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Rossi's Ices

+44 1305 785557
92 Esplanade, Weymouth DT4 7AT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
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  • Family friendly
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  • Transgender safe space
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Natural ice cream? No-go.
Wässrige Eisstücke im Eis, viele Eiskristalle und definitiv zu eisig temperiert. Der Geschmack (das Schild sagt bereits, es schmecke NICHT nach Vanille!) ist definitiv schwer zu bestimmen- es schmeckt wirklich nach nicht viel.
Es gibt Lemon, Natural oder Raspberry.
Die Mitarbeiter sind schnell mit der Cash-Maschine bei der Hand, das freundliche Bedienen ist allerdings nicht enthalten.
Familienunternehmen unterstützt man gerne, aber die Eisqualität ist zu schlecht.
TIPP: Geht zur Eisdiele „Boho Gelato“ ein paar Meter ums Eck- hier schmeckt es super, alle sind sehr freundlich, die Auswahl ist toll!
The most beautiful ice cream I've EVER tasted!! I've tried raspberry and Chocolate and they are both AMAZING!! I think the price is fab, as I've paid more for alot less quality than this! It's truly beautiful ???? actually can't wait to come on holiday again next year to get my fix ❤️
Good traditional ice cream, tastes even better while strolling along the promenade, careful of the seagulls though
Look people stop buying all the whippy rubbish along the seafront as there is only one ice-cream you should be enjoying.....Rossi's Ices probably the best ice-cream IN THE WORLD!
I love the ice cream here and very reasonable price compared to others in Weymouth. My only suggestion is if you have a tub it comes with a wooden spoon, personally I can bare the texture of it. So either use your own spoon or get a cone. I know it's eco friendly, it's just a personal thing. But amazing ice cream.
I've been coming here since I was a child and still to this day i will travel to get myself a gorgeous Rossi's. One ice-cream is never enough so always go back for 2nds. Thank you for making Summer no matter what the weather x
Wow. Best ice cream in Weymouth. So nice. We tried it once and had to keep going back each day for a week to make sure the quality stayed the same. I can confirm that it maintained its extremely high standards. Well done Rossi's. You're the best ????
Vanilla,or not vanilla...Rossi's ice cream parlour...
Compared too some along Weymouth seafront,Rossi's ices are far more creamy.some go for the cheap option ,down the cash and carry and it shows....a funny after taste ...
Where Rossini fails ,is the cone I had ,it was hard..the ice cream was fantastic,being of Italian descendant you come too expect that,but the cone was so hard...let it down..the price is in keeping with rest ,nearer the harbour the price for everything soars..????????????

Quick Facts About Rossi's Ices

Rossi's Ices is a family-owned ice cream parlour located in Weymouth. While there are positive comments about the taste and affordability of their ice cream, there are also some criticisms regarding the quality and texture. In this analysis, we will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of Rossi's Ices based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths of Rossi's Ices mentioned in the comments is the taste of their ice cream. One customer described it as the most beautiful ice cream they have ever tasted and praised both the raspberry and chocolate flavors. Another individual stated that it is the best ice cream in Weymouth. These positive reviews highlight the delicious and enjoyable flavors offered by Rossi's Ices.
Affordability is another strength mentioned by a customer who found the prices to be reasonable compared to other options in Weymouth. This affordability may attract budget-conscious customers looking for a tasty treat without breaking the bank.
The fact that Rossi's Ices is a family-owned business is also seen as a positive by some commenters. Supporting local businesses and family enterprises can foster a sense of community and customer loyalty.
One customer mentioned the eco-friendliness of serving ice cream in tubs with wooden spoons, which is seen as a positive aspect. This environmentally-conscious approach can appeal to customers who prioritize sustainability.
However, there are several weaknesses identified in the comments that need to be addressed. Some customers criticized the natural ice cream flavor, indicating that it does not taste like traditional vanilla. This can be seen as a weakness if customers have specific flavor expectations that are not met.
The texture of the ice cream is also a matter of concern. One individual described the ice cream as watery with too many ice crystals and being too cold. This critique suggests that the texture of the ice cream may be inconsistent or not up to the standards expected by customers.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of friendly service. While one comment highlighted the quick service, it also mentioned that it was not accompanied by friendly interactions. Friendly customer service is often a crucial component of a positive dining experience, and a lack thereof can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
One commenter suggested that the cone provided by Rossi's Ices was hard, reducing the overall enjoyment of the ice cream. The quality of the cone is important as it serves as a vessel for the ice cream, and a hard cone can diminish the overall experience.
Lastly, a customer recommended visiting another ice cream parlour called "Boho Gelato" instead, due to its excellent taste, friendly service, and wide selection. This negative comparison with a competitor indicates that Rossi's Ices may be lacking in certain aspects compared to other ice cream establishments in the area.
In conclusion, Rossi's Ices has strengths such as delicious flavors, affordability, and being a family-owned business. However, there are weaknesses in terms of the flavor consistency, texture of the ice cream, lack of friendly service, and the quality of the cone. These weaknesses need to be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience and compete effectively with other ice cream parlours in the area.

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