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Rupi Eyebrow Place

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667 Van Houten Ave, Clifton, NJ 07013 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I love Rupi's and all her girls. I always leave her establishment in Clifton feeling fresh and beautiful. I have done my eyebrows, lashes, and facials with her and always am so satisfied with all her services. I recently started going to her Pearl River location to start laser treatments. She is so passionate about what she does which is why I feel safe and know I am in good hands when she is treating me. If you're someone like me that loves to take care of herself, let Rupi and her staff take care of you!
This eyebrow place is amazing ! I come once a week for my eyebrows and I get my lashes done. The best are the facials, my skin has made such progress after Rupi’s facials! I highly recommend this salon for all your beauty needs.
I’ve been coming to this place for years now, and I just had the worst experience ever. The person that just did my eyebrows obviously didn’t even know what he was doing and truly messed up my eyebrows. My eyebrows aren’t even and very patchy and overall very messy; when all I really asked for was a clean up. Then on top of that he cut me up really badly in multiple spots. I have a wedding to attend and my eyebrows look horrible and they hurt.Definitely not a trust worthy place!
Found this place from a quick Google search since I was in the area. It's had been 5 months since I had my eyebrows threaded so they were a mess. The woman who did my brows was amazing. I believe she said her name was Riva. Probably the fastest and least painful threading I've ever had and she absolutely nailed the shape. I'll definitely stop in here again.
Eyebrows laminated: I was a bit nervous but had to try it out. I will say I'm so glad I did, my eyebrows look so nice and fuller. This place was very clean and relaxing. l definitely recommend.
Sheetal was amazing super friendly and my lash lift and eyebrow lamination came out beautiful!! i’ll definitely be back for her ❤️
I love having Tina doing my eyebrows! She is very patient and properly takes care of her customer. I definitely recommend asking for her she is the only who has been doing my eyebrows and they are much better now! Very nice place and location! Neat work place and lovely staff! They do a good service and very low prices compared to other places!
First time coming here and first time getting a lash lift/tint and brow lamination. Love the results! Made sure I was relaxed and comfortable. Great service. Definitely will return. Thank you!!

Quick Facts About Rupi Eyebrow Place

Rupi Eyebrow Place, based on the comments provided, appears to have several strengths and weaknesses.
Strengths: 1. Customer satisfaction: Many customers express their satisfaction with the services provided by Rupi Eyebrow Place. They mention feeling fresh, beautiful, and highly satisfied after receiving treatments such as eyebrow shaping, lash lifts, and facials. This indicates that the establishment delivers high-quality services that meet and exceed customer expectations.
2. Passionate and skilled staff: Commenters repeatedly mention the passion and skill of Rupi and her team, which instills confidence in the customers. A passionate staff usually indicates a commitment to excellence and a desire to provide the best possible service.
3. Variety of services: Rupi Eyebrow Place offers a wide range of beauty services, including eyebrow shaping, lash lifts, facials, and laser treatments. This allows customers to have multiple beauty needs fulfilled at a single location, making it a convenient choice for those looking for comprehensive beauty services.
4. Positive reviews for specific staff members: Several reviewers specifically mention the skills and professionalism of individual staff members such as Riva and Sheetal. This indicates that there are competent and well-trained employees at Rupi Eyebrow Place who consistently deliver excellent results.
5. Clean and relaxing environment: Customers appreciate the cleanliness and relaxing atmosphere of the establishment. A clean and pleasant environment contributes to the overall positive experience and makes customers feel comfortable during their treatments.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent quality: One negative review recounts a bad experience at Rupi Eyebrow Place, where the customer received poorly done eyebrows and had several cuts. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of services provided. The establishment should ensure that all staff members deliver consistent and high-quality results to maintain customer satisfaction.
2. Trustworthiness concerns: The negative review also mentions a lack of trustworthiness, indicating that the customer did not feel confident in the skills of the staff member who performed the service. This is a significant weakness, as trust is crucial in the beauty industry where clients rely on professionals to enhance their appearance.
3. Lack of consistency in customer experience: While many customers express satisfaction with the services, there is no mention of consistency in their experiences. In order to build a strong reputation and retain customers, it is important for Rupi Eyebrow Place to ensure that every customer consistently receives a positive experience.
4. Limited information on pricing: While one reviewer mentions that the prices at Rupi Eyebrow Place are lower compared to other places, there is limited information available on the pricing structure of the establishment. Providing transparent pricing information can help potential customers make informed decisions and enhance the overall customer experience.
In conclusion, Rupi Eyebrow Place has several strengths such as customer satisfaction, passionate and skilled staff, a variety of services, positive reviews for specific staff members, and a clean environment. However, there are some weaknesses such as inconsistent quality, concerns about trustworthiness, lack of consistency in customer experience, and limited information on pricing. By addressing these weaknesses and building on their strengths, Rupi Eyebrow Place can further improve their reputation and ensure customer loyalty.

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