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Royal Nails & Hair Salon

+1 918-609-5052
11640 East 86th St N, Owasso, OK 74055 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

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Been going there 5 years. Pedicure was rushed through in record time. 12 minute massage in 5 minutes. Pretended to trim my cuticles. Could not get an easy design. Went home and removed sloppy polish. But I did get to pay. Oh and rubbed some of the skin off the side of my foot instead of the callous.
Tony is my amazing pedi guy! I am extremely ticklish and it’s been years since I have found someone that is able to give me a full pedicure. I can’t begin to express how good the massage is!! Tony is your guy if you would like to find out! Price is reasonable, very professional staff and this will be the only place I go from now on???????? Oh and they have kiddo pedi chairs and my girls love it! Thank you so much Royal!
I come In quite often and get shellac manicures and sometimes shellac pedicures. The last time I had waited over an hour, wasn’t greeted and when taken care of it wasn’t a good experience then got over charged and was suppose to receive a free service. I went in yesterday for a shellac manicure and unfortunately my nails are not even with color and have this weird color coming through the top coat easier to see what is happening in person and again charged for this service after I wasn’t suppose to be this time due to faults of last visit. I’m disappointed and wondering why things have changed their and why this keeps happening?
If I could give it 0 and still review i would went in and got the shellac mani pedi and my finger nails are horrible Kevin cut 2 of my fingers with a file and didn't even paint my full nail looks like I need them repainted and I just got them done Saturday
Absolutely LOVE this salon. Have never walked out disappointed. Have used multiple nail techs here and while each has their own style the sets are always FLAWLESS.
I’ve been going here for the past few months but will more than likely not be back. While my pedi was great (one lady) my dip powder was horrible (another lady). The lady who did my dip powder on my nails cut me multiple (3) times with the drill. The sides of my finger nails are raw. When I told her that I was bleeding and it stung she said sorry and blamed the color of the powder for not seeing that she was sawing off the sides of my nails. I’m thoroughly disappointed because I thought I found a place but now need to start looking for a new nail place.
I got there about 625, the man that sits in front greeted me promptly and was really nice. Had me pick color and he was ready. It looked like they were closing which they were but he didn't complain or anything. Very nice great job on my nails and I got the mermaid collection and it looks great. Hasnt been on long and I've had ALOt of compliments already!! I work at a business close to there and I was recommended by several of my customers and I will be going back
I got sat down and waited an hour for service. By this time I didn’t have time to sit there for another hour so I just told them I wanted my nails filed and clear nail polish. My nails ended up looking like I had red nail polish that stained my nails. The shape was uneven and they did not look good. I took the picture right after my visit.

Quick Facts About Royal Nails & Hair Salon

1. Time-Tested Customer Loyalty: One commenter mentioned that they have been going to Royal Nails & Hair Salon for five years. This indicates that the salon has established a sense of trust and loyalty with its customers over time.
2. Exceptional Pedicures: Tony, a specific pedicurist at the salon, has received praise for his ability to provide a full pedicure without the client feeling ticklish. This indicates that the salon has skilled staff members who cater to individual customer needs.
3. Reasonable Prices: Another positive comment highlighted the salon's reasonable prices. This suggests that Royal Nails & Hair Salon offers competitive pricing in comparison to other salons in the area.
4. Professional Staff: One comment mentioned the professionalism of the salon's staff. This indicates that the salon values professionalism and may prioritize providing a positive customer experience.
5. Kid-Friendly Environment: The salon offers kiddo pedi chairs, which commenters have expressed appreciation for. This suggests that the salon is accommodating to families and provides a welcoming environment for children.
1. Rushed Services: A commenter complained that their pedicure was rushed through in record time, with the massage and cuticle trimming being done hastily. This suggests that the salon may prioritize speed over providing thorough and quality services.
2. Inability to Create Designs: One commenter expressed frustration over not being able to get an easy design. This may indicate limitations in the salon's ability to offer a wide range of nail designs, potentially restricting customers' choices.
3. Sloppy Polish Application: A commenter mentioned that they had to remove sloppy polish at home after their salon visit. This indicates that the salon's nail technicians may lack attention to detail and skill in applying polish.
4. Inconsistent Experiences: Another commenter shared a negative experience of being overcharged and not receiving a free service that was promised due to faults during the previous visit. This suggests a lack of consistency in the salon's service quality and customer satisfaction.
5. Lack of Quality Control: A commenter stated that they experienced subpar nail services, including uneven nails, after waiting for an hour. This indicates that the salon may lack proper quality control measures and fail to deliver consistent results.
6. Customer Injury: One commenter mentioned being cut multiple times during a dip powder service, resulting in raw skin. This indicates a lack of attention to customer safety and potential negligence during service procedures.
7. Poor Nail Appearance: A commenter expressed dissatisfaction with their nails looking like they were stained with red polish and having an uneven shape. This suggests that the salon's nail technicians may not possess the necessary skills for providing high-quality nail services.
Overall, while Royal Nails & Hair Salon has some strengths, such as customer loyalty and reasonable prices, its weaknesses, such as rushed services, inconsistent experiences, and possible lack of quality control, may hinder its ability to provide consistently excellent services to its customers.

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