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Salon Santo Domingo

+1 201-985-9995
266 Fairmount Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306 United States of America
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Love these Ladies and they do great work.
The hair wash from my two girls always on point . It’s like having a head massage.
And my roller set is always the best ! ????????????
Went here and as for a wash and straight dry lady keep telling me I need Curlers than dry I say I can’t handle all that heat due to migraine and she was like we can’t wash and straight dry due to your hair texture *im Dominican with soft curly Indian hair texture* I always wash and dry and never in my life had someone told me I can’t anyways end of story she refuse to wash and dry and told me I can leave! What happened to what the customer want and paying for? Is not like I’m bleaching or color* I felt they are very unprofessional and unreasonable! Never again
Beautiful family owned business they specialize in all types of hair natural straight etc they are nice mother and daughters business a little pricey but overall they do amazing work
To pricey they have posted one price then wen u speak to them it turn way more than it actual price 45 wash and Set then charge 10 dollars extra if want flat iron never in my heard of such a thing but I guess everyone has to make money some how never ever would I go there.
Excelente lugar, super limpio y organizado.
Fui por un pedicure 10/10 y por un lavado y rolos y super tambien! Volveré pronto!
1st time visit. My wait wasn't long. Mami gave me 2, good washes and my hair was sweeky clean. The next lady blew my roots perfect! These ladies know their Work! Will return, and recommend!
I'm natural I love that they take their time with my hair....however i hate that they make up different prices everytime i go! Consistency is key but they will run clients away with the price changing!!!!!
The people were extremely friendly when I went to the salon however, I was surprised when I asked how much it would be to simply wash my hair and blow dry it, they said they could not just blow dry it. They said their process is to use rollers and sit you under the dryer. I said ok that is fine if you do that then there is no need to blow dry my whole hair afterwards just blow dry the root. They said no problem it will be $55 and I almost fell off the chair! I said $55 to wash my hair, put rollers on, and to blow dry just the root? I had to make sure the lady understood English. She did. I pay $30 for that same service at the doobie shop in Newark.

Quick Facts About Salon Santo Domingo

Salon Santo Domingo has several strengths that are highlighted in the comments. For one, many customers praise the salon for the great work that they do. This shows that the stylists are skilled and capable of delivering satisfying results to their clients. Additionally, the comment about the hair wash being like a head massage indicates that the salon provides a satisfying and relaxing experience for their customers. This attention to detail and customer comfort is another strength of the salon.
Another strength mentioned in the comments is that Salon Santo Domingo specializes in all types of hair, including natural and straight hair. This suggests that the stylists are knowledgeable and experienced in working with different hair textures, making the salon a suitable choice for a diverse range of customers. The fact that the salon is a family-owned business is also seen as a positive aspect, as it adds a personal touch and creates a friendly atmosphere.
However, along with the strengths, there are also some weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One common concern is the pricing of the salon. Some customers feel that the prices are too high or that they were deceived by advertised prices that ended up being higher than expected. This inconsistency and lack of transparency in pricing can create a negative impression and potentially drive customers away.
Another weakness mentioned in the comments is the issue of communication and understanding between the stylists and customers. In one comment, a customer explains how they had difficulties conveying their preferences and ended up feeling frustrated and misunderstood. This suggests a possible communication barrier that could lead to misunderstandings and unsatisfactory experiences for customers.
Based on these comments, Salon Santo Domingo's strengths include the quality of their work, the attention to customer comfort, their expertise in working with different hair textures, and the personal touch of being a family-owned business. However, the weaknesses include pricing inconsistencies and communication issues. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to provide a more satisfying and professional experience for their customers.

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