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Sakura Nails & Spa -Goodman Rd

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6399 Goodman Rd #112, Olive Branch, MS 38654 United States of America
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Sakura Nails & Spa on Goodman Rd has received mixed feedback from customers, with both positive and negative experiences reported. This analysis will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment based on the comments provided.
One of the major weaknesses mentioned by a patron is the issue of hidden fees. The customer claims that the technician changed the price of the service after it was rendered and tried to charge more than initially agreed upon. This raises concerns about the transparency of the pricing and the integrity of the staff. Hidden fees can significantly impact customer trust and satisfaction, and may lead to a negative reputation for the business.
Another negative aspect highlighted by a customer is the poor quality of the nail service. The customer states that their nails cracked shortly after getting them done, which suggests that the technicians may not have a high level of skill or attention to detail. Additionally, the customer faced difficulties in receiving assistance for the issue, as the staff claimed they were closed and deferred responsibility for the problem. This lack of accountability and customer support reflects poorly on the establishment.
Furthermore, one customer accuses the staff of being scammers. The customer claims to have purchased a gift card with a one-year expiration date but was told they could not use it when they attempted to redeem it. Inconsistency in information and poor customer service were reported, leading to frustration and disappointment. This incident highlights a lack of professionalism and customer-oriented practices.
Additionally, multiple negative reviews mention issues with the staff's abilities and attitude. Customers express dissatisfaction with the quality of the nail service, claiming that the technicians did not follow their requests and left them with nails they did not want. There are also complaints about the wait time due to the limited number of technicians who can perform fill-ins. These incidents suggest a lack of training and organization within the establishment, impacting the overall customer experience.
On the other hand, positive comments praise the friendliness and skill of the staff. Customers mention that the nail specialists were nice, engaging in conversations and providing good service. A great pedicure and a pleasant conversation were also highlighted as good experiences. These positive reviews show that some customers have had satisfying interactions and results with the staff at Sakura Nails & Spa.
In conclusion, Sakura Nails & Spa on Goodman Rd has strengths in terms of friendly staff and satisfactory service for some customers. However, the establishment has significant weaknesses in terms of hidden fees, poor quality nail service, inconsistent information regarding gift cards, and issues with staff abilities and attitude. These weaknesses can greatly impact customer trust and overall satisfaction, undermining the reputation of the business.

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Patrons beware‼️‼️‼️This establishment charges hidden fees at the register. I asked the technician the price for my service PRIOR to having a seat. Once services were rendered, I witnessed my nail tech bring me the service sheet with one set of prices and return after I had given her my card to pay. I noticed she changed the 2 in $20 to a 3 reflecting $30. I asked her about the change in stated fees, and she mumbled something to her coworkers in their native language. I will not be returning to give them any further business. Use at your own risk, ladies and gentlemen ‼️‼️‼️
I got my nails done on Sunday. I came to this location based on the reviews. I had seen that some people had problems with their nails cracking, but I wanted to give them a chance anyway. Today is Friday and this is what my nails look like. I came to the shop at 6:30, they don't close until 7 according to their schedule, but they told me that they were closed. When I showed the young lady my nails and asked her what did I need to do, one of the other ladies said that we only have 3 days to come back if a nail gets messed up. I work, so today was my 1st day being able to get back. And then the lady told me that I would have to pay for a soak off and for a new set of dip nails (45.00 more dollars). This is totally unacceptable. I will not be returning here.
SCAMMERS!! I bought a gift card and there was an expiration date so I called to see if I could use it still and the lady that answered the phone said YES! she even stated that there was a year expiration date and wasn’t certain why the cut off. Mind you it was bought this year in May!
Not even 5 minutes later, she called back and made up an excuse that I could not use it! So I asked why was I told otherwise not even 5 minutes later. She couldn’t explain. I asked for the manager and owner and the hefa said they weren’t there and out of town! I then asked her to explain the reasoning again so she HUNG UP! I called back several times and they didn’t answer! BAD BUSINESS! I would’ve given 0 stars if I could! Idiots!
charged me $65 for nails i could’ve done better. told them 3+ times i did NOT want coffin nails i wantes tapered square & requested medium long- somehow left with short coffin. switched people 4 times & cut me 5+ times. took 1.5 hours which isnt horrible but they were not busy & we’re almost finished with the customers they had. the nails are extremely thin & i doubt they will make it past the weekend. if i wasnt in a rush & didnt have places to be i would have complained & not paid. i have never been more disappointed in nails than i have tonight.
Loved the old shop. This shop now has a new owner. She cannot do nails, if you tell her that she did something wrong, she gets a attitude. She is the only person that do the fill-ins so the wait time is ridiculous. Truly a waste of money.
This is a great place to go, for Amazing Nails & Great pedicures. The ladies are friendly, & great at what they do.
Great service! I was very happy with how my nail turned out. The nail specialist was so nice and I enjoyed our conversation.
0/10 Definitely would NOT recommend!!! I didn’t get the tech name but she’s in seat 1….. she definitely needs to work on her craft and customer service!! Acrylic was running all over my hand and the set is HORRIBLE!! When I tried to give pointers on how I’d like my nails she got an attitude and got very rough !! If you lack patience you shouldn’t be in the service industry

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