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On average, my household spends $100- $200/ month in this store (used to).
Today I decided start doing my own nails and went to Queens to purchase supplies. I asked the employee for the nail dryer for gel polish and she picked out a Kiss Power File x Nail Dryer. I paid for all of my things and left the store. Within 1 hour, I realized that the nail dryer they sold me does not have UV light, which is necessary for drying gel polish. I immediately took my receipt and the UNOPENED box back to the store. The manager refused to do a refund and did not have any UV dryers to exchange. So, essentially they've lost our business and hopefully they lose everyone's who read this.
Most of the time I find what I need but not today. I say...Please open up your inventory and buy more brands and products for weaving, styling supplies like flat irons, blow dryers, beads, and nails. I can't find my oil and there are more crochet selections and hair for brainding here. We need more hair for weaving, and front lace Wigs. GET more inventory please!!! And Will you stop thinking every person of color is a thief. #breaktheStereotypeFiction
I braid hair so I’m in this store everyday with my medium sized telfar bag and hoodie. They aren’t revisit that I’ve seen and they are very welcoming ???? I love the environment and they hair workers that are American as well . Great place for beginners ????
This isn't my first time coming here but yesterday was a horrible experience... I went in there to get some hair and I asked this tall Korean dude for some help the other worker said his name was chow or something like that... He told me to hold on so I'm waiting and waiting then I press the bell so he come out from the back and just so hostile and I was like I'm trying to spend money if you don't want to help you don't have to acting like that. so he turned around and slammed the Door in the back at that point I was done boy if i didn't know jesus im just going to leave it like that...I'm like who raised you to act like that... There was another worker in the front she couldn't help cause she say she couldn't leave register....so just miss out on business? who runs their business like that? The lady at the front kept apologizing for how that korean dude acted.. I said no don't apologize it's not your fault... Never again will I step foot in that store......Go else where there's way better hair stores I just stopped there cause I was in the area....
They have a website but it has no real use except to let you know that most people don't like their products I've only been to the store once and it's 30 minutes from my home I live in the middle of Oklahoma City I called because their website is useless and the man told me he was too busy to answer my questions he must be too busy to get my money that is what it is that is what I have decided I can't stand foreigners that come to this country and treat black Americans that were born in this country as if we are the Misfits but your business literally your entire business drives on African-American product you should be ashamed of yourself but you people have no shame
This store has everything!! We went to buy hair for my daughters braids and we’re able to pick up all the supplies necessary. We’ll definitely be making this our regular spot for hair care products.
Horrible! I do not recommend.
Customer service is TRASH! Very judgmental, I will not spend money there anymore!
I lost my hair due to cancer and I drove from Shawnee to this place looking for a wig and it was wonderful cheaper than I expected and lots of inventory to choose from very nice people.

Quick Facts About Queen's Beauty Supply

Queen's Beauty Supply place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. I will analyze each comment to identify the key points and evaluate the overall strengths and weaknesses of the store.
Comment 1: The customer had a negative experience with the staff's knowledge and customer service. They purchased a product, only to realize within an hour that it was not suitable for their needs. When they tried to return it, the manager refused a refund and did not offer a suitable replacement. This highlights a weakness in the store's return policy and customer service.
Comment 2: The customer expresses a need for a wider range of inventory, particularly in the weaving, styling, and nail supplies categories. This highlights a weakness in the store's inventory and product selection. The customer also mentions the need for more diversity in hair selections and calls for an end to racial profiling. While this is not a direct critique of the store itself, it reflects the customer's perception and highlights a potential area for improvement in the store's approach to customer relations.
Comment 3: This comment praises the store's welcoming environment and the presence of American hair workers. It suggests that the store is well-suited for beginners. This highlights a strength in the store's atmosphere and the diversity of its staff. Additionally, the comment mentions the customer's frequent visits, indicating a level of loyalty towards the store.
Comment 4: The customer had a negative experience with a specific worker in the store, who was described as hostile and unhelpful. This highlights a weakness in the store's employee training and customer service. The store's inability to address the situation in a satisfactory manner also reflects poorly on their management.
Comment 5: The customer criticizes the store's website for its lack of usefulness and emphasizes the negative perception of the products based on the website. This reflects a weakness in the store's online presence and customer engagement. The comment also expresses frustration with the phone service, suggesting a lack of customer support.
Comment 6: This comment praises the store's wide range of inventory and compares it favorably to other hair stores, indicating a strength in the store's product selection. The customer also highlights the affordable prices and the helpfulness of the staff when buying a wig. This demonstrates a strength in the store's affordability and customer service.
Comment 7: The customer criticizes the store's customer service and describes it as judgmental. This highlights a weakness in the store's customer service practices and reinforces the negative perception surrounding their staff's behavior.
Taking into account the strengths and weaknesses highlighted in the comments, it can be concluded that Queen's Beauty Supply place has a diverse inventory and affordable prices, which are strengths. However, there are weaknesses in their customer service, employee training, return policy, website usability, and customer support. These weaknesses are evident in negative experiences described by customers and have the potential to affect the store's reputation and customer loyalty.

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