recently got a hair cut there and I like how they move it's positive and the barbers help each other out I will be going back when I can't get to my regular barber
The man in this shop are so nice i will keep coming cross the bridge to let them cut my grandson hair he is 4 and most shop don't like to cut kids hair because they cry and move but not them they anybody
Had a great gut. The environment is friendly and energetic. Will definitely become a regular.
Great cut. I went towards the end of the day so naturally I was behind a few other people. The location seemed desired by others and many seemed to be waiting for specific barbers. Once I was in I felt taken care of. I was traveling through for work. But if I’m the area I would stop back through
I've been going to this barbershop for over 10 years. You never know how busy the place is -- they don't take appointments. So the wait times can be long and other times I can walk in and immediately get my hair cut. There is a waiting list to sign in at the front door on a clipboard. I go there every 3 months, they are very cool people, professional, and they take the time to do the job right.
Today was my first time taking my 12 year old son and I have to say Anthony did an awesome job on my son's fade. I've been talking him to salons, but they are always in a hurry and don't take the time to do a great job, something is always wrong. Anthony however, took his time and just made me so happy. My son's haircuts have never looked better than today. If you're looking for an over all great hair cut and great atmosphere and attitude look no further and drop on by. It's first come first serve, but it's worth the wait. Thank you Robert! Thank you Anthony! We'll be seeing you guys soon.
I dropped by today to have my son’s hair done my second time here and all I can say is DDAAM, these guys got skills.I waited for Rob he was taking care of two clients before me, ( It was worth the wait) while I was waiting it was crazy to see everyday hard working men, scruffy, hairy, coming in tired from a long days work, waiting for there turn, happily. One after another, each one coming out of that barber shop a different man. Even the way they walked out was different from when they walked in. They had a little more bounce, conference, and fresh new look from when they come in. I am telling you, if you are tired of having to go to a salon, where they rush just to get tips, your in the wrong place. I did this for twelve years with my son. Until I got fed up and said “No more”! I was tired of paying money and just being disappointed. Having to come home and fix his hair as best I could. Now I am not picky, but for men it’s different. They don’t do the makeup and all the things women do to make them selves up, there hair cut is the first thing you see. I have to say there wasn’t a man that didn’t come out of that shop unhappy with their hair. They come out with confidence knowing they were taken care of and that they looked the best they could. I will not stop raveling about these guys, they deserve all the accolades they can get. When your ready just go, done even think about going back to your old salon! They don’t do appointments it’s first come first serve but I promise you won’t be disappointed. Rob. Thank you as always! God Bless.

Quick Facts About Santa Clara Sports Barber Shop

Santa Clara Sports Barber Shop has several strengths that customers have highlighted in their comments. Firstly, many customers have praised the quality of haircuts they receive at the barbershop. One customer comments that it is the "best place to get your hair cut done," indicating that the barbers at Santa Clara Sports Barber Shop are skilled and capable of delivering a high-quality haircut. Another customer mentions that the barbers take their time to do the job right, suggesting that they prioritize precision and attention to detail.
Customers also appreciate the cleanliness and hygiene standards at Santa Clara Sports Barber Shop. One customer mentions that the shop is "hygienic and clean," indicating that the barbershop maintains a clean environment, which is a crucial consideration for many customers. Cleanliness and hygiene are important in the context of barber shops as customers expect a professional and safe environment for their haircuts.
The friendly and positive atmosphere of Santa Clara Sports Barber Shop is another strength mentioned by customers. One customer states that the barbers help each other out, indicating a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the barbers. Another customer comments that the environment is friendly and energetic, suggesting that the atmosphere in the barbershop is welcoming and enjoyable. A positive atmosphere can contribute to a pleasant customer experience and make customers feel comfortable and relaxed.
Customer loyalty is another strength of Santa Clara Sports Barber Shop. Multiple customers mention that they have been going to this barbershop for several years. One customer mentions that they have been a customer for over 10 years and appreciate the professionalism and quality of service they receive. Customer loyalty is often an indicator of a business's success and can be attributed to the trust and satisfaction that customers have in the services provided.
However, there are also some weaknesses that have been pointed out by customers. One customer expresses disappointment with their experience, mentioning that there were some issues with the haircut they received. They mention that the barber seemed distracted and was not attentive during the haircut, which resulted in a painful experience. Another weakness mentioned is the long wait times at Santa Clara Sports Barber Shop. One customer mentions that the waiting time was around 30 minutes and the haircut itself took almost an hour. For customers who value efficiency and prompt service, the long wait times may be a drawback.
Furthermore, the lack of appointment system at Santa Clara Sports Barber Shop is seen as a weakness by some customers. One customer mentions that they never know how busy the place is and that wait times can be unpredictable. This lack of organization may be inconvenient for customers who prefer to plan their appointments in advance or have time constraints.
In conclusion, Santa Clara Sports Barber Shop has several strengths that include high-quality haircuts, cleanliness, a friendly atmosphere, and customer loyalty. However, there are some weaknesses, such as long wait times, occasional issues with service quality, and the lack of an appointment system. Despite these weaknesses, the positive aspects of the barbershop mentioned by many customers indicate that it is a reputable and reliable place to get a haircut. It is important for the barbershop to address the weaknesses and improve its service quality and efficiency to ensure customer satisfaction.

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