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Royal George Inn

+44 1900 606821
14 Cross Hill, Workington CA14 4ER United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best pensioners lunch in the District, from 12 to 2pm. Prompt and courteous.
Tasty, quality food, generous portions; you won't find it cheaper anywhere else!
A very enjoyable lunch. Another 4 happy customers????
Had a meal today here and it was lovely! I had the "George burger" and it was delicious. For desert I got the "chocolate fudge brownie" which was also very good. Staff were very welcoming and efficient in taking and delivering orders. Bathrooms could do with a bit of a touch up but asides that a great place to go for a meal
Been here a few times now good food and a great choice and very polite staff
Haven't been here for a good few months as felt it wasn't as good as it used to be. New owners and what a difference! Two meals for £11, and two desserts for £7. Extremely generous portions, all piping hot, excellent value for money and very pleasant staff, including the owner who came from behind the bar to chat with us about his new venture. Well worth a visit, we'll definitely be back.
Great food and service for a party if 18 . Great communication also. Thanks so much for accommodating us. We will definitely be back.
If you want good food at cheap prices then I'd recommend this little local pub ????
Really nice place - dog friendly and welcoming too, decent ales and food too ????
Always fantastic, never been disappointed with a meal I had there

Quick Facts About Royal George Inn

The Royal George Inn seems to have several strengths based on the comments provided. One of the notable strengths is its pensioners lunch from 12 to 2 pm. Customers have consistently praised the lunch, claiming it is the best in the district. This indicates that the inn caters to the older population and provides a suitable menu for their needs. Additionally, customers appreciate the prompt and courteous service. This suggests that the staff is efficient and attentive, creating a positive dining experience.
The second strength mentioned in the comments is the quality and taste of the food. Customers mention that the food is tasty and of high quality. They also highlight that the portions are generous and that it is difficult to find such value for money elsewhere. This indicates that the inn prioritizes serving delicious food and providing good portion sizes, which are important factors for customer satisfaction.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the enjoyable experience customers had during their visit. One comment mentions that four customers left happy after their meal, while another comment highlights the lovely experience and good food. This suggests that the inn creates a pleasant atmosphere for its customers and offers a positive dining experience overall.
The welcoming and efficient staff is another strength that customers mention. Several comments emphasize the politeness and efficiency of the staff, indicating that the service provided is of high quality. This is crucial in forming a positive impression on customers and leaving them satisfied with their experience.
The comment about the owner engaging with customers and chatting about his new venture also indicates a strength of the inn. This personal touch from the owner creates a connection with customers and shows that they are invested in their business and customer satisfaction.
Additionally, the inn seems capable of accommodating large groups, as mentioned in one of the comments. Customers appreciate the great communication and service received when organizing a party of 18. This shows that the inn is capable of catering to large groups and providing satisfactory service.
On the other hand, there are a few weaknesses that can be inferred from the comments. One comment mentions that the bathrooms could do with a touch-up. Although this is a minor issue, it suggests that the inn may need to improve its facilities to enhance the overall customer experience.
Another comment mentions that the inn had declined in quality under previous owners but improved significantly under new ownership. This suggests that there may have been issues with the previous management, potentially in terms of food quality or service. While this weakness has been addressed by the new owners, it indicates that the inn may have had some inconsistencies in the past.
In conclusion, the Royal George Inn has several strengths that include providing the best pensioners lunch in the district, offering tasty food with generous portions, and maintaining prompt and courteous service. The inn also creates a pleasant dining experience, has welcoming and efficient staff, and can accommodate large groups. However, there are a few weaknesses indicated, such as bathroom conditions and past inconsistency under previous ownership. Nonetheless, based on the overwhelmingly positive comments, the Royal George Inn seems to be a popular choice for those seeking good quality food at reasonable prices, accompanied by excellent service.

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