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Sandro Sandwich Bar

+44 20 7723 9847
22 Spring St, Tyburnia, London W2 1JA United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Sandro Sandwich Bar

Sandro Sandwich Bar appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, customers praise the affordability of the prices, highlighting that it is a small store with cheap prices. This indicates that Sandro Sandwich Bar offers affordable options for customers, making it an attractive choice. Additionally, customers appreciate the good selection of breakfast options and international dishes, making it a versatile choice for different tastes and preferences. This demonstrates that Sandro Sandwich Bar is able to cater to a wide range of customers.
The friendly service is also mentioned multiple times in the comments. Customers highlight the friendly and pleasant staff, who provide detailed explanations and recommendations. This suggests that Sandro Sandwich Bar places importance on providing good customer service, which can enhance the overall dining experience for customers.
The food at Sandro Sandwich Bar is consistently praised for being delicious. Customers comment on the tasty meals they had, including the Full English Breakfast, sandwiches, and cakes. This positive feedback indicates that Sandro Sandwich Bar maintains a high standard of food quality, which is appealing to customers.
Furthermore, customers appreciate the portion sizes at Sandro Sandwich Bar. They mention that the portion sizes are just right for a good start to the day, indicating that Sandro Sandwich Bar provides satisfying meals. This suggests that customers are able to get a fulfilling and enjoyable dining experience at Sandro Sandwich Bar.
The quick service is also highlighted by customers. They mention that the food comes out quickly, allowing them to visit before leaving from Paddington station. This efficient service can be seen as a strength, as it caters to customers who may have time constraints and need a quick meal.
Another strength that can be inferred from the comments is the comfortable atmosphere at Sandro Sandwich Bar. Customers mention that they felt at ease and enjoyed the friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. This positive ambiance can contribute to an overall positive dining experience for customers.
Despite the mostly positive comments, there are a few weaknesses that can be identified. Firstly, one customer mentions that they had dry toast with margarine and cheese or ham for £3, which can be seen as a negative aspect in terms of value for money. This suggests that some customers may feel that certain items on the menu are not worth the price.
Additionally, one comment mentions that they saw no indication of bad hygiene practices during their visit. Although this does not necessarily indicate a weakness, it does raise the possibility that hygiene practices may not be visible or emphasized enough for customers. Thus, it would be beneficial for Sandro Sandwich Bar to communicate and highlight their hygiene practices to assure customers of their cleanliness.
In conclusion, Sandro Sandwich Bar has several strengths based on the comments provided, including affordable prices, good food selection, friendly service, delicious food, satisfying portion sizes, quick service, and a comfortable atmosphere. However, there are some weaknesses to consider, such as potential discrepancies in value for money and the need to better communicate hygiene practices to customers. Overall, these strengths contribute to Sandro Sandwich Bar's appeal as a dining destination.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Ein kleiner Laden um die Ecke mit günstigen Preisen und einer guten Auswahl an Frühstück, internationalen Gerichten (eher wie ein Imbiss) und Kuchen. Der Service war sehr freundlich und das Essen sehr lecker. Auch die Größe der Portion war genau richtig, für einen guten Start in den Tag:)
Zwei trockene Scheiben Toast mit Margarine und Käse oder Schinken….. für £3
잉글리쉬 블랙퍼스트와 콜라를 먹었다.
에너지가 넘치고 기분 좋은 느낌을 받을 수 있다.
음식도 맛있는 편이며 가성비도 좋은 편.
음식도 빨리 나오기 때문에 패딩턴 역에서 어디론가
떠나기 전 방문하기 매우 좋다.
Sandro is one of those little gems you find every now and then when in London.
A 1min walk from Paddington underground station. I had the £5.50 breakfast with a cup of coffee added.
The food was cooked to order and I saw no indication of bad hygiene practice as seen in another review. The staff were friendly and polite to all customers during my visit. There was a steady stream of customers during my visit at 10am and it never felt over crowded.
Seating inside and out. Plenty of sandwich fillings on display to choose from.
If this review was informative enough for you give it a thumbs up for others to see.
Amei, comi o Full English Breakfast e fui muito bem atendida, não me arrependi de ter escolhido o Sandro para provar essa delícia, foi bom também conversar em português depois de alguns dias na cidade. Comida deliciosa, o expresso também estava muito bom, super recomendo, preço super bom, lugar em que você se sente a vontade.
사장님이 유쾌하시고 친절하세요! 하나하나 설명해주시고 베스트도 추천해주셨어요~~!! 가격도 착합니다
Excellent English breakfast, excellent sandwiches and very polite staff. I was there for my English vacation and I have really appreciated the food's quality.
I'd like to thank all of you because when we were in there, we felt like home!
Greetings from your Italian customers!
Ciao e grazie di tutto! Speriamo di rivederci presto!! ❤️???????????????? Muito Obrigado!! ????
Really enjoyable atmosphere, nice and friendly and food is amazing ????

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  • Great tea selection
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  • Good for kids
  • Casual
  • NFC mobile payments


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