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Rodkey's Barbering & Styling

+1 717-684-5297
574 Walnut St, Columbia, PA 17512 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 05:30 PM

Quick Facts About Rodkey's Barbering & Styling

Rodkey's Barbering & Styling place has several strengths that make it a popular choice among its customers. Firstly, it is praised for its traditional barbershop atmosphere and expertise in traditional cuts. Many customers appreciate the authenticity and nostalgia of the one-barber, one-chair setup, which harkens back to a bygone era. This creates a unique experience for customers seeking a classic grooming experience.
Furthermore, the quality of the haircuts provided at Rodkey's Barbering & Styling is consistently praised. Multiple customers highlight the excellent skill of the barber, Mark, and the precision of his cuts. The positive feedback across different comments speaks to the barber's ability to consistently deliver satisfactory results. Customers appreciate that Mark is knowledgeable and doesn't require any guidance, ensuring a comfortable and personalized experience.
The affordability of Rodkey's barbering services is another strength that customers often mention. Many comments allude to the reasonable price of $10 for a cut, which is perceived as significantly better value compared to other options like Great Clips. This price point, paired with the excellent quality of the cuts, adds to the attractiveness of the place. Customers feel that they are getting a great deal for a high-quality service.
Additionally, the punctuality of appointments at Rodkey's is commended by customers. The barber, Mark, is consistently on time, which minimizes waiting and ensures a smooth and efficient experience. This aspect of the service is highly appreciated, especially for busy individuals who value their time.
The long-standing history of Rodkey's Barbering & Styling is also mentioned positively in one of the comments. The fact that the business has been in operation since the 1960s demonstrates its staying power and ability to adapt to changing times. The continuity of the business is impressive, and customers appreciate the stability and reliability that comes with a long-established establishment.
While Rodkey's Barbering & Styling has numerous strengths, it is essential to consider some potential weaknesses as well. One potential weakness could be the limited availability of services due to the one-barber setup. This might result in longer waiting times or difficulty booking an appointment, especially during peak hours or busy periods. The comment suggesting making an appointment supports this idea, indicating that the availability might be an issue.
Another potential weakness could be the limited range of services offered. Although traditional cuts are the specialty of Rodkey's, some customers might prefer a wider array of grooming services or more contemporary styles. This limitation might deter customers seeking more modern or specialized haircuts, leading them to choose alternative establishments that offer a broader range of options.
Lastly, the geographical proximity might be a drawback for customers located far from Rodkey's Barbering & Styling. While its location is convenient for those in the vicinity, the comment from a customer in Maryland indicates that it might be less accessible for individuals residing outside the immediate area. This limitation might hinder the business's ability to attract customers from a broader geographical radius.
In conclusion, Rodkey's Barbering & Styling has several strengths that contribute to its popularity among customers. These strengths include its traditional barbershop atmosphere, excellent quality haircuts, affordability, punctuality, and a long-standing history. However, potential weaknesses include limited availability due to the one-barber setup, a limited range of services, and geographical proximity. Overall, Rodkey's Barbering & Styling has built a positive reputation and retains a loyal customer base.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

A true barbershop. Best place I have found for a traditional cut. One barber; one chair.
Best to make an appointment.
First time there today 9/17/22 the haircut was excellent!!!
Great small business! Lucky to have a great barber close to home
I used to get my hair cut here when I was a kid back in the ‘60s. Was a great place! The original Mr. Rodkey was cutting hair then. Glad to see it’s still in business after these many years!
Been going here for years! Great guy and my haircuts are always perfect!
$10 for a cut ten times the quality of great clips. Knowledgeable, friendly, and doesn't need any guidance for your cut. Absolutely excellent service.
Was passing through town, antique shopping this passed weekend and needed a hair cut bad. We're from Maryland and decided to do something different and get a hair cut during our visit. Found Mark by google search and let me tell you......What an amazing and refreshing experience!! This gentleman knows his trade!! I will from now on be driving to Rodkey's from Maryland! Thanks again Mark and see you soon.
Great haircuts. Schedule an appt, Mark is always on time, no waiting. Best price ($10.00) you'll find anywhere. Took my son visiting from San Fran and he agreed with my review. Go see Mark.

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