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Salon Emage Day Spa

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51 E Lee St, Warrenton, VA 20186 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Salon Emage Day Spa

Salon Emage Day Spa has received a mix of positive and negative feedback from customers. It is important to analyze these comments in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the spa.
Starting with the positive comments, it is clear that Salon Emage Day Spa excels in providing hair and makeup services for weddings. One reviewer specifically mentioned that the bride looked gorgeous all day, despite the hot and sunny weather. The reviewer highly recommends Salon Emage Day Spa for anyone getting married in the area. This demonstrates the spa's capability to provide long-lasting and high-quality hair and makeup services for special occasions.
Another positive comment highlights the positive experience of a customer who went to the spa for a haircut and style. The staff was described as sweet, and the salon itself was praised for its beauty. The customer was satisfied with the haircut and overall experience. This suggests that Salon Emage Day Spa has skilled stylists and provides a pleasant environment for customers.
Additionally, one customer had a wonderful 90-minute full massage by Shane and expressed gratitude for the tips and the quality of the massage. This positive experience indicates that Salon Emage Day Spa is successful in providing relaxing and effective massage services.
Moving on to the negative comments, one customer expressed dissatisfaction with the spa's payment system. They used a gift card to pay for their haircut, but were disappointed to find out that they needed to use their credit card to tip the stylists. This experience left them with a remaining balance on the gift card and feeling like they were in debt. This highlights a weakness in the spa's payment process and suggests that they may need to improve their gift card redemption system.
Another negative comment pertains to a customer's experience with a reservation. They had made a reservation for their mother's haircut in advance for her 80th birthday, but were later informed that they had to cancel due to a wedding booking. The customer felt that the salon should have known about the wedding beforehand and found the woman who called them to be condescending and dismissive. This incident indicates a lack of organization and communication within the salon, leading to customer disappointment and frustration.
Lastly, one comment praises the stylist, Lisa, for her excellent service and attention to detail. The customer appreciated Lisa's willingness to understand their preferences and show them pictures to ensure they achieved the desired result. This suggests that Salon Emage Day Spa has talented and attentive stylists who strive to meet their clients' needs.
Based on the comments, the strengths of Salon Emage Day Spa include their ability to provide exceptional hair and makeup services for weddings, skilled stylists, a pleasant salon environment, and excellent customer service from certain staff members. However, areas that require improvement include the payment system for gift cards, organization and communication for reservations, and maintaining consistency in customer service.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Salon Emage did a wonderful job on hair and makeup for one of our brides in Spring 2022! She looked gorgeous all day despite being out in hot and sunny weather much of the day. I would highly recommend them to anyone getting married in the area!
went to salon emage today for a much needed haircut and style. the staff was all so sweet and the salon is so beautiful! my haircut didn’t take long at all and i’m so happy with it. the only downfall would be that i used a gift card to pay today as i am not one to normally treat myself. however. it didn’t feel like much of a gift having to swipe my credit card at the end in order to tip my stylists. so now i have a gift card with not enough for a future haircut and i’m 30 bucks in the hole. just bring cash when you go to salon emage in case!
Wonderful 90 min full massage by Shane, really helped my body to release tensions and identify porblem areas. Thanks for the tips and the fantastic massage! Will be back again
Thank you Salon Emage Day Spa for being the absolute best for wedding hair and make-up. Everything was so smooth from booking the appointments, to the day of, thanks to Karen! Grace and Charla did my hair and make-up which lasted the entire night! I didn't have to worry once about my hair coming loose or my make-up coming off. The bridal party looked beautiful and loved their hair and make-up too. Everything was perfect and I couldn't have asked for a better salon. Thanks again!
-Laura R
Emage is a full service spa that includes services for facials, hair maintenance, and body massage. The staff are professional, courteous, and compassionate, and the facility is warm and inviting. It's truly an oasis for the senses!
I would like to rate it a zero. But I have not been there. I made a reservation for my mother for her 80th birthday to have her haircut. weeks ago. Over a month ahead of time, now they call me and tell me that they have a wedding booked and oh boy you can’t get a haircut that day. And you’re telling me that they didn’t know they had a wedding months and months and months ago? The woman who called me was absolutely condescending and dismissive. Saying that something happened to the owner and blah blah blah, which may have been the case, but I’m sorry if I own a business I’m getting people to pick up the slack and obviously this person who called me wasn’t that person. Obviously these people really don’t care about anything. So I would be hesitant in going to the spa for any treatment much less haircut. Forget it.
I just moved to Warrenton last June, 2021. Finding a new salon and stylist, for anyone who has ever moved, can be a very painful process. Lisa was recommended by a friend and I have to tell you she is so wonderful! I've never had a stylist ask me so many questions and actually show me pictures of different colors and styles to get an idea of what I was going for. She truly wanted to know exactly what I was going for. Plus the salon has a really fun vibe. My 5 year old daughter saw Lisa two days later as well and totally loved her first salon experience. We have found our little glam up corner of the world!
Grace from Salon Emage came out to my wedding venue for hair and makeup. She did a FANTASTIC job. My hair and makeup lasted perfectly all evening, through wind, tears and cake to the face. Really awesome!

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